Tian Guifei is, after all, the imperial concubine’s squire, and many Li Yuanqing never dare to neglect half a point.

And this kind of incense does not need direct fire to ignite, and it can burn out after the flint is rubbed, leaving no trace, which is really a weapon to kill people and steal goods.
Soon the surrounding area has been processed, and the two of them also came to the master bedroom smoothly.
But this time, Li Yuanqing didn’t go in first, but went in first with Kubo Gong.
Kubo Gong is petite and less than 1.5 meters. Although she is pregnant at this time, it is only two or three months, which will not affect her skill.
Kubo Gong went first mainly to deal with the house, Tian Guifei’s squire, after all, her hands and feet were lighter and her mistake rate was higher.
Take 10,000 steps back. If something goes wrong, Li Yuanqing will be able to evacuate even more with her behind.
For a moment, Kubo Gong came to the bed and whispered, "I’ve cleaned it up. It’s really Tian Guifei’s suspicion."
Li Yuanqing nodded his head and sneaked into the house like a fast-sensitive ape.
Tian Guifei, a big bed of luxurious rosewood, is sleeping sweetly in white pajamas. The Chinese-style chest covering is exposed from the edge of my gentle and graceful collarbone, which makes people daydream.
Kubo Gong was ready for a moment, but Li Yuanqing did not undress Tian Guifei. Obviously, he wanted Li Yuanqing to come in person.
But for a moment, she whispered in Li Yuanqing’s ear, "Ye, you should be careful. Her skin may be sensitive. Don’t leave traces."
Li Yuanqing has come to bed at this time and whispered, "I know."
Soon even the moon was hidden in the clouds and dared not show up again.
Li Yuanqing limited close-up watching Tian Guifei qiao face smelling her body fragrance feeling her warm skin heart andao "wipe! It’s really his niang expensive … "
Chapter 1292 The arrogance of the times!
It’s raining like crisp grass in the sky, but it’s near at a distance.
In the evening, the first spring rain in the third year of Chongzhen came to people in a quiet way.
JD.COM Huanghuafang
Li Yuanqing, dressed in a black brocade robe at the entrance of a humble pub at the crossing of an obscure alley, is quietly watching the hurried crowd in the main street on the eaves.
Not long ago, Wang Chengen sent a message to Li Yuanqing that the throne of Count Li Yuanqing has been accurately decided and will be announced in the Japanese Dynasty.
Wang Chengen specially ordered this small shop and asked Li Yuanqing to treat him to dinner.
How can Li Yuanqing not understand the profound meaning of Wang Chengen?
This must be that things are not in the best state, even if Tianhe and the court conferred the title of Count Li Yuanqing, but I’m afraid this earl is not too’ tall’. At this time, he needs Wang Chengen ~ to wait for the day ~ to have an exchange in Li Yuanqing to make Li Yuanqing mentally prepared.
In fact, Li Yuanqing has already had sufficient psychological preparation for this.
I’m afraid the "meanness" of the great dynasty has already been written into the gene.
Big only seal Hou and Bo.
And 99% of them are consorts.
Even Xu Da, the hardcore brother of Zhu in those days, just added an illusory king behind him and was almost wiped out in a few years.
Not to mention Emperor Chongzhen, who is now "snapping his fingers and living with his belt on his back".
However, at this time, Li Yuanqing has already underestimated these routines
Whether a white cat or a black cat can catch mice, it is a good cat.
It is definitely better to have something than nothing.
How to care about this time and place, and how to do things in a down-to-earth way and control your own destiny in your own hands?


Xiaocui smiled mysteriously, looked around, and then leaned close to her ear and said, "This jade cream is my sister’s. On the day you were injured, I went to pour water, and when I came back, I found the bottom by my sister’s bedside, holding up a small note with the words jade cream written on it."
Meng Xiaoran smell speech a little surprised Xiaocui looked at him and smiled and said, "At that time, I didn’t dare to put this thing on my sister’s face. I was worried that this was because Miss Da made a plan to go out and find someone to check it out. Later, when my sister’s face was better, I forgot to listen to everyone talking about Miss Da’s jade paste these days, and I felt familiar with it."
"Today, I took this jade cream to the street drugstore and had it checked for me. It is said that this thing is very precious and a good thing. I will not sell it. This is my sister!"
Meng Xiaoran listened to Xiaocui and lost in thought. Who gave this bottle of jade cream? I don’t think it was Shen Qian. She went out to see Shen Qian that night. He gave himself two bottles of jade cream. Who was it?
A figure flashed through her mind. Could it be him?
She guessed that it would be verified the next day. At noon, Meng Xiaoran was in the big kitchen, and things finally came to an end. Mother Li suddenly kindly asked her to go out with Xiaocui to buy some spices, which was tantamount to giving them a chance to go out to play in disguise. Xiaocui was naturally excited.
Meng Xiaoran looked at the sugar-coated haws in his hand and ate a face of satisfaction. Xiaocui couldn’t help laughing. At this moment, two people came face to face. She was slightly one leng, but behind Lu Qing was his servant.
Lu Qing hasn’t seen her for a long time. This is the first time since she was injured. I can’t help but look at him. This time, her face hasn’t been smeared. Gray china white seems to be more beautiful in the sunshine like good porcelain.
"It seems that the jade cream works well." Liu Qing smiled faintly and this sentence Meng Xiaoran was white. Xiaocui got the bottle of jade cream. It was indeed that he gave her a nod at him. "Thank you, Master Biao." Although she was injured by Shen Qian, she was able to help herself in that situation and quietly sent jade cream this kindness. She will remember it.
"I haven’t thanked Master Biao for saving my life. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I’d be beaten thirty times."
Lu Qing shook his head. "You don’t have to thank me outside, and you don’t have to call me Master Biao and call me Duke Lu."
"Lu Gong" Meng Xiaoran smiled and accepted good advice.
While eating Sugar-Coated Berry, Xiaocui kept his eyes wide open. As they looked back and forth, the more they looked, the more they felt that they were very suitable. It was just like saying golden couple in the words.
"Liu Gong and I have to go to work and leave now." Meng Xiaoran nodded slightly at him and then pulled Xiaocui away.
Liu Qing looked back at her leaving figure, slightly absent, waiting for the moon to gently cough and wake up. "We should go back." He just smiled and shook his head.
Chapter 30 Door seeking medicine
If Xuege was calm for a few days, the news came again. It turned out that Liu Ruxueyu’s cream was finished, but her face still had a faint scar, so she hit several maids in the house and her things were smashed all over the floor.
As soon as Liu Yingyuan came in, he saw the mess on the ground and frowned. "What’s the matter?"
Liu Ruxue immediately cried when she saw her father come in. "Daddy jade cream is gone, but my daughter’s face has not recovered yet!"
As she spoke, she lifted the veil of her face to Liu Yingyuan. As expected, there was a faint scar on her right cheek. Although it was not very obvious, it was a bit ugly to cross her face as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade.
"This jade cream is not much, but if a porcelain vase is rubbed on the scar, it will be enough. How can it disappear so quickly?" Liu Yingyuan asked doubtfully.
After that, I saw that Liu Ruxue’s face was a little uncomfortable and I knew what my daughter had done. "What’s going on?"
Liu Ruxue couldn’t help crying again. "Dad said this jade cream can nourish the skin, so my daughter couldn’t help putting some on her face every day. I didn’t expect it to fall off so soon."
"Nonsense! This jade cream is rare. Would you have gotten it if Dad hadn’t asked the Empress to reward you? Now there is no empress in the palace to get a bottle. What can you do if you are not careful in the scar? " Liu Yingyuan’s daughter has already broken her heart and face, and the whole person looks much older.
He rubbed his head and looked at his beloved daughter and thought of her early death. Mother sighed, "Dad will find a way for you to stay at home these days and stop making trouble."
As he spoke, he looked at several maids kneeling on the ground. "Get up and clean up the ground. If you make the young lady angry again, you will not be spared!"
With that, he left Ruxue Pavilion and left the hospital. He didn’t know where to go at the moment, hesitated for a moment at the intersection and went in the direction of Linyue Zhai.
Chen heard the child.when the master came, he didn’t look as faint as a servant girl. When Liu Yingyuan came in, he immediately changed his look of joy to welcome him. "Why did the master come at this time? Can you have dinner? "
Liu Yingyuan’s face was exhausted, and Chen came up behind him and held out his hand to gently massage his head. This is the reason why Liu Yingyuan came to Ramadan. Chen has been very virtuous since he married him, especially when he was young, they had a very good time. Unfortunately, those few feelings gradually faded after Chen gave birth to two daughters and one daughter.
Liu Yingyuan is still very kind to her and respects the whole house. Except Liu Ruxue, everything else is her decision, and she should be satisfied.
Liu Yingyuan comfortably closed his eyes and quietly enjoyed Chen’s massage for many years, but it seemed that his craft was not rusty at all. He felt that the whole person was relaxed a lot. After a while, he suddenly took Chen’s hand and "worked hard."
Chen smiled, "This is what my body should do." After that, I ordered Liu Yingyuan to rest in the whole courtyard in Linyuezhai that night. The next day, people were beaming. Chen’s own expression was light and seemed to care.
Today, Shen Fu ushered in the distinguished guest, Prime Minister Liu, and immediately rushed to Shen Fu Shen Qian’s room and didn’t go out to see the guests immediately.
Qing Feng was puzzled and asked, "If you don’t send jade paste to the palace at the beginning, it will save trouble if you don’t ruin it like snow."
"Wouldn’t that be boring? Is to let them see hope and finally despair, which is fun. "Shen Qian smiled meaningfully.
"But if you expect that Liu Ruxue will wipe the jade cream on your face elsewhere? If she honestly rubbed the bottle on the scar, should it be enough? "
"When I sent it to the palace, I specifically said that this jade cream can not only remove scars, but also promote blood circulation and promote granulation to nourish the skin. If Liu Ruxue values his appearance so much, he will naturally be tempted to rub it elsewhere." Shen Qian smiled like a fox
Aside, Qing Feng couldn’t help squeezing a cold sweat for Miss Liu Da, and secretly thinking about it at the same time, don’t offend her family, otherwise I don’t know how to die. By the way, I can’t offend another Meng girl now!
"Well, let’s go for a while, Prime Minister!" Shen Qian got up and cut his robe, and he looked like a beautiful man. Shen Qian came to the front hall and immediately changed into a humble appearance. "I’m too busy to keep you waiting."
Although Liu Yingyuan is unhappy in his heart, his face is not obvious at all. "There is no need to care about Shen Sangong’s busy schedule."
After sitting down, Shen Qian asked, "I don’t know what Master Xiang came to my humble abode today?"
Liu Yingyuan didn’t beat around the bush to see the mountain. "The other day, I heard that Sangong presented four bottles of jade paste to the palace. I wonder if Shenfu still has this jade paste?"
Shen Qian smell speech so surprised frowned "phase ye how can think of asking this? Jade cream is very difficult to make, mainly because the raw materials are rare. We have just made a few bottles in Shenfu this year, and more than half of them have been sent to Huang Jia and some have been sent to old friends. Now Shenfu is gone. "
Liu Yingyuan smiled. "Three people don’t talk in secret. This jade paste also bothers your government to make a bottle of precious and rare silver. I know that it is not a problem in two aspects."
Sure enough, the family is rich! Shen Qian smiled and didn’t speak for a while before he said, "Mr. Xiang is a straightforward person, so Shen San won’t come with you. This jade cream is rare. The most important thing is that the process of finding medicinal materials consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. Since Mr. Xiang asked us to do Shen Fu, naturally, we won’t refuse, but Shen Fu is a businessman. It is natural to set it in advance in business and business."
"Three prices," said Liu Yingyuan leisurely, and his eyes flashed faintly, disdaining the merchants. He was always blind and covered in copper.
Shen Qian naturally didn’t let go of his expression. The change was blocked by the tea lamp, and his lips evoked a sneer. Put the tea lamp and put out a finger.

