The war angel’s fighting power is too strong. For a moment, it seems like a lonely leaf in a sea wave. Was it that Xiao Ran was defeated by Michael? What is defeat equal to? That is, after so many ups and downs, death has rarely died, but will he survive this time?

"Blink" is trapped in the light of the sword, bare and suddenly explodes, suddenly disappears in the shadow of the sword, appears behind "Michael", and the blade of the god of war is inserted into his heart without stopping. That’s where angel heart is to destroy angel heart, and even the god of light will disappear in this world.
When Michael saw that the sword suddenly disappeared from the shadow, he knew that something was going on for a few seconds. He quickly closed his sword and took a quick step ahead without stopping. At the same time, the thin sword in his hand stabbed behind him from his armpit. All this was in his subconscious mind to tell him that the enemy was behind him.
But the sword he stabbed was bare in the throat. I didn’t expect Michael’s reaction to be so fast. If he continues to stab this sword in the throat, it will be mutually assured destruction. Whether this sword can kill Michael himself or not is still a question.
But Michael’s sword is enough to kill himself, which is lighter or heavier, bare, but the points are very light. In this instant, bare, he hurriedly stabbed the former God of War blade to the throat. After the deadly sword, Michael fought together for a while and could not tell you from me.
At this time, the battle of the heart war angel has lost its long-simmering forbidden spell-‘bone spear attacks the sky!’
And the party lost control of the spell and the bone spear attack broke out. The Pope finally failed to stop Xiao Ran, a terrible magic spear, and enveloped the whole city of light in this gloomy spell and magic. As a result, many players lost their lives, and even those np became sacrifices in this battle, which disappeared and never existed again.
And all this is caused by the player’s ambition. Without those ambitions, the player wants to occupy and plot the China area. All this may not have happened. There are not so many in the world. Maybe it happened. It is impossible to go back in time. The’ Light City’ is destined to be the victim of this war. Those players np are destined to face this catastrophe.
The city of light destroyed the city of light, and those players who died many times were assigned to the nearby cities to be reborn at the moment when the city of light was completely destroyed, but even so, the battle has not stopped, and fierce and earth-shattering battles are taking place at the site of the city of light.
In the dark clouds of’ Angel Wings’, a pair of light wings were used to generate a left-right potential attack, and the feathers of those light wings differentiated into several sharp-edged projectiles and no longer physically attacked Michael.
Bare, I didn’t expect that this bird man was not only terrible in melee ability, but also so terrible in magic. So bare has been seriously injured in several places, and several swords have been hit behind his chest. If it weren’t for his flexible posture, I’m afraid he would have been lying down by this time and never get up again.
"Hum, do you want to kill me by attacking like this?" Bare and cold-snorted in the light wing, facing the light wing without fear, the god of war blade conjured up a hundred swords and mangs and hit the light wing. At this time, he had forgotten that death would die faster if he looked back and forth in such a battle.
If you want to live, you can fight for survival in insurance, and angels are not happy. This arrival is not a physical arrival, which is greatly restricted. He is just a projection way to put part of his divine power into the body of the Pope, and now he is formed
If killing bare here is not as simple as crushing an ant, why will it take him so long to jump? Even so, bare is already in crisis. If there is no better way to go on for a long time, I’m afraid there will be some mistakes.
After an impact, the sky was full of energy fragments, bare and weak, and the body armor also appeared cracks. There was blood hanging on the corners of the mouth, and the blood could not stop ticking behind the front, bare and injured again.
On the other hand,’ Michael’ is much better, except that his wings are incomplete and his body is almost damaged. Michael looks at bare with some satisfaction in his eyes, as if he saw victory.
Compared with bare, a lot of strength also saw the gap. Michael looked at bare and smiled proudly. "I don’t think you should struggle. You’re dead … er, damn it … at this time … to the limit …!"
