Qi Yufeng zheng slightly immediately turned to look down her eyes like a piece of wood. Ling Huchong heard that she continued, "Ling Huchong gave me one or two pieces of silver for beating the shit out of those hooligans. I made three moves to defend myself. I was grateful and tried to find out that this person turned out to be Ling Huchong, the eldest brother of Huashan School … Alas, he must have forgotten all these things now."

Qi Yufeng said, "It’s true that Brother Hu Ling is warm-hearted. hot pillow always treats others like that. They are all good people. He certainly doesn’t remember you at that time, but you must remember him all your life."
Dong Fangbubai sighed at the night. "At that time, none of us expected that I was actually a" holy aunt "of the Sun and Moon Shintoism when I crossed this body, and I didn’t expect that this Dong Fangbubai, although known as Wencheng Wude, was so stupid. She was so indecisive that she couldn’t resolutely deal with it. It was really a woman’s benevolence that I could gradually master the Shintoism easily."
"This man is skilled in martial arts and delicate in mind, but he is too nostalgic. Once he has shortcomings, it is too easy to ruin him."
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help looking at her side when she talked about Kan Kan, but she felt vaguely. Although the girl as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade was beside him, she seemed to be far away from her, as if she were in the clouds and could not reach out.
After listening to Dong Fangbubai, I added, "It only took me more than three years to read through the classics of hundreds of three religions, and I learned that the Nine Yin True Classics and the Sunflower Collection have gradually transformed into heaven and man, and everything has grown up. I am familiar with the things in teaching, and I have bought people’s hearts. Dong Fangbubai, I am a simple girl who is ignorant of the world, but I have no defense at all. But later, like him, I listened to flattery every day and even forgot my original eyes."
Qi Yufeng wondered, "What was your original purpose?"
Dong Fangbubai’s pale face rippled with a blush. "Marry him. He is so helpful and handsome. He is a man and I am a woman. Isn’t that natural? I told him what he was going to do, that Yue Buqun, the thirteen Pacific guards sent by Songshan, was not killed or driven away, but he was well … "
Qi Yufeng heart way since he saw Ling Huchong is not a few days sick vomit blood to talk about intact can really talk about it?
Here, she suddenly stopped and smiled self-deprecatingly. "But I am also like everyone else. Once I have a big hand, I will forget my original intention. When I was a child, I always listened to what the teacher said. Did the teacher say this question? I am the first to shout, always afraid that if I am late for a while, I will look different from others. "
"Later, in high school, I was lucky enough to speak on behalf of the students for the first time. When I heard my voice amplified on the podium, I realized that there are always people who like to speak on behalf of others and what they like because your voice can cover all the sounds and overwhelm all the noise. Although those people may not agree with you, your voice will be completely submerged, and people will not notice it. This sense of superiority will make everyone fascinated, just like holding a hot iron in your hand, everything can be ironed flat. It feels really comfortable."
"When I became the leader of the Sun and Moon Shintoism, I personally killed Dong Fangbubai, a monster who was neither male nor female. When he died, he told me that the child was so confused. Even if you didn’t kill me, I would have been tired of sitting here and would give it to you sooner or later. At that time, I realized that although she was grumpy, she sincerely cultivated me as an heir."
"He begged me not to kill Yang Lianting, nullify their martial arts and drive them out of the Blackwood Cliff, but I was afraid that big sleep would eventually chop them into pieces."
"Over the past few years, I have rectified the Shintoism of the Sun and Moon, and now Wu Xunqiang is the best in the world. Even Shaolin Wudang is not as good as Songshan and Huashan, which is even worse. I took this one by self-protection, but once I made a profit, I also killed many lives by hook or by crook. I was forced to be the leader when I enjoyed the benefits, so I naturally didn’t want to abdicate. I was born in the palm of my hand, and I naturally became arrogant. Instead, I wanted to further unify the day and become an emperor."
Here, she turned to take a look at Yue Buqun’s body and sighed, "This is the most vulgar trap in the world. I came to despise Yang Lianting for making that disgusting eulogy rule, but as soon as I won the position of leader, I quickly changed my mind. The official cloud was more flattering than before when he managed the black cliff. Now it’s ridiculous to think about it."
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help sighing when he heard this. "I heard that when people grow up, they will become what they hate the most. Is that right?"
Dong Fangbubai slightly zheng immediately said, "Maybe it is. Everyone is noble, elegant and free and easy, but the poison that is really contaminated is not attached to the stack at all. It is really not much."
Then she pointed to Yue Buqun’s body and sighed, "What’s the difference between me and this ugly and unscrupulous person if I go wrong again? The difference is just that one martial arts is higher and the other martial arts is lower. "
After hearing this, Qi Yufeng raised his thumb and praised, "It would be great if you could think like this."
Dong Fangbubai wry smile way "even if I can’t figure out what I can do, I just tried my best to help a man without a sage. How can I make the sky full of enemies? At this time, I have lost all my efforts, even for several years."
Qi Yufeng was surprised and busy when he heard this. "Don’t let them hear you."
Dong Fangbubai disdained, "How dare they say that I have lost all my work with the word Dong Fangbubai here?"
Qi Yufeng turned to look, but he didn’t pay attention to his own side. He immediately said, "Although these two leaders are conservative and kind, they also lack some momentum. If they don’t just appease the day, how can they be made into such a situation by Zuo Lengchan, Yue Buqun and other buffoons?"
Immediately, the two met the moon for a long time and Qi Yufeng said, "I’m leaving."
Dong Fangbubai frowned. "Where else can you go?"
Qi Yufeng said, "What else can I do if I go back?"
Dong Fangbubai asked with a slight consternation, "21st century?"
Qi Yufeng nodded and said, "Good."
Dong Fangbubai’s eyes suddenly flashed a little excited and asked, "Do you have this thing? How to learn? "
Dong Fangbubai took hold of her hands and said softly, "I was so confused that I misunderstood them. Now I have talked about it in vain. I have to leave and I am very reluctant to part with you."
Qu Feiyan was slightly surprised and immediately asked, "Where are you going?"
Dong Fangbubai looked at the horizon slightly blankly. "I don’t know, but I think it’s enough to be noisy. It’s great to have someone like me in the east one day. I don’t like it very much. Just walk west and go wherever you go."
Qu Feiyan immediately felt sad and immediately said, "Will you come back to see us if you leave now?"
Dong Fangbubai laughed. "Even if I come back, I can’t see you. Qi Yufeng is leaving. Will you follow me? If you don’t like me, it’s up to you here to divorce him and not marry him. "
Qu Feiyan couldn’t help blushing when he heard this. "Where is he going?"
Dong Fangbubai looked up at the sky and said, "In the next six hundred years, the fashion in the world will no longer be big and there will be no other people. You can’t regret it if you think about it well."
Qu Feiyan’s mind was a little delicate, and he remembered that they had said strange things and immediately asked, "You two are actually from that world, right?"
Dong Fangbubai nodded primly. "It’s good that my sister forced you to marry Qi Yufeng, and I don’t know if you want to. From then on, I will wash my hands of not killing anyone. You have to make it clear that if you like him, we will go with him. If you don’t like another day, I’ll find you another husband or your optional sister will not force you in my life."