Ma Guangliang, the head of Ma Xifan, the king of Chu, and Xu Zhongya, the tenth bachelor of Tiance House, are concentrating on the pavilion.

Xu Zhongya saw Ma Guangliang twisting a black chess in the left corner of the chessboard and asked with a smile, "Your report is settled."
Ma Guangliang is a good chess player, but Xu Zhongya is a national player. The name of two people is half a minister, but the reality is that the mentoring is extremely harmonious. This Xu Zhongya chess is naturally not very reserved, and Xu Zhongya naturally wins more and loses less.
However, today, it seems that Ma Guangliang is ashamed and brave, which seems to have taken some advantage.
Ma Guangliang frowned and thought hard for a while, nodded and said, "It’s your turn for Master Xu."
"Ha ha" Xu Zhongya ha ha smiled and picked it up, but instead of mending Ma Guangliang’s fall, she made a "break" in the left corner.
Light can’t help but look surprised. Smiling Xu Zhongya bowed his head and thought for a long time. Nai shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "Master Xu, your chess skills are really endless. Ah, I’m still in a good situation. I didn’t expect you to break the left corner by more than ten words. Ah, I still think you have murder for my dragon. I didn’t expect that …"
Xu Zhongya still said with that cheerful expression, "Chess is a path. Since ancient times, I like chess very well, but I don’t know what it is."
Xu Zhongya didn’t wait for Ma Guangliang to answer his own question. He replied, "Don’t underestimate the square inch. It’s not difficult to think about it, but I don’t know how much it will take. How many of those children are willing to spend time here?" However, it is not only beneficial to play chess in politics, but also beneficial to hide the dangers in chess. "
Light gave Xu Zhongya a thoughtful look at himself. How can this master come to play chess with himself for no reason when there are many politics at ordinary times and near the new year? So there is a reason.
"Your report yesterday, Li Jieda returned to Changsha, and the marriage between Chu and Tang Dynasties was officially reconciled. The king must have sent his troops to Lingnan soon."
"Ha ha ah, my cousin also don’t know how to think of his own killing brothers, killing ministers also just happened to want to hit me from time to time. He also dare not make a big fuss. Ah, it’s really a little petty. By the way, Master Xu, did you hear that my cousin Hanwang recently liked the eunuch again and wanted to be a big official? Can do the eunuch will seal you a big officer Dangdang ha ha I really don’t know what he thinks, "Ma Guangliang said as he shook his head.
When Ma Yin was alive, Liu Yan, the Lord of the Southern Han Dynasty, married Ma Yin’s daughter. Now the Lord of the Southern Han Dynasty is the grandson of Ma Yin, which happens to be Ma Guangliang’s cousin. His cousin loves to do two things. One is to kill his brother, cut off his head and send it to the western paradise to chat with his father. The other is to believe in eunuchs and be abnormal enough to believe in eunuchs. If you want to be a prime minister, you have to cut off your little brother to show your position.
Xu Zhongya said that the king of Chu was going to send troops to Lingnan, but Ma Guangliang actually gave this topic a fork to the main body of Lingnan. Xu Zhongya glanced at him slightly, but he was not annoyed. This is the way Ma Guangliang grew up. He never said what he wanted. He always waited for others to say it for him, so it was always good to make it for him by the way. He got a fork, so thank you …
Xu Zhongya still smiled and said, "Liu Zhaoyu ran back from Jingnan where did he get that important thing? You also saw it. I wonder what you are going to do?"
Ma Guangliang suddenly realized that Xu Zhongya seemed to have just discovered his purpose. He took a sip of tea and said, "Li Shifu once said that this Liu Zhaoyu is not credible …"
Xu Zhongya responded and said, "Li’s adult naturally has his concerns, which is also improper. Ma Guangmeng, who just fled from Jingnan to Changsha Jingnan our time office, immediately paid homage to impeach Liu Zhaoyu for losing his tribute and humiliating the country … It’s not like looking at the situation as fake, but let’s not say that Liu Zhaoyu is credible or not. He brought that thing with that chapter on it, but it’s definitely not fake."
Ma Guangliang finally looked dignified. He looked Xu Zhongya straight in the eye and asked, "It must be true in ten cases."
Xu Zhongya smiled and said, "It’s not as bad as ten * * report. One thousand, the king has a hand that is strong enough to subvert the great Chu state."
Ma Guangliang was silent for a long time before he said, "Master Xu, it’s not that you don’t know that my father is full of confidence in that man. I’m also the boat. You mean that I want that man to go to the crusade against Han regardless of his father. And Li Shifu …"
Xu Zhongya flashed a sneer in his eyes and said, "Your Majesty, don’t you feel something from this chess game?"
"Oh" Ma Guangliang eyes turned to the chess situation again.
"Master Xu, what do you mean …"
"Report today’s six armies permit Joan, Leo Liu Ying, Peng Shifang, Wang Yun, Seven Ye and the man each took an army, among which Peng Shifang is obviously a five-report person who can’t easily move Wang Yun’s loyalty, but seven Ye is actually the head in name but the real palm army is actually the lieutenant Liu and Liu, Leo Liu Ying and the man have mastered the permission of the three armies. It’s a great opportunity to come to Zhou Tingfa’s case. It’s a pity that we have an account in our hand to crusade against the Han State, but this step should be taken step by step. I remember that after the five princes broke Nanping, they had a military history. "
Speaking of this, Xu Zhongya took a sip of tea and said, "We might as well take this excuse and take the opportunity to play the king to rectify the army."
Ma Guangliang’s eyes seemed to be bright, but soon it was dark. He shook his head and said, "Master Xu, you haven’t seen Zhou Tinghui’s case. There are quite a few generals involved in the army. Even if my father wants to rectify the army, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it in the end."
"Ha ha report if we startle" Xu Zhongya said slowly.
"oh? How do you say this? "
"Report, let’s persuade the king to agree first, and then put on a big show to rectify the military style, so that the man will be frightened. At this time, we will take the opportunity to persuade the king to let Leo Liu go to war, and the man can’t figure out our eyes. We will not try our best to stop Leo Liu from leaving, so he just broke his arm."
Bright hands couldn’t help but blow him up, took two steps back and forth and suddenly asked, "but isn’t it a shame to rectify the army in the end?" If my father let me do it, I can’t reach the expected goal, so … "
"Rectification, of course, should be rectified, but there is a focus. With that account, can’t we just rectify the army of Joan? In this way, the permission was completely mastered, and Qiongjun also shocked several other armies. Isn’t it finished? " Xu Zhongya explained with a smile
"Wonderful, Master Xu, you are a natural gift to me." Ma Guangliang said excitedly.
"Ha ha, Dongye, what attention did you give to Wang Ye?" A drake mulberry came from the gate of the courtyard.
"Li Shifu, you’re right …" Ma Guangliang saw that Li Gao had come, and of course he told Li Gao Xu Zhongya’s plan in detail again.
Li Gao squinted and was drinking tea with a low eyebrow. Xu Zhongya was also secretly praising him. He thought about it and said, "I wonder how many troops Brother Dongye wants to persuade the King to send out?"
"Not more than two is enough."
"But Leo Liu and Liu Jun?"
"Yes, they are" Xu Zhongya nodded.
"Ha ha, Brother Dongye, it’s not right. It’s so silly that everyone knows who he’s going for, and there’s a biggest drawback in doing so. Although Liu is in charge of the army, the nominal commander of the army is the seven lords. The king has always been dissatisfied with the seven lords, and maybe he will really send seven lords to send troops. In this way, there are seven lords in his different identities, and we want to send a prison army to suffer."
"Monitor the army?" An idea flashed through Xu Zhongya’s mind that Li Gao’s mind was really heavy. He meant not only to tune Leo Liu, but also to take the opportunity to swallow this army. Hey hey …
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Chapter 5 Who will go to war?
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"It has been more than a month since Jinling, my little nephew, returned to Yuezhou in the west today. Jinling and his party have a thrilling desire to go to Changsha to meet their father Wang Shunai, Jingnan Xinping, and when the people are displaced by the disaster, my little nephew can go back to Yuezhou in the west first and try his best to calm down the situation."
Ma Xiguang, the left general in Tiance Zuo’s mansion in the south of Changsha, is happy and resentful. He is holding a letter and reading it with relish. This letter was just received at noon.
In the letter, Ma Yun talked about Kan Kan, that is, he said that he was having fun with his relatives and told his new wife to say hello to his uncle. He also recalled that Ma Xiguang took care of him a few years ago. At the end of the letter, Ma Yun was even more outspoken. Zhou Ting told me that he not only denied that he had got the account, but repeatedly emphasized the friendship between an uncle and an nephew, and condemned some people for their ulterior motives. The slander was nothing more than destroying the feelings of the two uncles.
Look at the date of signature, but it was written the day before yesterday afternoon. As soon as Ma Yun arrived in Yuezhou, he wrote this kind greeting letter. Yuezhou went to Changsha to wear the Dongting, and then it took two days to speed up the horse. This letter arrived in about a day and a half. It can be seen that the messenger was urgent, and his heart was a little relieved. The other day, due to the situation, he had a little trouble with Ma Yun. But from the heart, this Ma Yun grew up, and he stayed by his side for a long time than his own son. Speaking of feelings, it is not something that ordinary people can compare with Ma Xi Guang really doesn’t want to believe that his nephew will do something behind his back, but Zhou Tinghui’s case not only involved years of hard work to set up a small group, but also implicated himself. At this time, Ma Xiguang had no other way to frame Ma Yun without conscience and let the king of Chu have a bad impression of Ma Yun. Just send him to Jinling and kiss the best generation and don’t come back.
However, whenever he is alone in the quiet night, Ma Xiguang always feels a little ashamed. After all, this child grew up with himself.

