"Does the court have any objection?" The man in red brushed his shoulders and his hair was faint. He asked a long and narrow phoenix eye, and his posture was very provocative.

There are no women. Who are you trying to seduce? The dark guard snickered at the cold day but tightened his face. "Back to the Lord, as you expected, Wang Shang reported to the emperor that he had made meritorious service in treating floods in his country by Fu Wang. Wang Renxiao’s firm words were not affected by several important ministers’ feelings. Qi Detong praised the holy dragon and Yan Dayue. Now the Lord of Yihe Palace has been promoted to Shu Fei."
"Very good. Wang Delin is a clever boy. Since he is willing to work so hard, I remember this feeling." He leaned back in his chair and was lazy like a sleepy cat.
"Is JiFei very forbearing Fu Wang has always been low-key even difficult to compete with the imperial concubine" cold day say what you worry.
"Ha ha" the man in red sneered in a low voice. "I didn’t expect Jifei to come from a humble background. Without family power and money to help Lin Fei, she was arrogant for more than ten years. She was used to being bullied and even used to it."
"That ye mean"
"Hey, hey, I’m just giving her a hard time to see if she still has the idea to play that girl." His tone was cool and annoyed me. He didn’t mind sacrificing several expensive girls to enter the palace
"Fu Wang is really a wise king who lives and eats with soldiers in Lingshui. Sometimes he is so busy that even the local officials are tired of a few pounds of meat. People say that there will be a disaster after the disaster because Fu Wang made arrangements early. The medical officials have curbed the plague from the source. Although the county town has suffered from this disaster, it is orderly and stable. On the day that Fu Wang left for Beijing, the people sent one journey after another." On a cold day, I really can’t see the Lord’s deputy. "Whoever dares to hit my woman’s abacus will make him look good."
"Well, if this person is heavy, it is better to be blessed." The man in red praised him.
"Is there any news from Leng Yue?" He sat up straight.
"Ah?" The cold day is a little out of rhythm. Isn’t it Fu Wang, Lord? Can’t you play by common sense? After a moment’s meditation, the rapid rotation of the brain straightened out the train of thought. He reported in detail that "there are four words in the letter that flurry hall just received from Leng Yue"
"Oh?" As soon as the mask knife-shaped eyebrows were lifted, he spat out "Are you lucky enough to live up to your life?"
"The ingenious plan of the master is really word for word".
Oh, kiss up. Can’t you be creative? I will repeat this sentence over and over again. You will be exhausted if you write one more word in Leng Yue’s death. My toes want to get it. It’s time for "everything is ready". Nai, a man in red, shook his head. It’s "being wise and close to the fox demon". The character is so simple in front of his face that it’s not as interesting as that girl.
More `new and fastest’
At the thought of Ye Nishang, there was a warm smile on his lips. Girl, don’t blame me. I’ll take you back one by one if I lose everything. It’s a good thing I met you, but it’s a good thing I came back.
Chapter 32 Flame Union
Ten years ago, a mysterious sect-Flame League rose in Jianghu.
The mystery is unknown; Two don’t know its potential and three don’t know its source.
The establishment of other sects is a step-by-step process in which the number of people increases gradually from less to more, but the flame alliance does not appear. It seems that "is like a spring gale, come up in the night has thousands of trees and pears" almost at the same time, all parts of the country have its rudder, and there are beggars’ gangs in rivers and lakes. Now there are beggars’ gangs in places and the flame alliance is staggering, but the exception of the big capital and small state capitals is "Flame Alliance so-and-so rudder". No one knows the address of the general rudder. All the rudder leaders directly obey the deputy leader Leng Yue.
New sects are often eager to make a name for themselves, and the Flame League has no one who dares to despise it. There are experts in the Kongtong Sect, Diancang Sect and Jinyu Palace who go to ask for advice, but in a moment they are all embarrassed and return. They are relatives and friends who ask these individuals and shake their heads with a wry smile and lament that "their skills are not as good as those of others". After years of building confidence, their famous stunts have collapsed in an instant, and even ten encounters can’t cope with it, and they are humiliated and left at grandma’s house!
