"I …" Annie looked at the only light leaking from the zenith for the last time.

Little sensen, you …
Big cheat
"May …"
"Don’t want to! ! !”
"She doesn’t want to! ! !” In the huge city, the small trident, which was in hand, struggled to kill the little one, and finally revealed its true face at this moment.
Its blue skin and fish-like body show its alien identity.
It is the last Kaima blind Jack’s best friend Fitz from the deep sea.
Fitz roared with anxiety and anger when she heard the girl answer on the screen.
Because it knows that girl is blind Jack’s favorite girl.
How can you stand your best friend girl being snatched away in front of your face?
This is not what a friend should do.
So it roared hard, and it wanted to attract the girl’s attention.
It’s going to tell her they’re coming. Blind Jack has come to save her.
But it knows that its voice is too low. That’s not enough. It needs the power of the sea! ! !
So it ruthlessly inserted the trident in its hand into the ground, and it whispered "Akana egil Ned" like chanting a spell.
Akana egil Nilde is the king of the Seven Seas, also known as Poseidon.
It is calling for the power of Poseidon! ! !
In an instant, the whole air was filled with a strong smell of sea.
The huge waves roared, and the trident, which was deeply inserted into the center of the earth, swept all the way towards the whole war college. Finally, a newly dug war canal outside the city rolled up the original calm river.
A moment-
"Dragon shark! ! !”
"Boom-"is like a giant cannon roaring and surging, and a fish head as huge as a hill suddenly rushes out of the water.
It broke through the fragile riverbank with its mouth open, which once bit off God’s arm, and wrapped in surging waves, and crossed the wasteland outside the city, and ruthlessly installed it on the wall that it claimed would never be broken.
"Boom-"The huge power hit the so-called unbreakable wall and made a frightening groan.
It was like the end of the world when the waves went straight to the head of the city
"Don’t promise him! ! !” Fitz finally make every effort to shout
That’s all it can do. Get it …
Dzmz in the city center rang, too. It was Sacco.
He is looking down at the earth from a tall spire.
Everyone is trying their own way to stop this absurd wedding.
"Did you hear that?"
Although it is not far away, it is screaming and fighting.
But it’s like being with them
This group of people is calm in the corner of the city as if they are not in the same world as those on the other side.
Each of them covered his face and breathed in silence.
Like waiting for something to come.
"The bell rang." No one answered the question. Finally, the person who came with the questioner answered the sentence.
He comes from heaven and is called Casadin or Marzaha.