However, listening to the fire inflammation said that the group was destroyed three times, which made Mu Feng feel ashamed. "Is it a level 5 God-level boss?" Mu Feng tried to ask, if it’s level 5, forget it. Mu Feng is definitely incapable of killing.

"It’s level 4, but this boss skill is a bit special. You’ll know it when you see it. I’m not afraid to give this boss to you. If you kill the swordsmen and equip me with other equipment, you’ll be unified." Fire inflammation said frankly that fire inflammation had given up the boss because he knew that Mu Feng might not be killed, but it wouldn’t hurt to get to know each other and give up the boss after a fire inflammation.
"I’ll be interesting to see what the boss is when I divide the equipment. Now wait for the snow and the purple maple line." Mu Feng nodded and said that he was looking forward to the fire inflammation and said boss.
But now the most urgent thing is to divide yesterday’s equipment, and then Mu Feng hits the friend bar at ten o’clock. At this time, the snow is fluttering and the purple maple head lights up. Mu Feng can’t help but laugh. Are these two people pinching the stopwatch line?
Without saying much, ten people went out of the east gate of Ghost Town. If Mu Feng remembered correctly, there was a very tall tree not far from the east gate. This tree was huge and ancient and grew here.
It seems that Zifeng doesn’t really reject sitting cross-legged and letting the snow drift and snuggle up beside him today, which makes people feel like a couple coming out for a picnic.
Mu Feng, look around, right? Everyone is a face of relaxed and happy expression, or sitting or lying down. It’s easy to relax. Among them, the rain glass is the coolest, lying sideways on the blood wing magic tiger, holding the blood wing magic tiger’s hairy head, and the blood wing magic tiger’s eyes are blinking. He seems to be asking Mu Feng what do you think I am doing?
"Ha ha" Mu Feng couldn’t help but chuckle and added, "Well, divide the equipment. Today is the most time we divide the equipment. I have to have a good look at what equipment has entered the eyes of our elders …" Mu Feng said and lay back. Behind him, the white python was hovering and lying on it. Suddenly, there was an unspeakable coldness, and the whole person became a lot of spirit.
At the same time, Mu Feng also found that the ancient emperor, Kana, was no longer suspended in the water at this time, but like a gentle little wolf, he lay on his back like smoke and his shadow tail shook gently
"So … I’ll distribute the equipment now. Who did you three see first?" Speaking, Ji Yue turned her attention to the mad cow, an arrow through the heart and the rain glass.
"I … show me first," said Ji Yue as soon as the voice just fell mad.
At the same time, everyone’s eyes are also looking at Ji Yue, and they all want to know what kind of equipment Ji Yue chose.
It’s really a little uncomfortable to be looked at by so many eyes, and then I smiled awkwardly and said, "There are two pieces of mad cow equipment that I think are good, both of which are anti-installation."
As soon as Ji Yuegang finished speaking, a thick brown belt appeared in front of everyone, and at the same time, it showed its name and information, tenacious defense belt.
Purple demigod level 42, heavy armor level 3 players can add the professional attributes of the Ministry of War to their professional needs. Physical fitness 12, defense 2, movement speed% additional skills. After the skill is released, the damage suffered by the players will be reduced by 1-5% for the duration of 1 second, and the damage will be reduced by 1% for every 2 seconds. When the skill is restored, the equipment will be introduced to the soldiers, especially the defensive soldiers, for 15 minutes, so that these sad people can suffer silently in a team. The Emperor of the Imperial City specially ordered the palace craftsmen to make this set of tenacious defenders to reduce these injuries.
Chapter 614 Equipment hodgepodge
"Well, this equipment is a good skill. It lasts for 1 second. It’s very considerate of the soldiers, but it’s a pity that his son HuangFuKe rebelled against the emperor. Now I don’t know where to hide it." Mu Feng sighed with emotion and said that first HuangFuYi rebelled and now HuangFuKe rebelled. The royal is Niu B.
"Ha ha wind, you don’t know this. I’ve seen a similar introduction, but I’ll give her an arrow dexterous hand armor first, which was also made by craftsmen ordered by the emperor. I guess this may be a kind of softening measure for the emperor. All professions may have it." Ji Yue whispered at this moment, saying that an arrow pierced her heart and her ears could not help but stand up and shouted, "Now that I have arrived at my equipment, send it to see. Don’t make me worry."
"Well, well, your equipment is the same as that of mad cow. Since you are in such a hurry, I will show it to you." Ji Yue knew that an arrow was an acute one, and it was strange to hear the name of her equipment. So after trading her tenacious defense belt to mad cow, the horse sent an arrow through her heart and dexterous hand armor. Compared with the brown equipment of mad cow, this equipment can’t help but give people a bright feeling that it is a pair of white gloves with green stripes, which looks very beautiful.
Purple demigod level 43 level hand guard level 39 players can add agility to the professional attributes of archers’ department 6 strength 7 physique 2 additional skills dexterous rapid fire initiative skill high archer bow archery speed increase effect 5%. When each archer shoots, there is a 1% chance to trigger the three-shot skill. The magic lasts for 1 second, and the skill consumes 2 points. When the skill is restored for 15 minutes, the equipment is introduced. The archers’ dexterity in the battlefield has flexible battlefield mobility. A team silently plays the role of remote output, which enables these battlefield elves to fight nimbly and flexibly. The Emperor of the Imperial City specially ordered the palace craftsmen to make it.
"Wow, I like to hurry now. It’s time to change my armguard. Hey, hey, I love you so much. I’m going to give you a baby." After reading the information of dexterous hand armor, I immediately rushed to Ji Yueshen and said happily, but the last sentence almost didn’t kill everyone. Mu Feng also silently wanted to ask Yi Dajie, do you have that function?
Seeing the mad cow and an arrow through the heart, two people are flattered to wear new equipment. Rain glass is a bit restless. Holding the tail of the blood wing magic tiger in a straight circle, the word "king" on the forehead of the blood wing magic tiger is almost wrinkled into a "three", but they dare not call it all. Mu Feng is laughing in the eye and gently moving his body to the rain glass and whispering, "Okay, rain glass and so on. It’s not without."
"But … you see, their equipment is so good, I’m afraid I’m not good." Yuli pouted and said sadly.
"Ha ha, you see that you are better than them, and I believe that since she left you a certain mistake, maybe you are better than them? Wait a minute, "said Mu Feng, as she also lay down. The blood-winged magic tiger has lost its hair, and its poor tail took it from the rain glass hand and gently held the rain glass hand to wait for Ji Yuefa’s equipment together.
Rain glass came to break free from Mu Feng’s hand, but Mu Feng grasped it very firmly, and she couldn’t do too much. Rain glass secretly looked at Ji Yue, and the latter was also looking at them, smiling and nodding, and Rain glass was relieved.
"Then continue to show the mad cow the second piece of equipment. This equipment has no skills, but its attributes are good. I also left it for the mad cow." Ji Yue looked away from Mu Feng and Yuli and said with a smile that the equipment had been sent out. It was a black glove.
Purple demigod level 4, hand guard level 37 players can increase the professional attributes of the Ministry of War by 5 physical points, physical attack by 15%, physical defense by 2%, 1% chance to reflect 5% damage when attacked. Introduce an attacker’s equipment with a very common appearance. Don’t underestimate its black appearance. It is an anti-injury attribute equipment plated by an alchemist. If you are a smart soldier, you will find him shining …
"Anti-injury …" Fire inflammation muttered to himself, this equipment is the first anti-injury equipment he saw. He will hand it over to destroy the gang. He must be a rookie and let him find such a treasure. He didn’t know that the treasure was returned. It is estimated that the body warrior will destroy the king and know that he must vomit blood with anger.
