What? Your sister’s name has turned gray …

I can’t believe that they are full of tears and soy sauce. They really didn’t see their sister line! But …
[Nearby] What are you still doing there nine days later? Do you have any friends who only have hooves?
This sentence is like causing a second crit injury. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t say a word. It’s just that my sister hasn’t fought with her friends.
Playing soy sauce is very reluctant to encourage yourself.
Mu huasheng …
Ah, hello … This is what your Lord asked …
With such a reluctant expression …
In the end, the soy sauce players are "willing" to prepare for a gang war after nine days of various threats.
[Nearby] Pasturing Hua Sheng that … nine days?
[Nearby] Nine days later?
[Nearby] Mu Huasheng, let me hang the infusion bag or bottle here first?
[Nearby] Nine days later, uh-huh, it’s just a hot spot for soy sauce!
Although he has been carrying out this idea for nine days, he has never firmly denied that it was his own idea. Once, soy sauce makers, like a group of hungry chickens, earnestly prayed for all kinds of good expectations in his ear, saying, "I was not passionate at all before the fight" and "the same routine is easy to talk about". At last, various examples and "la la" made Jiutian very happy to agree to the decision to make soy sauce.
According to the requirements of soy sauce, there are some mentally retarded activities, such as catching chickens and climbing high.
Although these activities make them stay away from each other for nine days, they can’t wait to put their names and titles on a piece of paper to cover them up, but I have to say that the soy sauce players had a good time and the atmosphere was quite warm, and I don’t know if they did well in the final battle for this reason.
So nine days ago, I took the initiative to be the ambassador of the thermal field.
What is this?
Playing soy sauce is like a curious baby. Just look around in front of Zuo Tangtang, but just sniff it.
Er … Zuo Tangtang just wanted to answer his identity. He looked at it nine days later and said very lightly.
[Nearby] Nine days later, this is your master to challenge.
Challenge? Master? !
When this was said, Zuo Tangtang wished he could close his eyes and see such words.
Is she just here to play with a chef? How can you say that! Don’t be crazy to play soy sauce? !
Sure enough, as Zuo Tangtang guessed, after nine days of talking, the soy sauce makers were surrounded by excitement.
This old beggar without a name looks very familiar. He is really a master.
Maybe … Is it an elder of the Beggars’ Sect?
Wang is so awesome! I cann’t believe this can be invited
Really a master?
Asked the soy sauce stars.
The nine-day answer was full of firmness, but this firmness caused pressure and left Zuo Tangtang alone to carry it.
Yes, yes, she is very good at liankan and can be regarded as a master … Zuo Tangtang is hypnotizing himself.
Wow! The soy sauce people strongly expressed their feelings and immediately ran to Zuo Tangtang as happily as possible. This is a living np! Although I don’t know what I did to help the pig, I got stuck with the bug and made it the same as people! But it doesn’t stop them from worshipping at all!
Zuo Tangtang, who was surrounded as a background wall, was even more depressed. She just saw Mu Hua Sheng turn around and gave her a look. She knew that she must be a "master". After all, she even read her mind but talked to her privately for nine days.
-wow! ! !
-awesome! I lost again!
-well, I lost, too. Come on, come on, come on.
-Star Eye/Just now the chef’s weapon was killed!
-that’s amazing!
-is a master! ! !
For the last time, I learned that I was playing with the old beggar in front of me, and I didn’t even care about watching soy sauce, but I was full of interest and went one-on-one hit.
In this respect, Zuo Tangtang, who has always been a hardworking little chef, has shown her great endurance insight and won every time!
So soy sauce makers are even more excited about this!