Leng Yue, the deputy leader of the League, no one knows that he studied under his tutelage, but the two hands are very important. One is called "Saint Little Huatuo". Since the beginning of the month, his master is black and white, and he is unwilling to provoke mofei, the owner of heartbroken valley. This person is also doing things with good and evil feelings, and he is extremely obsessed with medicine, medicine and poison all his life. He is known as "the living dead and the bones". He saves people and hurts people. He can not sleep and take care of the mountain to ensure the curative effect of new drugs. He takes great risks to try drugs
They are among the best young talents in the Jianghu, and even the heads of various factions have to be courteous to them. Now they are willing to be the left and right messengers. Is this cold deputy leader sacred? There should also be a master in this deputy’s face. Who is he?
In the northwest of Ningguo, there is a towering Biluo Mountain, which stretches for dozens of miles. Because of the steep mountain, the narrow path of the mountain pass is covered by trees. It is cold and quiet. Even if the timid person walks during the day, his back feels cold sweat. The water gurgles and birds chirp for miles. The sun shines through the branches and leaves, and a dark shadow flashes and falls on the tall tree. After a while, the thick green leaves disappear. Squeak and ask a few monkeys to grab the soft branches and swing around freely. The little squirrel drags its big hairy tail to stare.
"Swish swish swish" A few men in white stood in the place where the rocks passed, and the leaves were falling. Suddenly, the little monkey stopped playing and huddled in his mother’s arms. The monkey king looked at the familiar figure and gave a whistle. The monkeys immediately disappeared into the mountains.
Hehe, tigers and monkeys dominate Wang Zunyue in the mountains. You animals are very comfortable. Men in white stand in the breeze and are handsome! This word is the best interpretation for him.
Dark hair, a ribbon tied behind the head, wheat-colored skin emitting healthy luster, knife-shaped eyebrows, tiger’s eyes and temples, strong nose, thin red lips, dazzling white teeth, and the whole face as angular as a statue.
A long whistle echoed in the valley for a long time. A bird entered the forest, and a hundred birds weighed down the huge mountain forest. If the insects stopped chirping, he was satisfied and looked around and came back.
The spirit of several men in black at Qingfeng Cliff vibrated and smiled at each other. Like Dapeng spreading his wings, he jumped on the white man’s position quickly.
√L| Yong V) said
"Visit deputy leader! Leader’s adult Jin An "moves uniformly and is well trained."
"Come on, let’s get up." It’s cool that the man in white is long and slim.
This handsome guy in white is the deputy leader of the Flame League, Leng Yue Biluoshan Qingfeng Cliff. The whole world can’t find the Flame League altar. No one knows that the Flame League branch is dazzling and ostentatious in the downtown area, but the altar is hidden in the mountains and forests, which is almost isolated.
"Can there be any changes when you are away?" Leng Yue jumped from the rocks and drew a beautiful arc in the middle, and landed firmly on the ground.
"Back to the deputy leader, the blue mountain is impregnable, and even birds can’t fly into the cool breeze cliff." Yu Feng knelt down. "The venerable man developed a new medicine to drive wolves, insects, tigers and leopards to patrol the mountains regularly, saving a lot of manpower. When we first saw wild animals walking together regardless of their categories, we were surprised for a long time and couldn’t get back our tongues. Several daring hunters shouted that" monsters "even rolled and crawled out for 100 times, and occasionally woodmen and hunters dared not come to the mountains."
Because the mountain is steep and dangerous, few woodcutters and hunters refuse to move on when they reach the front mountain. The brothers who are performing services in the mountain have never been found. Now, this mountain belongs to the Flame League completely.
"The moon and the mountains are not to be underestimated. If the ink doyen learns that his brother can control the beast with drugs, he will definitely come to watch it." There are a group of medicine people in heartbroken valley in mofei who are controlled by him and act as servants in the valley. shine on you is better than blue.
"Deputy leader, let’s Xiao Ye is only good. From here to Qingfeng Cliff, there are all kinds of news. If a stranger rushes into the mountain, he can immediately report to the duty brother, but now he has abolished all the machines." Yu Feng fuels again.