"Good, good, good, double attack, double prevention and 5% anti-injury. This equipment is just right for mad cows. If there is an opportunity for mad cows to save enough anti-injury equipment, who dares to move mad cows? Mad cow needs to eat blood and then move a little bit to estimate that the other party will die. Hahahaha "Mu Feng said with a laugh that one or two pieces of anti-injury equipment are rubbish, but when you get together a set of anti-injury equipment and then you happen to be a" blood cow "level M, then you can say to your opponent with a smile, come on and fight hard!
"Ha ha Mu Feng, you really talk big and are not afraid to flash your tongue to make mad cows save a set? Then you have to let the mad cow go to the seller as a pawn. Now this iron blade guard is all luck equipment. The anti-injury equipment is not good. This is the first anti-injury equipment I have ever seen. "Fire Yan couldn’t help laughing when he heard Mu Feng’s words. Mu Feng just thought of this problem. It seems that it is the first time he has seen anti-injury equipment.
After the mad cow equipment was sent out, Ji Yue turned her attention to an arrow through the heart and the rain glass, and then said, "One arrow through the heart and one piece left is the rain glass. The rain glass equipment is one piece …" Ji Yue paused here and then looked at her own column for a while before continuing, "But the rain glass equipment is probably the best of five pieces of equipment. I really don’t know why someone would hand it over or destroy the king’s special water? But it’s impossible. Is it staggered? Or is it a novice rookie who doesn’t understand equipment? "
Looking at Ji Yue talking to himself alone there, Mu Feng and others are scared to feel what equipment it is. Let Ji Yue, who has always been calm, have this expression and words. Gradually, Mu Feng, Yuli, Huoyan and others look forward to it, expecting Ji Yue to leave this equipment for Yuli.
"Well … your expression is not so exaggerated, right? You see you scared the rain glass and shook your hands …" Mu Feng suddenly laughed and said that Mu Feng’s words were attacked by the rain glass powder fist just after falling off the horse. "Who … who shook his hands? Dead Mu Feng, you are looking for a fight … Hum! " Rain glass at this time the gas yo, she just shook hands, that is, nervous Mu Feng actually said that scared her hands.
"Ha, okay, okay, rain glass, I’m wrong. Not yet. We’re in a hurry today. We have work to do. You don’t want pet eggs?" Mu Feng was beaten and scratched by the rain glass and quickly used the killer. So the rain glass really stopped, but he didn’t let Mu Feng hold Mu Feng’s hand and could resist the wry smile.
After Mu Feng and Yuli’s slapstick, Jiyue’s distracted thoughts also flew back. I’m sorry. After smiling, I listened to Jiyue and said, "Hehe, I’m a little distracted just now. I’m sorry. So it’s an arrow through the heart. The second piece of equipment, the tracker belt, I feel good." After that, I sent out the equipment. Although several people in Mu Feng are now preoccupied with Yuli’s equipment, I still carefully looked at it. It’s also a good equipment to look closely.
Purple demigod level 42 belt level 39 players can make professional demands archer’s professional attributes add strength 5 physique 6 physical defense 5 movement speed 15% additional skills fatal tracking active skills archers need to aim at 1% to hit the target after 6 seconds of skill training and have a% chance to cause 15% attack damage 3% chance to cause 2% attack damage. Additional attack damage can be superimposed. Magic costs 5 points. When skills are restored, it takes 5 minutes to introduce the equipment. The tracker column says that it is from the depths of the dark forest in Ghost Town. The Elves are equipped with these dark elves. It is said that all of them are archers, and a leaf can accurately hit the best archer in the world. However, they were attacked by the Skull King from the underworld, and the clan was almost wiped out. Now some of the remaining elves live in their king’s land.
After reading it, Mu Feng walked over and expressed his evaluation of this equipment. "Well, this equipment has two good points. First, the attack damage can be superimposed. This is better, but the explosive attack power is very strong. Second, it is a good skill to aim at this to fly a kite. I want to thank Ji Yue for finding the treasure this time."
For Mu Feng, she praised Ji Yue for shaking her head slightly, and Mu Feng said that the credit was due to herself. But what about him? You know, this time, it was all because of Mu Feng. If he didn’t have a brainwave, these equipments could be carefully read by himself and then got? When you have a bad temper, it is estimated that the word "kill" will be solved earlier. By that time, you don’t know who is wearing these equipment.
"Ah, Ji Yue, both of our equipment are glowing. It’s time to watch the rain glass. You know, I’m looking forward to this equipment now, but it’s greater than the first four pieces of equipment …" Mad cow urged Ji Yue at the sight of the equipment, saying that an arrow goes through the heart, the snow is fluttering and several people have echoed it, showing strong curiosity.
"Ha ha, ok, I can’t send it, but I’ll send the image and name of this thing first, and then I’ll send the equipment information." Ji Yue said with a smile and then sent out the doubts and expected equipment …
Chapter 615 Curse evil eyes
A blue ring appeared in front of people in a second. It looks like a piece of blue metal. If you look closely, there are some strange patterns engraved on the blue ring. At the top of the ring, it is a black gem. But strangely, there is a raised gap in this gem, which gives people the feeling that it is like two and a half gems together, which makes people look uncomfortable. Moreover, the name of this ring is even more strange-curse evil eyes.
Just as several people in Mu Feng stared at the ring carefully, the crack in the ring suddenly hit like a person suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a green eyeball …
"Wow …" A little timid, Yuli was scared back immediately and issued a slight scream. The hand unconsciously caught Mu Feng. Almost everyone was scared to take a step back for this sudden change. The expressions are different.
But there are only two people in this group, namely Snow Fluttering and Zifeng Zifeng, who are startled to see the people around them. Instead, he looked around strangely and expressed doubts about Mu Feng and others’ movements. Snow Fluttering was even more excessive, and he even laughed and exclaimed with surprise, "Ah, this ring is really interesting. Is it alive to blink?" When the snow was fluttering and making his lovely remarks, his eyes were still turning left and right, which made Mu Feng’s heart tremble.
"Ha ha, the equipment attribute is coming …" Ji Yue’s stratagem is like a smile, and Mu Feng and others’ reaction made her very satisfied. Say Ji Yue will curse the evil eye attribute and send it out again. This Mu Feng suddenly gasped. Now he finally feels this equipment is really unusual … "Good"!
The purple god level 44 belt level 4 player can make the professional demand hunter’s exclusive bonus attribute 2% higher life, 5 points higher magic and 3 points higher additional skills. The evil eye array, also known as the evil eye trap, starts the trap hunter to place a triangular evil eye magic array on the ground. When the target enters the evil eye magic array, he can choose to start the trap trap. Depending on the target unit type, the evil erosion of the trap effect reduces the target in the trap range by 5%, the defense reduces the attack speed by 5%, and the physical attack power reduces the attack target. 5% movement speed, number of evil eye placements, five evil eye placements consume magic, one point placement counts for three seconds, and the evil eye placement takes one minute to start the skill, and the magic consumes five points. When the skill cools down, it takes one hour to introduce the equipment. Curse the evil eye, and the equipment remains after the inferno jointly enters the soul world. This is a cursed dark hunter equipment. Whenever someone makes a skill, his team will also suffer the evil eye curse …
Silent curse evil eye equipment attribute a Mu Feng and others are silent in the analysis of this terrorist equipment, this equipment has too many different.
"It’s no wonder that Ji Yue can say such a thing. The additional skills of this equipment are simply too arrogant. I’m now wondering how this equipment can flow out. Is it really a vegetable chicken? Or is the king of destruction interested in Mu Feng and deliberately releasing water to give this equipment to Mu Feng? " Fire inflammation first said that in his opinion, this equipment is listed as a god-class equipment, and it is too much for this equipment. It should be a super-god-class equipment.

