The war angel’s fighting power is too strong. For a moment, it seems like a lonely leaf in a sea wave. Was it that Xiao Ran was defeated by Michael? What is defeat equal to? That is, after so many ups and downs, death has rarely died, but will he survive this time?

"Blink" is trapped in the light of the sword, bare and suddenly explodes, suddenly disappears in the shadow of the sword, appears behind "Michael", and the blade of the god of war is inserted into his heart without stopping. That’s where angel heart is to destroy angel heart, and even the god of light will disappear in this world.
When Michael saw that the sword suddenly disappeared from the shadow, he knew that something was going on for a few seconds. He quickly closed his sword and took a quick step ahead without stopping. At the same time, the thin sword in his hand stabbed behind him from his armpit. All this was in his subconscious mind to tell him that the enemy was behind him.
But the sword he stabbed was bare in the throat. I didn’t expect Michael’s reaction to be so fast. If he continues to stab this sword in the throat, it will be mutually assured destruction. Whether this sword can kill Michael himself or not is still a question.
But Michael’s sword is enough to kill himself, which is lighter or heavier, bare, but the points are very light. In this instant, bare, he hurriedly stabbed the former God of War blade to the throat. After the deadly sword, Michael fought together for a while and could not tell you from me.
At this time, the battle of the heart war angel has lost its long-simmering forbidden spell-‘bone spear attacks the sky!’
And the party lost control of the spell and the bone spear attack broke out. The Pope finally failed to stop Xiao Ran, a terrible magic spear, and enveloped the whole city of light in this gloomy spell and magic. As a result, many players lost their lives, and even those np became sacrifices in this battle, which disappeared and never existed again.
And all this is caused by the player’s ambition. Without those ambitions, the player wants to occupy and plot the China area. All this may not have happened. There are not so many in the world. Maybe it happened. It is impossible to go back in time. The’ Light City’ is destined to be the victim of this war. Those players np are destined to face this catastrophe.
The city of light destroyed the city of light, and those players who died many times were assigned to the nearby cities to be reborn at the moment when the city of light was completely destroyed, but even so, the battle has not stopped, and fierce and earth-shattering battles are taking place at the site of the city of light.
In the dark clouds of’ Angel Wings’, a pair of light wings were used to generate a left-right potential attack, and the feathers of those light wings differentiated into several sharp-edged projectiles and no longer physically attacked Michael.
Bare, I didn’t expect that this bird man was not only terrible in melee ability, but also so terrible in magic. So bare has been seriously injured in several places, and several swords have been hit behind his chest. If it weren’t for his flexible posture, I’m afraid he would have been lying down by this time and never get up again.
"Hum, do you want to kill me by attacking like this?" Bare and cold-snorted in the light wing, facing the light wing without fear, the god of war blade conjured up a hundred swords and mangs and hit the light wing. At this time, he had forgotten that death would die faster if he looked back and forth in such a battle.
If you want to live, you can fight for survival in insurance, and angels are not happy. This arrival is not a physical arrival, which is greatly restricted. He is just a projection way to put part of his divine power into the body of the Pope, and now he is formed
If killing bare here is not as simple as crushing an ant, why will it take him so long to jump? Even so, bare is already in crisis. If there is no better way to go on for a long time, I’m afraid there will be some mistakes.
After an impact, the sky was full of energy fragments, bare and weak, and the body armor also appeared cracks. There was blood hanging on the corners of the mouth, and the blood could not stop ticking behind the front, bare and injured again.
On the other hand,’ Michael’ is much better, except that his wings are incomplete and his body is almost damaged. Michael looks at bare with some satisfaction in his eyes, as if he saw victory.
Compared with bare, a lot of strength also saw the gap. Michael looked at bare and smiled proudly. "I don’t think you should struggle. You’re dead … er, damn it … at this time … to the limit …!"
Before he could finish, Michael’s face showed a painful expression, and cracks appeared in his body. It turned out that Michael’s powerful energy collapsed just now because the Pope’s body could not bear the light.
After all, the Pope is a mortal body, where can he withstand the vigorous energy of the day? Even if he was baptized by the divine light when he arrived, he strengthened his body, but it was just better than ordinary people, and it was still far less powerful than the divine body.
