Lin Ze gently waved his hand, and the purple flame beads around the frost dragon scassa accelerated again on Friday, and the vitality of the frost dragon scassa was absorbed by these five flame beads faster and faster! Although the pain is abnormal, scassa, the frost dragon, dare not delay it for the slightest bit, but he can bear to lose his vitality but can’t bear to die like this.

Scassa, the frost dragon, was dizzy with several blue lights. This chill made Lin Ze’s face slightly surprised. He didn’t expect scassa, the frost dragon, to come to this point and even think about rebelling against Lin Ze. His brow wrinkled slightly. It seems that the rotation speed of these five flame beads is not fast enough. Lin Zeshen’s supernatural power once again wants to speed up this purple flame bead … But scassa, the frost dragon, immediately roared when he saw Lin Ze raise his hand again.
"Wei Li isn’t dead yet. You’re stopping me from saving her now."
Scassa, the frost dragon, doesn’t want to continue to be hurt by five purple flame beads, and he doesn’t want those blue forces on his body to be scattered by these purple flame beads.
"What?" Lin Ze’s body was raised and his hand was still in the middle …
"What? What did scassa, the Frost Dragon, just say? Wei Li is not dead yet? "
Linze looked at the frost dragon scassa in disbelief and then at the only place where he landed … Some people were shocked.
Scassa, the frost dragon, saw this opportunity and quickly released those life forces on his body surface, which belonged to the detachment force. He accurately found one of the detachment number blue light balls and shot it straight into the snow where detachment was located … The instantaneous blue light that was dyed by scassa’s blood in Lan Xue was big.
A strong breath of life emanated from this snow, and a strong heartbeat echoed in this snow valley.
"I finally caught up!" Scassa, the frost dragon, took a long breath. A proud creature like him didn’t expect his life to be in such a humble human body one day.
The strong heartbeat slowly emerged from the snow with the familiar smell of Lin Ze.
A white delicate hand slowly raked the blue snow stained by scassa’s blood, leaving the beautiful and pale face once again in front of Lin Ze’s eyes. Everything seemed like a dream, and the people of Obersch Green Shuang Yi had been completely stunned by this scene.
Only from actually resurrected!
"Only from my sister!" Green double consciousness blunt come over green double that kind of excitement surprised Lin Ze! But after such a short time together, Qing Shuang has developed a sense of dependence on solitude …
But don’t say green double Linze own mood is also more exciting! The original self has gone far away from himself, only to appear in front of his face again. Lin Zezhen feels that this piece of Allard will be a gift to himself.
But Lin Ze’s alarm didn’t last for a few seconds. He had discovered the anomaly of detachment.
This lonely girl who crawled out of the snow didn’t seem to see the green double in front of her. The whole person was very strange. Although she was full of vitality, she no longer had a heartbeat like an ice sculpture as before, but Lin Ze was able to see that there was no look in her beautiful eyes. It seemed that this body was left alone, but she lost her original independent consciousness …
"What’s wrong with you?"
Lin Ze took a cold hand and asked nervously.
But she didn’t respond at all, just staring at the front as if something was waiting for her! This result makes Lin Zegen unacceptable …
This scene seems to make Lin Ze return to the palace of ice and snow. At that time, Li Li was also like this. I don’t know who I am. I completely obeyed the orders of the frost dragon scassa. Is it like that now?
Lin Ze suddenly turned his head and glared at the frost dragon scassa. He needed an answer.
But the frost dragon scassa, bound by five purple flame beads, has a deep voice all over the snow valley.
"You untie me and let me tell you what will happen to her. You just said that you would leave me alone! I am willing to be your mount and make you a dragon knight. Please don’t let this strange flame torture me again. "
Scassa’s voice changed from low to hoarse. Although the five purple flame beads that bound it did not rotate at this time, the strange flame of the flame beads kept burning it.
Lin Ze’s eyes are full of vigilance. Now he is actually in a state of extreme exhaustion and bloodthirsty. The deputy generals have supported the power of the immobile king array, which is also a huge load on Lin Ze’s body. It is because of his hatred for scassa and his sadness about being detached. How can a skill consumption be so strong that Lin Ze can not release the immobile king array once now?
Chapter 642 itself
If Lin Ze can’t untie Wang array’s bondage to frost dragon scassa, Lin Ze can’t restrain frost dragon scassa any more. If scassa rebelled, it means that Lin Ze has no other ability to make this frost dragon scassa again. Although frost dragon scassa said that it would become its own mount, can you really believe this life of frost dragon? Is it really willing to be what it calls a humble human mount?
But for Lin Ze, Wei Li has indeed been resurrected at this time, and he has indeed said that if Wei Li is resurrected, scassa will be spared …
At this time, Linze was caught in a dilemma. On the one hand, Lin Ze wanted the frost dragon scassa to tell himself what would become like this. On the other hand, Lin Ze was worried that if Wang could not solve the bondage of the frost dragon scassa, the frost dragon scassa would lose his restrictions and attack them again.
And just as Lin Ze was entangled in it, the general sound rang in Lin Ze’s mind.
"Service spirit contract since frost dragon scassa said to be your mount, you can make service spirit contract for it! For this powerful monster, the service spirit contract can play very well. It is not a tooth, and you don’t feel guilty about the frost dragon scassa. "
Lin Ze’s eyes lit up with the words of eroding ghosts and gods. He did have a service spirit contract for ghosts and gods. He had to sign a service spirit contract. Even if the frost dragon scassa is stronger, it can’t resist his will! However, the service spirit contract has a disadvantage that the biological strength of the service spirit can not exceed that of the contract owner, that is to say, if a weak person and a powerful shadow beast conclude the service spirit contract, then the strength of the powerful shadow beast will be reduced to the level of the contract owner’s strength, and the service spirit biological strength will be gradually released as the contract owner’s strength gradually rises, but in any case, the service spirit biological strength can not exceed that of the contract owner.