"It seems to be a mistake to worry about giving more activities to other offensive players in Dresden before the game, but it seems to be a mistake to stare at him, but it would be a bigger mistake if you don’t stare at him." Bochum coach thought with a pale face, but the root cause of the present situation is that Bochum’s midfield advantage is far from as great as he used to be, and it is naturally terrible to have strong support from his own midfield.

We should know that although Dresden is now playing the third midfield, both wingers and center Gao Lin will retreat to assist in defense, so the number of midfielders not only does not suffer, but often has a slight advantage. In positional warfare, Bochum team is strong and it is difficult to take advantage of it.
However, even if Bochum team has a counterattack opportunity, it will be destroyed by the players in Dresden’s center and frontcourt who resolutely fight back on the spot and don’t hesitate to commit a tactical foul after failing. However, due to Dresden’s home court advantage, the referee usually warns that he rarely draws cards at most, while Bochum team can eat yabakui gloomily. In this case, it seems to be the best choice to play too long, but there is a new goalkeeper behind the Dresden defender line. This is suspected to be giving him a chance to show.
"Gao is too powerful. Do you think if we shout out’ Big Four Happiness’, will he enter another one?" Graetz blushed and asked Huck, who was sitting next to him.
Huck quickly stopped, "Don’t try to piss off the other side. It’s not worthwhile to win this game. It’s not necessary to pursue a big score. Now the most important thing for us is to get 3 points. It’s not easy to take the race. We need to save our physical strength and reduce injuries as much as possible."
The Dresden players obviously felt the same way. After leading by two goals, they quickly slowed down the pace of the game. However, Neuer, who has been performing steadily and well so far, is extremely relaxed and playing with fire.
Neuer, with a "forward heart", not only took the ball out of the penalty area, but also didn’t throw the ball out in the face of Bochum striker’s forced snatch, but showed off his own footwork to buckle the ball to get past his opponent. Who knows that the other side was experienced and didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to grab the ball instead. After Neuer lost the ball, they immediately grabbed it and fell to the ground together in the collision, but Neuer unexpectedly showed him a red card after the referee ran over!
Dresden fans in the stands immediately fried the pot and cursed the referee for collecting black money. Gao Jun could understand the penalty, but his expression was somewhat dignified. "Neuer is the last defensive player. This penalty can’t be said to be too much, so the game will be difficult to play and the suspension of Neuer will affect one game."
Neuer hung his head and coach Stano didn’t reprimand him after the game. It wasn’t because Neuer was too important to the team, but he knew very well that Neuer was a player with strong self-esteem and sense of responsibility. Even if he didn’t scold him, his heart was already sad enough. Although this red card would bring a lot of losses to the team, it would be a valuable wealth for Neuer. After this lesson, the young man will surely mature more quickly. On the contrary, Stano was really depressed when he thought that most of Neuer would not stay at the end of this season, but he would have to make a wedding dress for other teams.
Seeing that the hope of winning was already very slim, Dresden went alone. This doubt made Bochum see the hope of winning again, and the number advantage made Bochum’s offensive wave after wave. However, due to the adjustment of the Neuer field Stano, the old goalkeeper Kresek sent a field to organize the core hole card, and then told Lin to retreat to the midfield to play the left avant-garde position, leaving Gao Junding in the front field formation, which changed the overall formation of the 441 team to be greatly recovered, and the play style changed from oppressive attack to defensive counterattack.
Relying on the secret defense, the Dresden team finally made it to the end of the half-game. However, all Dresdens were worried. It wasn’t long after half-time, Bochum hit the Dresden goal with a set ball and tied the score to 23! In this way, the situation is quite unfavorable to Dresden. Although it is still one goal ahead for the time being, it is always the most unsafe to lead by one goal. In the case that the number of teams is one less and the physical strength is not dominant, it is enough for Bochum to equalize the score at half-time.
At this time, Dresden fans in the stands prayed that the team’s defense line could stand the test, but Dresden coach Stano turned his attention to his frontcourt. "Defensive counterattack is not purely defending Bochum. Although they have completely occupied the wind now, their pressure formation has also given us more opportunities to counterattack. Don’t wave! We must grasp it even once to stabilize the military and let the balance of victory fall back to us! "
However, after Bochum’s strong control gradually appeared in the backcourt, Dresden lacked a reliable delivery point, but the weakness was completely exposed. No matter how fast the high army was, it was difficult to form an effective counterattack by relying on the blind feet in the backcourt.
However, if the counterattack is launched from two flanks, Hao Junmin’s speed is slightly insufficient, but he is not good at the middle cut, it will be delayed, and the counterattack speed will not be fast. It is not easy to make achievements with one blow in the face of Bochum team’s number advantage.
Realizing that he had made another mistake, Stano quickly came up with a solution. He moved Gao Lin forward to increase the support of Gao Jun to the left defense, and sent individuals with stronger defensive ability and better understanding with other defenders. The former main left-back No.4 Kagara replaced Hao (but Hao didn’t play. He moved to the right and his physical fitness and defense were worse than him. Langan changed the field, so the generalist was good)
More importantly, Stano asked the fielders to give the ball to the No.5 central defender, Volker Ortiz, who served as the center defender to deliver the ball forward. Although Volker Ortiz is a center defender, his ball skills can be ranked among the top in Dresden, and his skills are particularly excellent. Plus, he is a center defender who lags behind and has a wide field of vision. The frequency of the opponent’s rushing is relatively low, which can further improve the quality of delivery.
In the 21st minute of halftime, Volcker Ortiz finally delivered the first long ball with good quality. However, because both the left-wing Gao Lin and the middle-road Gao Jun were closely guarded, he chose the direction of the ball, which Bochum did not expect to be on the right!
Now I’ve changed to play right-back Hao Junmin. Although the speed is definitely not fast enough, it’s still good to start that game. When the left-back turned around at that point, he rushed forward and caught the ball, and the Dresden counterattack was thus to be continued.
Chapter 16 Big Four Happiness
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Hao Junmin’s excellent personal skills were fully reflected in this ball stop. As soon as his right foot stretched out, he firmly controlled the ball, so that he was rarely seen in the Bundesliga team, and he won warm applause from the Dresden fans in the stands. However, Hao Junmin was also very aware of his weakness that his absolute speed was not outstanding, so he didn’t dare to stick to the ball after catching it, and immediately tilted out the most powerful force of the football.
Due to the more scientific and solid basic training at Chong Base, Hao Junmin got rid of the bad habit of holding the ball with his head down and hitting the middle, but the skew was still not received by Gao Jun because he was blocked and interfered by two opposing players at that time, but the other team was also interfered by him and failed to intercept or destroy Hao Junmin. After landing with great strength, he continued to bounce all the way to the left, almost across the whole stadium.
In China, his physical fitness was very outstanding. After Gao Lin came to Germany, Ji was able to eat by his own skills and speed. However, after all, he had more than 1 meter and 5 heads, and now his weight was not 75 kilograms. When the limit speed of 100 meters was 11 seconds, the right-back of Bochum team could not stop him by himself (note 1). Considering that Gao Lin was a greater threat, the right-back of Bochum team chose to run to the middle of the road to seal the path of Gao Lin, but it was because no one chose the bottom this time.
However, just after the fans in Dresden in the stands handed out their hands to Gao Lin, they were soon startled to find that Gao Lin was in such a favorable state that it was not good enough from the middle ball route. If the difference between the former and the others was several meters, the fans couldn’t help but say a word. Even Huck, the owner of Gao Lin, who had been very optimistic about it, couldn’t help frowning. "It’s too bad that he had to practice more."
But to everyone’s surprise, it was wrong or wrong. Because of its super predictive ability, Gao Jun had a premonition that the ball would fall behind after it left the foot in the forest. At this time, the two Bochum players who were staring at him were still in the wrong position when they rushed forward. As a result, when Gao Jun caught the ball, there was a personal situation.
At this time, Hao Junmin has entered the restricted area. Gao Jun can return the ball to him to shoot, or he can try to turn around and get the shooting angle himself. Bochum players also realize the danger of these two attacks and pay attention to preventing Gao Jun from inserting Hao Junmin on both sides and behind.
But what they didn’t expect was that Gao Jun directly reacted with an upside-down goalkeeper of Bochum team after stopping the ball in the chest, and he couldn’t watch the ball go into the net. Gao Jun expanded the score by 42 with the best goal in the campaign round! In the face of Bochum, Gao Jun, the German B giant, incredibly performed his first big four happiness since he came to Germany. Even Dresden fans could not help but be stunned for a while, and then suddenly the stands broke out like a tsunami.
"strong! Too strong! It’s so strong! I originally thought that he was a little stronger than the Slovenian Kalivennayu, the top scorer who got the German B bronze boots in the team last year. I didn’t expect it to be so bad. "Graetz, the fan leader who once opposed the high army, muttered to himself with a complicated expression. Because of his excitement, he even said the name that made several old Dresden fans love and hate." I’m afraid even at the peak, Ulf Kearse Teng is not much better than him, right? When he was less in Dresden, he was not necessarily better than Gao Jun now, and he was even worse when he was the same age. "
"Too much! I am willing to support him even if he is willing to stay and bring in more China players! I am willing to let him stay and let me die! " A fanatical fan’s hysterical remarks quickly calmed Graetz down from his excitement. "Yes, Gao Jun is terrible. He must have done well this season, but he has a lease contract for half a year. He will leave after this season! Will Dresden be the same again after he leaves? It could be worse. Now Dresden can’t live without him! However, an excellent player like him will definitely be robbed by several giants before the new season. How can he stay in our Bundesliga team for another year? "
It was not Graetz who thought of this, and I don’t know who took the lead first. After Gao Jun scored, he ran to the sidelines to pay tribute to the home fans. When the stands suddenly sounded more and more shouting, "Gao Jun, don’t go!" "Gao Jun stays!"
Hearing this shout, Gao Jun was shocked. In an instant, he remembered that when he was in the national football class, the fans cried tears, and it was from this that Gao Jun suddenly found that he seemed to like the fans and the team here, but Gao Jun could never play another season, so an idea that seemed crazy at first glance came out of Gao Jun’s heart unconsciously.
Gao Jun’s interaction with the home fans was very touching, but it also completely angered the young Swiss coach of Bochum team. He scolded the players, "You are worthless! 11 hit 1, was defeated by a mouth before it was long and hairy? Why didn’t you shovel him? Just let him shoot? Even if he gets a red card, he can’t be arrogant again! "
The coach of Bochum team showed off his manners, which led him to be punished by the referee. Later, he may be punished additionally, but he succeeded in rekindling the fighting spirit of Bochum team players. Hao defended the right side of Dresden team and soon became the key target of Bochum team. Although he is a versatile player, he is always good at how much the left-back performs on the right side. Even though his defensive ability has improved a lot, he is still better at attacking, that is, attacking in Bochum team whose strength has almost reached the Bundesliga level. So that the midfielder is the central defender who frequently comes to make up for Bochum, or has made breakthroughs in this weak link again and again, and finally scored another goal in the first minute to narrow the gap to one goal again and again!
"Bochum team is too tenacious, and its strength is really strong. It’s not easy to beat them just by one person," Graetz said with some worries.
"When Neuer didn’t come, we didn’t think how bad Kresek was; Even after he came, we didn’t fully realize the gap between them; Today, after Kresek changed to Neuer, we finally saw clearly that the gap between the two people was so great! Neuer’s presence in our defence can play a high level in the forefront of Bundesliga, and once he plays in our defence, it will return to the appearance of tofu in half a season, "Huck sighed with a clap of his head."
"Neuer won’t stay after the end of the season, will he? Although the contract between the club and Schalke is to rent first and then buy, how can such a strong team want to stay in Bundesliga?" Graetz sighed with Huck and said with mixed feelings, "No matter if I am sure now, our performance this season must be very good. If we calculate the half-way ranking, Dresden is likely to win the first place, but this is just a castle in the middle season. Without Gao Jun and Neuer, there may be several main players who will leave Dresden, fearing that they will repeat the old road after the reunification of Germany and Germany!"
"Stop watching the game. I don’t know if I can get 3 points in this game." Huck quickly changed the subject when he saw that Graetz was in a bad mood. "Alas, if Gao Jun’s wonderful performance can’t bring victory to the team, our defense will be true."
Note 1: Here’s a popular science. When the physical confrontation occurs in a static or low-speed state, it is the relative strength of both sides. For example, first assume that both sides have no fat, one of them is a bamboo pole with a height of 1.9 meters and a weight of only 75 kilograms, and the other is a height of 1.7 meters. The winner of the physical confrontation with a weight of 7 kilograms will almost certainly be the short player, and if the physical confrontation takes place at a high speed, then the one with the larger weight will have an obvious advantage. If the speed is still fast, it will be more difficult to stop, but these are all ball-time confrontation. If the attacker has the ball with his feet, he must also consider the ball control skills and sense of balance. These two influences are more important than the physical strength.
There is a typical example of these two situations, that is, although it is said that Japanese players are stronger than ghosts, if they are fighting in positional warfare, even if they are in the state of the ball, in fact, Japanese players generally suffer. However, if they play fast and exert their impact, it is not easy for Japanese players to defend themselves for a while. The problem is that Japanese players are stronger than Japanese players (mainly because their waist and limbs are much stronger, and their weight grows here. Players practice this strength base because their height cannot be changed, but they can develop horizontally).
Chapter 17 Five Dengke
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At this point in the game, both players’ physical energy consumption is very high, and they can stick to Dresden by willpower. Because there is one player missing in the field for a long time, players have to run more to make up for their physical energy consumption, which is obviously greater than that of the other team. Even Hao, who has never been able to run, shows fatigue.
But many people didn’t expect that Hao Junmin had the physical strength to break through one by one at this time. Unconsciously, the speed was not fast, and he actually played an increasingly important role in Dresden’s rapid counterattack.

