"I …" Annie looked at the only light leaking from the zenith for the last time.

Little sensen, you …
Big cheat
"May …"
"Don’t want to! ! !”
"She doesn’t want to! ! !” In the huge city, the small trident, which was in hand, struggled to kill the little one, and finally revealed its true face at this moment.
Its blue skin and fish-like body show its alien identity.
It is the last Kaima blind Jack’s best friend Fitz from the deep sea.
Fitz roared with anxiety and anger when she heard the girl answer on the screen.
Because it knows that girl is blind Jack’s favorite girl.
How can you stand your best friend girl being snatched away in front of your face?
This is not what a friend should do.
So it roared hard, and it wanted to attract the girl’s attention.
It’s going to tell her they’re coming. Blind Jack has come to save her.
But it knows that its voice is too low. That’s not enough. It needs the power of the sea! ! !
So it ruthlessly inserted the trident in its hand into the ground, and it whispered "Akana egil Ned" like chanting a spell.
Akana egil Nilde is the king of the Seven Seas, also known as Poseidon.
It is calling for the power of Poseidon! ! !
In an instant, the whole air was filled with a strong smell of sea.
The huge waves roared, and the trident, which was deeply inserted into the center of the earth, swept all the way towards the whole war college. Finally, a newly dug war canal outside the city rolled up the original calm river.
A moment-
"Dragon shark! ! !”
"Boom-"is like a giant cannon roaring and surging, and a fish head as huge as a hill suddenly rushes out of the water.
It broke through the fragile riverbank with its mouth open, which once bit off God’s arm, and wrapped in surging waves, and crossed the wasteland outside the city, and ruthlessly installed it on the wall that it claimed would never be broken.
"Boom-"The huge power hit the so-called unbreakable wall and made a frightening groan.
It was like the end of the world when the waves went straight to the head of the city
"Don’t promise him! ! !” Fitz finally make every effort to shout
That’s all it can do. Get it …
Dzmz in the city center rang, too. It was Sacco.
He is looking down at the earth from a tall spire.
Everyone is trying their own way to stop this absurd wedding.
"Did you hear that?"
Although it is not far away, it is screaming and fighting.
But it’s like being with them
This group of people is calm in the corner of the city as if they are not in the same world as those on the other side.
Each of them covered his face and breathed in silence.
Like waiting for something to come.
"The bell rang." No one answered the question. Finally, the person who came with the questioner answered the sentence.
He comes from heaven and is called Casadin or Marzaha.

The body of the Chapter 60 Break the enemy’s plan

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All over the sky, flowers and rain flew in, and the food was surprised.
He clasped the sword with both hands, and with a wave of his hand, a strange cold Yin Xuan Qi and a domineering Yang Xuan Qi were poured into the sword from the left and right hands respectively.
Yin and Yang alternate rapidly, and the sword emits a hot red light and a cold white light, and the flowers and rain are gorgeous all over the sky, as if bees were diligent to pounce on it when they saw nectar.
A stunning Changhong crossed from the front, and all the flying needles were stuck to the sword.
"Ha ha ha ha is really wonderful."
A Cai looked up with a sword and laughed. His heart was so cool that the sword alternately produced strong magnetism at high temperature and low temperature, attracting all the flying needles.
The broken star and the four leaders around him came with confidence that the 100 pear blossom needles in the rainstorm would definitely hit the vegetable, but this sudden change surprised them and somehow they watched the flying needles sticking to the sword.
Broken stars pointed at him and shouted, "What is your black magic? So weird, "he was about to scold a person around him and quickly pulled his clothes." Wang, his sword is a magnet and can attract iron needles. "
Broken stars stay "ah-? Oh "
A Cai looked at the long sword and suddenly found some needles with strange colors. He carefully picked up a cow hair needle on the body of the sword to look at it carefully. As expected, the needle has a blue color. A Cai Qi asked, "Are you poisoned?"