Before he could finish, Michael’s face showed a painful expression, and cracks appeared in his body. It turned out that Michael’s powerful energy collapsed just now because the Pope’s body could not bear the light.
After all, the Pope is a mortal body, where can he withstand the vigorous energy of the day? Even if he was baptized by the divine light when he arrived, he strengthened his body, but it was just better than ordinary people, and it was still far less powerful than the divine body.
At this time, because of the fierce battle with bare, the body has reached its limit. When Michael showed his bare wings, it finally became unbearable and damaged and collapsed. This is not that Michael wants to see the enemy fall at his own feet. This is what he says. He doesn’t want to see the result. He must be destroyed before his body collapses and returns to the gods.
Although bare didn’t know what was released, it was definitely an opportunity for him, so bare ignored the pain and made his best blow at the moment when Michael could not control his body.
"Dragon Violet", "Blink", "God of War Rage" and "Lay down your life for a blow" … Bare gave Michael a final blow with almost all available skills. After the dragon purple hit, he then flashed behind Michael, and God of War Rage turned into a giant sword and split bitterly.
Michael, regardless of his unstable body, quickly dodged the counterattack, but it was all too late and he was no longer in a state. Where could he bear the bare, crazy attack? The energy in his body was a little violent and uncontrollable, and the opportunity was lost by rushing to face it.
Bare, the stormy attack made Michael overwhelmed for a while, and the dragon purple exploded in Michael’s body, and the god of war cut off two of Michael’s twelve wings, but the most terrible blow was a fatal’ lay down one’s life’
The God of War stabbed Michael in the back of his chest as he wished, and shattered the angel of war’ angel heart’. However, Bare didn’t survive Michael’s last blow. Bare didn’t escape the weak effect after he hit it. Even if he turned into a god, he still couldn’t escape the weakness for five minutes. What’s more, the’ lay down one’s life’ was the cost of his life in exchange for a high attack, and there were few health values left.
And the angel of war’ Michael’ fought back desperately and struggled to dodge the angel of war’ Michael’ when he died, he felt a pain in his chest and saw Michael holding the sword from his chest and entering the rebirth channel through his eyes.
"Quack quack … you wait for me to come back, expecting to hurt you in World War I … quickly …!" The war angel’ Michael’ looked at the rebirth and didn’t know whether it was bitter or laughing. Finally, it also melted into pieces and dissipated in heaven and earth.
After the light, a corpse was lost in the city of light, which was the corpse of the Pope without soul. There will be no more light in this world. The Pope has achieved his goal and dedicated all of himself, including his soul … It is the worst death in history. A Pope doesn’t know whether he should be sad or he …!
Chapter 596 Godhead or Mog? ?
It’s been three years since bare died!
Earth-shaking changes have taken place in the king’s world. In the first world war, the angel’ Michael’ lost his wings and people completely lifted a new chapter in the king’s century. The’ God-Devil War’ entered a new era. Because of the bleak Michael War, the mystery of the gods was unveiled.
Demons have appeared in droves, and ghosts can be seen everywhere. Of course, the appearance is the primary images of ghosts and gods, and the high-level ghosts and gods have never been seen except the angels of the second arrival war. They are all low-level beasts or Warcraft, but their main opponents are not players …!
In this case, players love to see both the opportunity to play treasure and the opportunity to upgrade coke, but not!
The leader of Xuanyuan League in Xuanyuan City, China District is no longer bare, but Xu Tian is in charge. Is the Lord of Xuanyuan or is it bare and missing? This is something that all China players know, but even if bare and missing, Xuanyuan League is still very strong, and no one is worried about Xuanyuan League.
In the past three years, Xuanyuan League led the Central District gang to develop continuously and occupied thousands of cities in six countries, all of which were among the kings. One day three years ago, a mysterious player who couldn’t see his face suddenly appeared among the kings. Before each action, he would give Xuanyuan League a message to prepare them for receiving and indicate the coordinates.