The bedroom bathroom is very big. After Royi moved in, Ling specially adjusted it and added some anti-skid facilities.

"I’ll wash it myself"
Royi looked at condescending to lower your price, and the man couldn’t help saying that she put the bath water.
I took the faucet and tried the water temperature. I saw that the temperature just lifted my feet and walked towards Royi.
Royi, he’s going out. He just breathed a sigh of relief. He saw a man put his arms around her from behind and put his slender fingers on her pants. He unbuttoned the buttons slightly.
"You, you, you!"
Royi nervous words can’t say clearly that the man has half knelt at her feet and retreated her pants to her feet.
"Wife lifts her feet"
Royi lifted her feet uncontrollably.
"that foot"
Royi burying his face in a feather held her foot in his hand and pulled her pants back completely.
Include her lovely socks.
The girl’s little white feet step on the ground, and her toes are powdered like shells with the best texture, and then her long white legs.
Perfect. There’s no flaw in it.
Royi looked at Ling’s eyes and his heartbeat could not help but accelerate. At this time, the bathroom was already covered with a hazy fog.
Ling slowly got up. Royi looked down and looked up. This beautiful face always made her involuntarily addicted.
Ling tasted it again, but it didn’t hurt to take a bath and burn it elsewhere.
It’s already dark for two timbres, and the tone is dumb, sexy and nice. Royi was in a trance, so he was pulled out and thrown into the bathroom.
"ah! What do you do? "
When Royi looked at the past, Ling was taking off her clothes, and looked at her evil spirits and smiled to lift her legs and stepped in.
"Well ling …"
You cheat.
There is no need for her to take a bath …
Ling has always been fond of playing, but his wife is shy and avoids taking a shower every time. He finally caught the opportunity. How could he let it go?
In the huge bathtub, Royi clung to the edge and felt as if he had become a fish, not two fish. One person slaughtered the other and wandered around without hesitation …
After a long time
It was a long time.
Royi felt his fingers ache when he was carried out.
Anger took a white look at Ling, got into the quilt and ignored him.
Ling smiled in a low voice, spoiled and gently hugged her and kissed her on her forehead.
"Honey, you smell good."
There is a feeling of tightness in the quilt.
Royi is actually not sleepy, but tired. She lay with her for a while and the bedroom door was knocked.
"Three few guests have come."

For this to enter the top 16, Xie Guohua, who has a smaller star than popularity, dare not put on airs.

Chu Yun doesn’t talk. If he doesn’t allow the Japanese to fight, then it’s better to say that the Chinese people have no backbone and are fine. Maybe it’s better to lose if they retreat in the eyes of others.
"Do you choose the same way?" At the same time, Xie Guohua Nai wondered why a game star had to take part in the competition in that village.
"budo" Chu Yun said, "arrange it for me."
Xie Guohua is not surprised. If the other party chooses Qindao Chess, he is really surprised. He knows that chopsticks have penetrated a student’s palm this semester.
"It’s not important to win or lose, just try your best." To be honest, Xie Guohua has no confidence
"Has anyone chosen the other two?" Chu Yun asked this, after all, to ask the Chinese people or to ask one.
"Not yet," said Xie Guohua, shaking his head.
"Still coming?" Chu Yun knows that there will be a game tomorrow.
"The school that should come is looking for students who are outstanding in chess and chess," Xie Guohua said
"Let me ask, can people outside the school participate?" Chu Yun asked if Song Ning Frost would go to absolutely crush everything.
Xie Guohua shook his head. "Although Wu Teng didn’t say it, if we let outsiders participate, even if we win, the other party will have a story. The school decided that the contestants must be students."
ChuYun nodded. It’s a pity that Song Ning Frost couldn’t attend the school. Who did you send?
In late Chu Yun, although the idol of the people, the golden goddess of war, shared a bed, he was not in the mood for that kind of thing.
"Think about the game." Lin Weiwei didn’t see it at a glance.
"Yes," Chu Yun nodded. Although he had confidence in himself, he was afraid that others would lose. After all, it was a national honor to say that it was a bigger honor for the school.
"Don’t think so much. I’m sure we Chinese people will win those Japanese people." Lin Weiwei waved his little fist under the covers and said with confidence.
"Are you so confident?" Chu Yun said some funny.
"Of course, don’t you have confidence in the Japanese instead of your own people?" Lin Weiwei asked.
At that time, Chu Yun was said to be speechless. Yes, did he have no confidence in the Chinese people?
At that time, one or two people both entered the game
Today is the second day of the top 16 ranking. Compared with yesterday, I believe it will be more exciting.
About ten minutes later, Chu Yun heard a sign in her ear. Yesterday, the first scene was her own. What is her today? Is it the same as when the martial arts meeting was held, and the first game every day was taken over by yourself?
Just as Chu Yun was about to play, a red shadow appeared in the ring. Seeing this red shadow, Chu Yun was surprised and pleased. This cargo was actually Emperor Yan!
This also means that his opponent turned out to be Yan Huang!
"Ha, ha, ha ….." Chu Yun laughed in his heart, and God was destined to let himself end this four kings.
Emperor Yan stood proudly in the ring and lost a game yesterday, which has broken his unbeaten record. Today must be a victory. It is an oath and a determination to win whatever you say!
The opponent didn’t play for a long time, which made the players confused. Is Yan Di’s opponent a god-killer?
No, everyone’s expression looks good.
God vs Yan Huang? Is killing the gods awesome or the Emperor Yan awesome?
Kill god with one sword and kill god with ten thousand swords.
Emperor Yan burned the sky with fire and flames.
Neither of these guys is a joke. In the eyes of the audience, they are right.
Seeing that his opponent has been slow to appear, Emperor Yan’s mouth is twitching, and he is thinking that he should not really kill that guy, because that guy likes to pretend to be forced.
Emperor Yan is going to fly to avoid killing God, but the problem is that he is afraid of avoiding it.
"Kill God that bastard!" Can you not be angry that the Emperor of Yan cursed and forced himself to put it on his own head?
"Yan Huang is estimated to be miserable!"
"Yes, whoever kills God will definitely be killed."
"Alas, you mourn for Emperor Yan!"

Before Cao Hong left, he didn’t look at Li Shimin and Fang Yu. "Master, please leave this dangerous place at once."