That is to say, once scassa, the frost dragon, signs a service spirit contract with Lin Ze, its strength will be reduced to a shadow king’s strength and a shadow king’s frost dragon scassa will probably be left as a mount. If its strength is weakened, scassa may not be able to help himself, but as its strength grows, scassa will become stronger and stronger, which means that scassa, the frost dragon, will become a help to himself without being too abnormal.
The stronger something is, the more it needs to be bound. The spirit contract is a good symbol.
Lin Ze coldly looking at frost dragon scassa looked at Scarsana ruby eyes excited face emerge a sneer at.
"scassa, are you really willing to serve me as my mount if you want to live?"
Lin Zeyin was very cold and low, but it clearly entered scassa’s ear …
Scassa, the frost dragon, responded with a conscious quiver when he heard Lin Ze’s cold sound.
"Is I am willing to minister to you don’t kill me! I am willing to be your mount! "
Scassa, the frost dragon, is getting more and more excited. He knows that he really survived this time, and maybe he can escape from here! Lin Ze’s weakness has been seen in scassa’s eyes, and it also knows that it is absolutely impossible for Lin Ze to release such a powerful and motionless king array again.
Feel the excitement of scassa Lin Ze corners of the mouth slightly raised.
"Since you are obedient to me, don’t be resistant to my actions, or these five purple flame beads won’t give you another chance!"
Scassa, the frost dragon, nodded, and it returned to Lin Ze, ready to untie it, so that it wouldn’t contradict it. However, it didn’t expect that his strength was greatly weakened when he printed his body with his hands in Lin Ze, and he actually fell to six levels of shadow beast strength in just a few seconds.
This strange change made the frost dragon scassa unprepared and unacceptable.
"What’s going on!" Scassa, the frost dragon, has a panic in his eyes. Where has his strength gone? What? Five purple flame beads have not been solved yet …
Scassa concluded a good service spirit contract, and Lin Ze slowly let go and walked back to the original place.
See Lin Ze didn’t solve his immobile king array chains scassa felt cheated! Although his strength is getting weaker now, scassa feels that his strength seems to be hidden, which is caused by temporary methods. At this time, he is more worried about his own shackles.
"You broke your promise and didn’t die. You should release me!"
Scassa, the frost dragon, growled and roared that these five purple flame beads pose a great threat to scassa, and it wants to get away from them as soon as possible.
This is caused by Lin Ze’s anger mixed with two kinds of ghosts and gods’ flames to form strange purple inflammation, which makes the body frost attribute strange monster frost dragon scassa more painful.
In order to escape from this immobile array of hades, scassa, the five flaming beads and frost dragons, had no time to explore what caused his strength to plummet …
In the mind of scassa, the frost dragon, it thinks that it is the immobile Pluto array that extracts its own vitality, which brings it the vice of being able to get rid of the immobile Pluto array with five purple flame beads. It believes that its strength will definitely be restored.
At present, the most important thing is to get rid of this fixed Pluto array.
Lin Ze felt the frost dragon scassa’s desire to leave the immobile Pluto array, and a cold smile appeared on his face. He looked at the frost dragon scassa and said softly.
"Let you go, but don’t try to escape from me and tell me what will become like this!"
Lin Zeyin sounds powerful, but even Herrick and Obers can hear the weakness. If the frost dragon scassa is really released, it will definitely be a great disaster …
Just when Herrick and Obers wanted to warn Lin Ze to be careful, they suddenly saw Lin Ze’s obscure eyes. They knew that Lin Ze didn’t need them to warn him, and Lin Ze must have thought of their ideas.
Since Lin Ze has done this, it should have its own plans. If they rush ahead like this, Red may disrupt the planning of Lin Ze.
"scassa, since you want to leave this fixed Pluto array so much, I can agree to your request, but don’t touch it after you leave the fixed Pluto array. Since I can control you once, I can naturally control you again."
Lin Ze took a deep look at the frost dragon scassa and seemed to want to see what kind of choice the frost dragon scassa would make.
And Lin Ze’s deep glance gave scassa, the frost dragon, a sense of arrogance. When he heard Lin Ze say that he would untie himself, scassa, the frost dragon, was filled with joy and wanted to break away from the shackles of the fixed Pluto array and fight back.
Lin Ze, who is already so weak, wants to control himself again? It’s a dream that human beings are human beings after all. How can they be too weak to compete with such a dragon?
Scassa, the frost dragon, is already imagining that he has won the battle. His heart is full of contempt for Lin Ze. Lin Ze is really strong and has a lot of cards. A film king can make himself so embarrassed.
But this Lin Ze has a very obvious weakness, that is, his own name is Walkman.
I’m just the one who got freedom only by leaving a little vitality. Lin Ze is too easy to trust people. How can he trust the enemy so easily?
In the frost dragon scassa secretly pleased, Lin Ze’s physical and mental powers gradually weakened. At the same time, the king array around the frost dragon scassa was also slowly loosened. scassa felt that his vitality was finally no longer lost, and the five strange purple flame beads were no longer hurting himself. scassa’s heart was full of joy.
Scassa, the frost dragon, is ready. He is ready to get out of trouble and restore his strength. He will destroy all the ants in front of his eyes in an instant! Lord scassa, not everyone can bear anger …
Lin Ze’s eyes were cold, and scassa’s eyes were cruel.
It’s a pity that scassa, the frost dragon, has considered if its strength has not recovered after Lin Ze lifted the immobile king array? Don’t recognize the king array after contact their strength will be restored. This is the wishful thinking of the frost dragon scassa …