You don’t have any best friends. You are a loner. No one wants to play with you. Your former classmates are not too impressed with you from kindergarten to university. You were dropped out of Beijing Conservatory of Music and wandered around, and no one took care of you. "

Suluo said that after the experience, does it correspond to him in this time?
But it’s true. It’s all suluo’s own experience. Maybe she will have nightmares for several nights, but it’s better to understand something early than to regret it later.
Tell her that these bloody and violent things may be too cruel for her age
Why tell Tang Yike this because suluo’s best friend had already run away.
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But his father is the boss. He has been bullied since he was a child. How can he help children’s ideological realm? He went to an Internet cafe and shouted a few people, so he wanted to find a game by himself. As a result, the other party took out his knife.
I don’t care what you do, boss. Let’s talk about it.
On the other hand, another level of the famous Li Moumou incident, why did he dare to do so and take turns?
I’m used to the smooth sailing, and my family can help him out. I don’t know where the bottom line is, and something will happen when my brain is hot.
Suluo is also afraid that Tang Yike is enjoying so much love. What’s the matter? Pulling Master’s sleeve and sprinkling a charming master will definitely help her settle everything. In the long run, more harm than good.
"Shh, it’s a secret."
Tang Yike nodded his head and promised not to tell people that he was still serious and would not change for one hundred years.
Suluo smiled and rubbed her little head.
"Come on, let’s go out to play"
As soon as Tang Yike’s eyes "ding" lit up, "Where are you going?"
"Ha, go to the big shorts."
"Ah, go there again."
"If you don’t want to go, I’ll leave you alone at home, and I don’t have peanuts with you."
"I’ll go too."
After listening to so many scary stories told by suluo, it’s only a ghost for my little girl to dare to stay at home alone.
Go to the underpants, of course. The program problem is over, but the tail of the hand is not cleaned up yet
Suluo left it to Hong Bin, but that guy is now in the new district. There is no way, but suluo has to deal with it himself
And others also pretend to be a director of a certain station, so forget it, the more straightforward the better.
"Poké mon has won the same kind of program ratings again. It can be compared with zj children’s elite animation station."
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
Compared with what? Everyone plays the same animation. Obviously, a certain channel is a little more awesome. They just laugh at each other.
"I really don’t want to continue to close."
"Still ask, you are not white."
"Don’t say it in vain. What can I do without you?"
"You’re going back."
"Why are you so clever?"
"Live for a long time."
"How old are you? You’ve lived a long time. I’m really old."
"It’s better for me if you go back to the general administration. If you don’t move my poké mon Go, I’m amazed and counting on it to make a lot of money."
"Then what’s wrong with you leaving the tip of your tongue China? Everything else has been sold. This one just won’t let go."
"I’ll give you two different things, but at least I’ll put them on a TV. I won’t do it."
"I don’t want anything to happen in the second quarter and the third quarter, such a touching thing as committing a great love and giving up my career to sell mala Tang, which will ruin the reputation of my brother. I want to export Japanese food to the outside world. I can’t just look at Japanese food to force it."
"Uh, what do you mean? You’re so confident."
"It’s nothing. You can eat when I eat."
"Go for a walk. It’s just time for class. Come to Keke and see if uncle can still carry you back."
"Hey, Keke, don’t be rude. When will the tongue be broadcast?"
"When the trailer is released tonight, you are going to make a splash in the sea, and we will be miserable. The fans have been making trouble for a long time. Why haven’t there been any new programs? It’s only been a long time since you got used to it. Poké mon is still on the air. Fans are bombing us in Weibo. You have to show it well."
"I’ll pay the bill later."
"Does this mean that you are a big local tyrant and I will pay the bill if you don’t pay the bill? I said don’t. The last time I attended a press conference, I was afraid of the deep alley. You helped me to shout and give it another fire."
"okay, okay"
It was in the past year that suluo and a certain TV station combined to raise the taste of the audience
Just a month ago, a new program came out, and the audience was dumbfounded. He meowed so fast that it was awesome.
Now it has become "the national treasure is over for so long, and I haven’t seen any new programs except Poké mon."
This not only refers to the previous Chinese poetry conferences, seeing words like a face, but also the second season after the end of the classic chanting. Please give me a reasonable explanation. "
It’s strange that fans don’t blow up a Weibo.
Be reasonable, there are many programs on a certain TV station, but it is not good for the audience to get along with DreamWorks, which makes me recognize these three words.
Be patient. You’ll have to wait until this happens.
Just when the fans were addicted to Poké mon go, it was an exciting time, and a certain TV station finally issued a new program preview announcement.
The fans cried as soon as they "wow", and finally waited for you.
"Look, the new program of Weibo Dream Home has finally arrived. China said that the pit owner didn’t attend the Spring Festival Evening to shoot this one."
"What are you talking about?"
"Look at the name and you will know the food."
"Is it that the pit owner personally teaches cooking and cooking? Hahahahaha"
"Poof, if so, I’ll definitely go to see the picture where my father went to pit the main roast sheep. It’s called a major."
"No, it’s a documentary."
"Then I’ll watch it, too."
"Ha ha"
In the previous documentary, everyone yawned. Now it’s different. If the national treasure can speak, and I have a common understanding after studying the cultural relics in the Forbidden City, it’s definitely different to produce a documentary.
Fans are excited and talking about it.