"No, no, absolutely not! Tangmen stipulates that poisoning is not allowed in hidden weapons. How can we do such a thing? " Several leaders denied that there was a broken star for a while and didn’t speak.
A Cai said to the broken star, "So you are poisoned, aren’t you?" Broken star quickly denied, "I have never been poisoned. I have always hated poison."
"Oh, really? Then let me see who is poisoned. "
A dish laughed coldly, and the sword slammed at them. The ox hair needle stuck to the blade was stimulated by the force and dumped out, and a dozen of them.
"ah! Oh! "
The five of them hurriedly dodged, but they didn’t get stung by cattle hair. A strange itching sensation quickly spread to the body and handed it to the place where they were hit. The skin was black.
"Hey, hey, if any of you has an antidote, I won’t stop him, so if you don’t have an antidote, you can enjoy the taste of poisoning!"
Broken stars fell to the ground and looked at the vegetable and hated this person in my heart. It’s really disgusting. If you take out the antidote yourself, wouldn’t you admit that you are poisoned in hidden weapons? And even if you get rid of the poison, you still can’t escape death, but if you don’t get rid of it, it will greatly weaken the practice after the resurrection. What should we do now?
Broken stars saw a dart in front of them and grabbed it in their hands, saying, "Magic food is hard enough for you today, and I’ll fight you another day."
He gave his heart a hard stab "snow", and a blood flowed out, and the broken stars fell to the ground and died. This kind of death was killed by the net, and the loss after the resurrection was much smaller.
Cai Zheng didn’t expect him to die, but several other leaders didn’t hesitate to take out their weapons and touch the neck, and didn’t stop them from dying.
A Cai picked up a few things and exploded. There were no drawings of the heavy giant crossbow machine, but there was a small medicine bag that exploded from broken stars.
A vegetable twisted a little bit and spilled some black water on the wound where the corpse was poisoned, which immediately relieved some symptoms of poisoning. A vegetable sneered at me and said why you didn’t stay in Sichuan because you were afraid that your classmates would find you poisoned in hidden weapons! Tang Clan always thinks that hidden weapons is the best in the world and disdains poison. You openly violate the rules of the clan. Poisoning in hidden weapons naturally dares not stay near the sect for a long time.
When it’s white, A Cai folds the medicine bag and puts it in his backpack. He turns his head and looks at the hall idol. This is a sect symbol. The idol is destroyed, which means that the headquarters has fallen. Everything here will not be under unified protection, including the headquarters warehouse.
A Cai is holding a sword and drinking at the idol. One by one, the sword splits out a dazzling shock wave and rushes forward.
"Click" a neat crack extends from the head of the idol to the bottom, and then the whole idol collapses.
At this time, all the members of the Broken Star Gang received a unified voice indicating that the headquarters of the Broken Star Gang fell, and people were still in chaos outside, and the death rate was even faster.
Choi hurried to the side of the hall, where the headquarters warehouse was located. He hit the warehouse, where rows of hidden weapons and some sundries were rummaging around looking for the drawings of the heavy giant crossbow machine.
However, all kinds of drawings are more like making longbows and small launchers, but there is no heavy giant crossbow machine. I can’t find the drawings. I can’t give up the food. I also found five hundred and twenty pieces of silver in it. I’m afraid that his headquarters will not fall. After putting more than five hundred pieces of silver in the warehouse into my pocket, the east and the west will be confiscated.
I didn’t find anything special in the warehouse. A Cai brought the warehouse to the door of the hall, and the battle base had stopped outside.
Except for a small number of broken stars who helped players surrender, they were all killed. Excalibur League and Xiaoxiang military brothers are cleaning up the battlefield and recycling them, which can make weapons and enemies explode to win.
It snowed in the east and took the sword back to the sheath and went to Alai Hang. There were some scratches on his armor and several cracks in his cloak. Obviously, he was hit by a weapon once, but he was lucky and didn’t hurt his flesh.