Li Shimin took back his hand, and Cao Cao and Cao Hong turned to Ma Li Shimin to sneer. Suddenly, a sword was inserted in the middle of Cao Hong’s back, and the skylight was pierced in his middle of the back.
Cao Hong hummed that the first famous NPC general in the Three Kingdoms fell to the ground and died in the hands of players. He mourned for a second.
Cao Cao was frightened to disgrace and screamed, "You, you …"
Most of the players around are rebel people, such as Tiance House, Chivalrous League, etc. They are surprised by the sudden change, but they don’t know what to do around, and they don’t dare to intervene in the leader’s actions without command.
Fang Yu also changed color and jumped "Li Shimin, are you crazy? Don’t you know that special NPC can’t be killed? "
Li Shimin Hao ignored the sneer and pulled out his sword. Once again, Cao Cao stabbed Fang Yu and quickly waved his sword to stop him from killing Cao Cao. Cao Cao was so scared that he hid behind the horse.
Li Shimin was blocked and shouted "Fang Yu, get out of here and don’t stop me from doing things."
Fang Yu struggled to resist his attack and said, "Li Shimin, don’t do stupid things. Cao Cao will die."
Li Shimin angered, "You idiot Cao Cao is our greatest threat. If he doesn’t die, we will be planted in his hands."
Fang Yu brandished a sword to block "no, Cao Cao has such a three kingdoms if he dies?" What’s the point of playing? "
Li Shimin is short of breath. "Idiot is here to’ play’ with you. I know that Cao Cao is better than most of us. If you don’t kill him today, it will be him to unify the Three Kingdoms in the future."
"Isn’t that right? It’s a good idea for him to unify the Three Kingdoms. "
"Good head NPC is to make you should kill don’t wait for him to make us? Fang Yu, will you let me or not? Don’t let me don’t blame you. "
Fang Yu stepped back and gasped, "Li Shimin, don’t forget the Tiger Prison Treaty. You have already killed Cao Hong and then killed Cao Cao, so you won’t regret it."
Li Shimin grunted coldly, "Bah, that’s a bullshit treaty. Don’t you know what the Tiger Prison Treaty is really about? It’s purely cabbage, purple sword, purple rose, and their awesome setting is to catch all the special NPCs when they are stronger than that day. If the special NPCs don’t die, they will definitely have a chance to get you in the future. Did we fight for them? Stop dreaming and wake up. People who make treaties are always in their interests, and making us is just a sacrifice. "
Fang Yu froze. "No, it won’t be like this. We all belong to the 10 th Route Army. The Treaty is fair and beneficial to all of us, and each of us has the same opportunity."
Li Shimin laughed "ha ha fair? It’s ridiculous. Go talk to cabbage about fairness. He will definitely talk to you about fairness for three days and three nights. "
Li Shimin walked towards Cao Cao, but Fang Yu stayed where he was and didn’t stop him again. Cao Cao screamed, "Help me, help me?" Nearby, Nai belongs to the Chivalrous League and Tiance House, with the most players. These two gangs are eyeing up and others dare not make a move if they want to save.
Li Shimin raised his sword and thrust it at Cao Cao.
"Stop it!"
A long ribbon rope wrapped Li Shimin’s long sword through the crowd, hanging over Cao Cao’s head, scaring Cao Cao to round his eyes. The Phoenix sisters led a large group of people to stand out from the crowd with cool colour "Li Shimin, you violated the rules of the game."
Li Shimin turned and narrowed his eyes to blossom a cold mountain, but he didn’t start work. The Phoenix sisters and their martial arts are very strange. For example, jade is much more difficult to deal with. He is not sure.
"Dark Phoenix, don’t tell me what rules I don’t buy this. I ask you if you let Cao Cao go, do we still have a chance to catch him again? Have we ever defeated Cao Cao in the future? "
Feng was silent for a "difficult"
Li Shimin asked again, "Do we have a chance to let Cao Caochen?"
Phoenix was silent for an "almost impossible"
Li Shimin sneered, "Since it is impossible to accept it, killing Cao Cao once and for all will have to deal with an almost invincible enemy in the future."
Feng laughed. "Is that why you want to kill Cao Cao? Are you afraid of Cao Cao? This is not good. We know all the plots in the Three Kingdoms and there is no need to be afraid of Cao Cao. "
Li Shimin growled, "I’m not afraid of him. I’m worried that something will go wrong in the future. No one knows what will happen when the plot changes."
Phoenix laughed. "You’re really not afraid of him. You’re really afraid of cabbage. You’re afraid that he will accept Cao Cao in the future. Once these two big males come together, it’s really big trouble."
Li Shimin cold hum a "afraid of him? It’s a joke. Although the flag-raising army is strong, it’s not afraid of him. Besides, Cao Cao doesn’t want to accept it, so I can accept it. I don’t want to spend my energy on dealing with Cao Cao and reunifying the Han Dynasty as soon as possible, which is beneficial to all of us. Without Cao Cao, our reunification will be much easier. "
Feng laughed. "Not necessarily. With Cao Cao dead and Liu Bei and Sun, are you sure to deal with them?"
Li Shimin said, "Kill them all as soon as possible before the plot changes. I don’t believe they have nine lives."
Phoenix sighed, "If you kill Cao Cao without land, not only heaven and man will be your enemy, but also cabbage, purple sword and purple rose will pave a sunny road. In fact, whether you kill or not will ultimately benefit from the three of them. One of them is too powerful for us. Forget it. Do what you want. Our dark alliance will remain neutral."
Feng waved his hand and took back the ribbon of the sword, and left with Huang and his men.
Looking at Cao Cao with a sword, Li Shimin is equal to killing him for cabbage. It will be a disaster if he is not killed in the future. It will be a great trouble if he is collected by one of the three of them.
When Li Shimin hesitated, Fang Yu left with the chivalrous alliance. He didn’t want to get involved, which was not good for him. At this time, he was in Tiance House and some other onlookers.
Grandma killed clean.
Li Shimin took a malicious sword to stab Cao Cao, who hurriedly dodged. Suddenly, his head came back to scream. Li Shimin rushed to the side to avoid a pike and slammed into the ground. More than a foot later, the soil splashed out.
Li Shimin surprised out in a cold sweat. If this shot is solid, it will feel better.
"Little thief, don’t hurt my Lord!"
When Xia Houdun rode in, he glared at the players and drank violently, which scared them to retreat. Xia Houyuan followed closely and led dozens of riders to fly. Xia Houdun was braver than Hua Xiong. Li Shimin saw that the tide was over and fled the players and disappeared into the wilderness like a whirlwind.
Xia Houdun flew. "Your late arrival has frightened you."
Cao Cao’s face turned to dust and watched the players disappear. He said with a calm face, "Don’t be polite. It’s very close to Xu Rongjun. We’ll get out of this hellhole as soon as possible and deal with them later."
The seventh volume levy day Chapter 51 Alliance split
On this day, two major events caused a sensation in the whole game forum. The first thing was that the leader of Zhanqi Army killed the leader of Xianjian Army, Zijian Donglai, and the decree fell into the hands of Zhanqi Army. The second thing was that Li Shimin, the leader of Tiance House, killed Cao Hong and attempted to assassinate Cao Cao.
The national decree has come to be a must in the Tiger Prison War. atrix did not surprise everyone, and the fierce fighting scene between cabbage and Zijian Donglai was also recorded and became a classic that was difficult to reproduce.
But what everyone didn’t expect was that Li Shimin was so bold that he just signed a special NPC protection treaty not long ago. He turned against Cao Cao and almost made the most important person in the Three Kingdoms disappear. His actions caused dissatisfaction and protests from almost all players, but even so, he also pushed him to the forefront of public opinion and became a super leader. At one time, he surpassed Purple Rose to catch up with Purple Sword East.
As soon as the two men returned to the Zhanqi Army Camp, they immediately called all the troops to leave. Before they died, silence, Nangong Eagle and others were born again and fled together. The imperial seal of the country must be exhausted. It is not that players will try their best to snatch the imperial seal. If the princes know it, they will also dare not stay for a moment.
Other rebel forces of all stripes also dare not stay and make Sun Jian unhappy. At this time, Cao Caojun also hurried to catch the player. Rebel forces killed him, Cao Hong. If the rebel forces were released like this, would he still be Cao Cao?
I knew something was wrong. The 10-Route Rebels jumped up in panic and fled for their lives. Yuan Shao didn’t know what had happened, so he advised them not to stop and let them go.
Sun Jianjun chased the players’ camp and left the kittens. Three or two people had already gone somewhere. Yuan Shao asked Sun Jian what they had stolen a treasure, but he didn’t know exactly what it was. Yuan Shao didn’t take it to heart.
The next day, Cao Cao went back to Luoyang to find all the rebel troops, and all of them ran away. Yuan Shao asked about the surprise. It’s outrageous that the rebel army actually assassinated one of its own generals. No wonder these rabbits ran so fast that it turned out to be a big disaster.
Cao Cao was so depressed that he thought it would be no good to stay here, so he led the army to Yangzhou.
Gong Sunzan vilified Yuan Shao in front of Liu, Zhang and others, saying, "Yuan Shao’s children can’t we find another way to get in and out? Come back with me and I’ll give you an official to make you happy?"
Liu Bei was overjoyed. "Yeah, that’s great. I’ve long wanted to be a small official. Bogui, you are really my second parents!"
Gong Sunzan said modestly, "It’s nothing. Let’s go, bro."
Gongsun Zan’s army rose to the plain and made Liu Bei’s plain train the army in his own defensive position.
Liu Dai, the satrap of Yanzhou, borrowed food from Qiao Huan, the satrap of Xiangdong County. Qiao Huan has food, but why should he lend it to Liu Dai? So he refused to give it, but I didn’t expect that Liu Dai suddenly led an army into Qiao Xuan camp at night to kill Qiao Xuan, who slept like a dead pig and surrendered his hand.
Yuan Shao saw that everyone was walking around and his heart was dim. He led the troops away from Luoyang and went to the east. The ten-way princes and ten-way rebel alliance broke the anti-Dong Zhuo alliance and fell apart. The first scene of the Three Kingdoms came to an end.
The plot of Sun Jianjun’s battle for the imperial seal with Liu Biaojun was not triggered, and the war between Sun and Liu was not triggered after the two families kept peace.
A large group of flag-raising troops rushed to Jingzhou Road and met several disguised players. Several people, such as former servants, couldn’t be killed, but left the group halfway and quietly rushed to Wudang Mountain.
Zhanqi Army fought its way out and returned to Xiangyang City, Jingzhou, claiming to the players that it had put the imperial seal in the warehouse of the headquarters. Before the fall of the headquarters, it could be guaranteed that the whole Jingzhou territory was within the sphere of influence of Zhanqi Army, and other sects tried to get involved. It was difficult for other players to seize the imperial seal.
The next day, A Cai and others held a grand celebration ceremony in Xiangyang to celebrate the fruitful achievements of the flag-raising army in Luoyang, and at the same time promulgated a large number of preferential measures conducive to commerce, manufacturing and materials to further enhance the reputation and status of the flag-raising army in the hearts of players.
Zijian Donglai angrily returned to Jianye to prepare for a large-scale attack on the flag-raising army occupying the Yangtze River, but was persuaded by other heads of Xianjian Army to be patient. Zijian Donglai had to endure this tone and feel at ease to develop in Jianye and avoid the flag-raising army to develop and expand trade in Yangzhou Huaihe River area.
The forces of the Purple Rose Devil’s Army are vast and sparsely populated in the northern Great Wall. With the powerful magic door force, after the people outside the Great Wall can compete with her and return to the Great Wall, she is ready to expand her forces to the eastern region. The main cavalry of the Devil’s Army is all daunting.

I glanced at the scattered equipment on the ground, and the blue sky was somewhat distressed because the belt was too small. Although the blue sky had changed into a black rhinoceros suit and a black rhinoceros belt, the blue sky also brought so many equipment. Finally, when it was good for nearly an hour, some equipment with poor attributes was thrown in place.