Two things that don’t worry Leng Yue heart dark scold not Zhou Yu and ZhuGeLiangDou what spirit! Do I have to make an innovation if you have to make an achievement in different fields? Fortunately, the two men are fighting with each other and will not plot against each other. Compared with their teachers, it is not a week or so.
"What did you master Xiao do?" That’s the point.
"Didn’t the deputy leader find anything more in the road?"
Oh? The only way to the Qingfeng Cliff is plum blossom-shaped and covered with towering trees.
"deputy leader if there is no Xiao ye advice can reach the altar, even pick the fairy.
Tall! It’s really high! Leng Yue is deeply impressed.
Chapter 33 Flower Pickers
There is a thick layer of rose petals floating on the water surface. Sitting in a wooden bucket, the whole body is hidden in the petals, with round shoulders and slender neck exposed. The water drops are white and delicate, and the rolling picture is very fragrant.
The ancients really enjoyed it! She is more and more nostalgic for bathing, which brings her a pleasant shower. It has been simple and convenient for a long time, but she feels tired and narrow, which leads to an accelerated breathing frequency. The bath bucket made of fragrant wood can make people sit and relax, and the warmth from the outside invades the limbs. The pace of modern life is too fast to stop. It is simply an extravagant hope to take a beautiful hot bath-it is not unconditional but there is no time. Now what she needs most is to close her eyes and smell the faint flowers.
The window closed at night, and the wind came suddenly with coolness. The chill made the dress "arouse the spirit" and she immediately opened her eyes.
Someone’s behind you! She quickly made a judgment and shrank back. It is the only thing she can do at present to minimize her sense of presence.
Oriental Chihiro surprised and picked his eyebrows. This woman is not generally calm. She wanted to think about it. He put his right hand ready to cover that small mouth-she should not bite it, should she?
"Please turn around and I want to change clothes." The dress took a few deep breaths, and the tone was calm as if it were an old friend I hadn’t seen for years.
"Chi" Oriental Chihiro smiled "The number of public readers. What’s so good about you, a girl with no hair and no material?"
"Uncle, since the number of readers should know that a hundred flowers blossom and each has its own attitude, is it true that uncle can see thousands of women of the same type? Uncle is old and naturally won’t have evil thoughts for my little girl. I’m just afraid that you will see my delicate body and lament that the years are getting sadder and sadder. "But I’m a girl. I don’t care if I die, you’re an" old deathless "elder sister. This figure is first-class and beautiful, with a slim waist and thin legs protruding forward and backward. If you see it, you’re afraid of a nosebleed.
Uncle! Old age! These six Chinese characters made Chihiro Oriental stumble and almost fall down. I’m weak. Do you call me uncle? There is also that thousand models of the same type, which is also a daughter of a boudoir! It’s enough for me. This girl’s tongue must have been refined in the juice of Hedysarum latiflorum and Herba Lysimachiae.
Silently turned to his mouth over and over again chanting "the world is changing day by day."
Nishang ignored him and took the clothes not far away. He quickly put them on his body and secretly prayed for death. Don’t look back at him. He’s not a flower thief, is he?
"Wear good have no? Small ye I want to turn around, "he didn’t good the spirit cried.
"It’s good to wait for a horse." Nishang hastily buckled the last button.
Yong GJ for a long time zL"C See Xiao Q "Say P"
Oriental Chihiro turned his body and "snapped" the fan in the beater.
Wow! Is Nishang amazed that this country is rich in handsome men? After crossing, she met the man, her brother Ye Lingfeng, the love rat, the arrogant little duke and the "uncle" in front of her (actually the eldest brother), which is more and more beautiful!
"Oh, my girl looks good." He praised her for her frivolous tut-tut. She had a pair of showering beauties and waterfall-like hair behind her head, and her exquisite figure was looming. Her white skin floated slightly because of hot water, like a peach blossom after the rain, and her eyes stared at him with fear.
I scolded myself for being a "nymphomaniac" and retaliated by saying, "My uncle and I have a good skin. With your romantic and chic appearance, what kind of woman has to do such a living if she wants to marry?"