Oriental snow came to the front of the dish and said, "Boss is really not interesting enough to let me fight myself outside and go inside to play."
A Cai came up the steps and said with a smile, "I’m not making conditions for you, are I?" You can’t let your hand say that you just play cool and don’t work! But this harvest is really not small and I found an interesting thing. "
Oriental snow looked up at the roof "you mean the big guy? Power is really good to scare people is absolutely enough. "
A Cai nodded. "Move it back to the camp to study and see if it can be made. If it can, we will earn enough today. If we occupy the whole city, this thing will have a good effect in guarding the city."
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The body of the Chapter sixty-one End of the first wave of attacks
Good news, good news, great news, good news, look at the most recent announcement.
Oriental snow listened to the dishes and said, "Do you want this thing to guard the city? But the problem is that our city can be defended. Is the boss already planning to capture the town? In that case, I’ll be the pioneer. "
A Cai shook his head and smiled. "Come on, we two estimates are not enough to guard. It is estimated that there are less than 10,000 soldiers in the small town, and it is impossible for many people to go to attack the big city."
It’s snowing in the east. "Then we can attack a small town. It’s good to have a place, so that we don’t have to let strangers look at Liu Biao’s face now."
When did the snow in the east become as interested in siege as the little bird? A Cai directly denied, "Absolutely not. Now, as soon as we attack the town, we will become the enemy of the Han Dynasty. A vassal force can attack us under the banner of eradicating rebellion. We will be cleaned up like the second Yellow Scarf Army. We must wait patiently."
The snow in the east asked, "When will it wait?"
A Cai is full of confidence, saying, "When the tiger prison fights against the 10-way warlord to invade Luoyang and attack Dong Zhuo, the forces in various places are empty. That is the most vulnerable time for the system and the best time for us players to start work. Even if we rebel, I am afraid no one will take care of it."
The snow in the east sighed, "but I’m afraid we have no chance at all!" "
A Cai wondered, "Why is there no chance?"
Dongfang Piaoxue explained, "These ten-way governors are all Eastern military leaders. Even if Sun Jian started from Dongwu, Liu Biaogan didn’t attend this conference and his army didn’t move. Where did we get the opportunity? Are we going to shift our main force to the Yellow River in the future? In that case, we don’t have to be busy in Jingzhou. Wouldn’t it be better to go directly to Yuan Shao’s territory to develop our power as early as possible? "
"Ha ha, the East also knows that analyzing the situation has made great progress! But the mountain man has his own trick that you can’t understand. "
"Fuck me like an idiot? I somehow also graduated from the National University of China. "Oriental Snow kicked me in the past but was easily flashed by Alai."
O food jumped around and blinked and smiled. "Ah, you are also a national university graduate! So you should be my junior. Which session did you graduate from? "
Oriental snow was surprised to look at the dish. "I graduated from the ninth session. Are you also a national university graduate?" No way. How can I not remember you after four years there? "
"I’m always a comprehensive graduate of the class of 97, but I’ve never been to school to study directly through distance learning, and it’s another name. It’s normal for you not to know me."
To put it simply, all disciplines should be integrated. If there is no need, there will be academic specialists in this world, and people who can’t be integrated are also needed. In addition to the National University of China, there are two famous schools that have set up this, one in America and one in Europe, to recruit a kind of students comprehensively-to be a genius after eating enough.
The comprehensive slogan is-you can’t be a freak unless you are delusional; The reason why non-rich people don’t accept it is very simple. This kind of graduates never work for them to do alternative things.
Oriental snow startled "are you a comprehensive freak graduate? Boss, I really admire you. Even this pervert can graduate. Boss is really incapable! "
A Cai hurriedly said, "Don’t be a freak. It’s too ugly. There are many comprehensive graduates, but there are only two in our league."
The snow in the east almost fell to the ground in surprise. "There are two more? Are we in a perverted camp here? Who are they? Tell me quickly. "