I had a stretch, and the blue sky looked at myself wearing mutant gloves, thinking that anyway, the horse master competition was coming soon. Now I don’t want to put two inlays in it. I thought I would do it with the blue sky, and took out several inlays after entering the game and carefully picked them up.
Finally, I chose to go to the blue sky and chose the colorful snake king card and the giant king mutation card I just played.
Colorful snake king card mosaic card toxicity increased by %13, attack increased by %13, defense increased by %13, and the level was 2.
Giant King Mutation Card can be inlaid with card fury. Add %1, increase the rage success rate by %5, increase the mosaic success rate by %5, and the level requires 26 levels.
But at this moment, the blue sky also hesitated, wondering if this card could be put directly into the glove card slot.
"It’s not that it’s no big deal for mom to set it old, and then hit it a few times."
The colorful snake king card is seven colors. Although the blue sky is not very interested in this colorful thing, the blue sky is too lazy to care so much because its gloves can be inlaid with more powerful attributes. When the blue sky carefully inserts the giant king variation card into the variation glove, the glove instantly emits a series of strange and dazzling blood-red rays. The blue sky is stunned and then hears the unified tone.
You successfully started the mosaic percentage. When the mosaic success rate is full, your mosaic weapon success system will reward you with 1 point of hope and 1 point of luck.
The blue sky suddenly cheered for a moment, and the blue sky looked up for a moment. The attack of its own gloves with different unnamed gloves increased by %1, and the rampage increased by %2. The success rate of rampage increased by %15, and it increased by %15. A card can also be inlaid after successful mosaic.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
It’s the blue sky. I can’t figure out what’s going on with this rage. Finally, I feel a chill at the thought of the giant king’s variation. I thought this so-called rage wouldn’t be like the giant king’s variation.
After taking out the colorful snake king card, the blue sky couldn’t help thinking about Bingbing, wondering if this card would be very beautiful if it was embedded in the Bingbing tian hu suit. But in the end, the blue sky thought about Bingbing again, just like treating itself, it couldn’t help but give a sneer, and it was even more powerful to insert the card into the glove.
A flash of colorful light once again shows that you have successfully started the mosaic. When the mosaic success rate is full, your mosaic weapon success system will reward you with 1 hope value.
At this time, the glove attribute attack increased by %2, defense increased by %1, rage increased by %2, rage success rate increased by %15, and toxicity increased by %1.
Please name the weapon after it is inlaid.
"Variation gloves" freely in the blue sky, and when the blue sky casually named itself and felt a little inappropriate, a girl chuckled behind the blue sky.
The blue sky turned quickly, and suddenly her eyes turned into two big ones. At the same time, I thought that this girl was really beautiful. Looking at this girl’s blue eyes and blue sky, I couldn’t help but feel lost.
The girl smiled and said, "I have beautiful eyes. Many people think so. Why did you change your gloves to such an ugly name?"
Blue sky came to her senses and said excitedly, "Is it ugly? What kind of name should I give?"
The girl sat down beside the blue sky and curled her mouth and said, "What is not a beautiful glove?"
Blue sky one leng corners of the mouth twitched slightly, thinking that this girl wouldn’t have a problem with her head. That girl with such a name didn’t want to talk back quickly after watching the blue sky expression and said, "Call it red and colorful gloves, okay?"
The blue sky feels extremely depressed.
The girl touched the small nose and remembered that it didn’t matter, but it really killed her.
"Call rhinoceros gloves …"
"That’s called the one-eyed giant glove …"
"Stop!" The blue sky can’t help but say
The girl embarrassedly touched her blushing little face and then carefully looked at the blue sky, only to find that the blue sky was secretly watching her. The girl in the blue skirt looked down and couldn’t help but be stunned. Then her face turned red and the horse withdrew, revealing her white and tender thighs.
Blue sky looked back awkwardly and said, "I have finished naming it, but now I can’t change it, so I call it variation gloves."
"Oh!" The girl came together and said, "You are amazing. One person can kill so many monsters. Will you let me follow you?"
Blue sky turned his head and looked at the girl in front of him in astonishment, then pointed to himself and said, "Why do you want to follow me?"
The girl blushed and curled her lips and said, "Because I have decided that you are mine."
Blue sky suddenly opened her mouth and looked at the girl in front of her in disbelief. Then she stammered, "Are you sure you think so?"
The girl nodded seriously, but after seeing the blue sky looking at her eyes, she quickly stepped back and said, "But don’t you do bad things to me."
Blue sky stood up and said solemnly, "Do you think I am you and I am you? You know, a man like me is hard to find now. If you want to get my heart, it is absolutely impossible."
The girl opened her mouth wide and her eyes wide. It took a long time before she said, "How do you know I want your heart? I didn’t tell you."
Blue sky has some headaches, and I wonder if this girl really has a problem with her head, but after a closer look at this girl, Blue Sky still thinks that this girl is absolutely rare. How can a beautiful girl give up like this? Finally, Blue Sky simply fights with this girl.
"You are a little narrow-minded. I am not white. You want to get my heart and let me listen to you, aren’t you? If you are strong with me, you can get my body but not my heart." The blue sky said such shameful words, and the girl turned red after listening to the blue sky, and let out a long scream at the blue sky, then turned and ran away to blink and disappeared.
The blue sky got up and wait for a while looked at the girl and ran to the distance. The figure could not help but shake his head and sigh, "Is it because I understand it wrong or is there something wrong with the girl’s body and head?"
(End of volume)
The sixth volume Master Competition
The first chapter is such a beautiful woman
The blue sky returned to Adventure City, and according to the usual practice, it generously sold the equipment department and put some money into the Star Bank. When the blue sky once again entered the black rhinoceros territory, the scattered equipment in the territory was gone, and at the same time, a large black rhinoceros was re-painted in the territory.
As usual, the blue sky has long been hiding in the giant trees, and the snow bird has attracted hundreds of black rhinoceroses to play with these black rhinoceroses who know how to run around the ground. At the same time, because the snow bird is fast enough, when the snow bird attracts a black rhinoceros from one place, the black rhinoceros from another place has also chased the snow bird in groups. Suddenly, the two groups of rhinoceros violently collided with each other. What’s more, the blue sky made the snow bird attract the black rhinoceros from all sides and disoriented the black rhinoceros in the huge whirlwind of the snow bird, and the black rhinoceros also collided head to head.

The streamer dared not approach the snake, and the sea water was sucked into a huge whirlpool. She was far away, and the sea water was sucked away as if it were guided.

Dark clouds covered the sky, and the downpour suddenly started. Suddenly, there was a silver snake in the cloud and it split straight into the whirlpool. The silver snake appeared in an instant, and the ferocious shape of the snake was reflected in the morning.
Snake level 5? ? ? /? ? ?
It’s reading a bar to fix this progress bar, and it’s moving very slowly, bit by bit
Can’t let it read this article!
Time flies to turn the snake into a demon, but she is told to make it "how to fight this? I will go!" " It’s a problem that everyone knows how to get close to each other by reading an interruption.
The small wooden basin where she was sitting drifted into the whirlpool, and she rowed out hard and looked back at the whirlpool to figure out which position to take off and fall on the snake body more easily.
A series of days of lightning will shine the sea and sky in front of the huge body of the snake, and the time is so small.
When the egrets came out of the clouds to chat with each other, their lovesickness turned to ashes. One, two, three groups all went to Longxing Cliff to find Xunxun-how could it be that the only luminous body in Longxing Cliff could not be seen?
"My mom’s boss has no place to stay!"
"Look, there seems to be a man there!"
Looking down one of the members’ hands, there was another lightning strike, and the huge body of the Haihua snake occupied the eye. However, if you look closely at the edge of the whirlpool, there was a small wooden basin floating with the waves, and there was a person struggling to row it out.
"It’s easy to fight, but he can’t attack the snake at all. It’s too far away to attack."
"The roots can’t do it!" The lightning frequency is dense, the waves in the sea are turbulent and the acacia turns to ash. The members shouted in shock. The waves rushed head-on and the waves were higher than the man in the tub. This will definitely overturn people into the sea. The vortex attraction is so terrible that it will definitely appear at the resurrection point before long.
Sure enough, after the waves beat, the small tub was quickly sucked into the whirlpool, and the man disappeared.
"It’s not a good idea to find a way to pull the snake over there and make it motionless." After observing the peach blossom for a long time, the members said that he listened and saw the snake now. It was born and suspended in half like absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon
Longxing cliff sent a white light to the array, and several teams bought maps. Players came running to see the Haihua snake and rowed to the sea without saying a leaf boat. I don’t know if the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers or confident and prepared.
"Sihai, can you pull it over?" The unknown asked, but his eyes were fixed on the players who had just entered the sea. After they approached the whirlpool, the whole boat was slaughtered like a duckweed by the waves. It didn’t take long for the boat to fall apart. After a minute, the players appeared at the resurrection point of Longxing Cliff.
"It’s strange that the first person in the sea hasn’t appeared at the resurrection point yet. Is he scared and forced to drop the line?"
"Ant, I want you to taste the taste of offending my anger!" The snake’s painful long roar almost pierced the eardrum of Longxing Cliff players.
"How can someone really close to the snake! ?” to be continued
Ps cup is not feeling well today, and it’s a better day today.
96 risk challenge
"Hey, I finally interrupted you to read the article." The snake’s tail with a pike streamer grabbed the pike and smiled proudly.
She swung like a swing, grabbed the pike, rolled over to the snake, and then pulled it away.
Repairing the reading bar interrupted the snake’s roar and quickly went into a state of madness. She saw the square vortex. Previously, she was able to paddle a small wooden basin to make waves. Now the speed of the vortex is accelerating, as if it were natural that the meat grinder swept away and swallowed everything. She accidentally slipped and fell for a second, and she was sent back to the resurrection point.
That attack will not cause fatal damage to the snake. Streamer interrupts the reading skill, repairs the reading, stops it, and the blood volume is generously presented to Streamer.
10 thousand blood!
Breathe in time.
The snake got angry and finally moved as everyone wanted.
"Move it moved fighters to rob hatred! Quick! " The song is full of peach blossoms and great joy
"It’s so difficult to grow up …" Guild fighters said it was difficult that they had to attack in close quarters to get hatred, but the snake was far from them.
The snake churned and circled in the middle, and hit the tide. The sea water hit the streamer, causing her a lot of harm. While swallowing the blood pill, she went around the blind spot of the snake’s visual angle to help it scale up.
The snake-man-faced leopard has two wings and a snake-like sound, such as yelling for water.
It should be considered that snakes attacking three inches should be more effective than attacking other places
She greeted the snake every step of the way. Although she hasn’t been able to kill 1% of the snake’s health, the snake was interrupted by the streamer to absorb the aura of heaven and earth, and she was repeatedly provoked and violated its majesty. debuff—— appeared-the attack increased by 3% and the damage defense decreased by 1%.