At this time, because of the fierce battle with bare, the body has reached its limit. When Michael showed his bare wings, it finally became unbearable and damaged and collapsed. This is not that Michael wants to see the enemy fall at his own feet. This is what he says. He doesn’t want to see the result. He must be destroyed before his body collapses and returns to the gods.
Although bare didn’t know what was released, it was definitely an opportunity for him, so bare ignored the pain and made his best blow at the moment when Michael could not control his body.
"Dragon Violet", "Blink", "God of War Rage" and "Lay down your life for a blow" … Bare gave Michael a final blow with almost all available skills. After the dragon purple hit, he then flashed behind Michael, and God of War Rage turned into a giant sword and split bitterly.
Michael, regardless of his unstable body, quickly dodged the counterattack, but it was all too late and he was no longer in a state. Where could he bear the bare, crazy attack? The energy in his body was a little violent and uncontrollable, and the opportunity was lost by rushing to face it.
Bare, the stormy attack made Michael overwhelmed for a while, and the dragon purple exploded in Michael’s body, and the god of war cut off two of Michael’s twelve wings, but the most terrible blow was a fatal’ lay down one’s life’
The God of War stabbed Michael in the back of his chest as he wished, and shattered the angel of war’ angel heart’. However, Bare didn’t survive Michael’s last blow. Bare didn’t escape the weak effect after he hit it. Even if he turned into a god, he still couldn’t escape the weakness for five minutes. What’s more, the’ lay down one’s life’ was the cost of his life in exchange for a high attack, and there were few health values left.
And the angel of war’ Michael’ fought back desperately and struggled to dodge the angel of war’ Michael’ when he died, he felt a pain in his chest and saw Michael holding the sword from his chest and entering the rebirth channel through his eyes.
"Quack quack … you wait for me to come back, expecting to hurt you in World War I … quickly …!" The war angel’ Michael’ looked at the rebirth and didn’t know whether it was bitter or laughing. Finally, it also melted into pieces and dissipated in heaven and earth.
After the light, a corpse was lost in the city of light, which was the corpse of the Pope without soul. There will be no more light in this world. The Pope has achieved his goal and dedicated all of himself, including his soul … It is the worst death in history. A Pope doesn’t know whether he should be sad or he …!
Chapter 596 Godhead or Mog? ?
It’s been three years since bare died!
Earth-shaking changes have taken place in the king’s world. In the first world war, the angel’ Michael’ lost his wings and people completely lifted a new chapter in the king’s century. The’ God-Devil War’ entered a new era. Because of the bleak Michael War, the mystery of the gods was unveiled.
Demons have appeared in droves, and ghosts can be seen everywhere. Of course, the appearance is the primary images of ghosts and gods, and the high-level ghosts and gods have never been seen except the angels of the second arrival war. They are all low-level beasts or Warcraft, but their main opponents are not players …!
In this case, players love to see both the opportunity to play treasure and the opportunity to upgrade coke, but not!
The leader of Xuanyuan League in Xuanyuan City, China District is no longer bare, but Xu Tian is in charge. Is the Lord of Xuanyuan or is it bare and missing? This is something that all China players know, but even if bare and missing, Xuanyuan League is still very strong, and no one is worried about Xuanyuan League.
In the past three years, Xuanyuan League led the Central District gang to develop continuously and occupied thousands of cities in six countries, all of which were among the kings. One day three years ago, a mysterious player who couldn’t see his face suddenly appeared among the kings. Before each action, he would give Xuanyuan League a message to prepare them for receiving and indicate the coordinates.

Although the previous storm caused Gao Jun to make many state-owned rich people deeply dissatisfied, the main players will always be ordinary fans. Therefore, Gao Jun’s joining Inter Milan, a world football giant with great influence in China, made his popularity soar to the point where people were former Inter fans. Those guys were even more happy. After they learned the news, they madly forwarded the results in major football forums and post bars, which naturally triggered N wars, and these guys finally stopped until the Olympic football match approached.

However, for a high-ranking soldier, joining Inter Milan took up his limited leisure time, except for the benefits. Think about how much time and energy he devoted to the Olympic team training after going to Inter Milan, because if he can’t play well in this Olympic Games, many plans will be greatly affected, even if they don’t go up in smoke. It is almost impossible for China’s national team to win the World Cup. To some extent, hosting the Olympic Games in China is the World Cup for fans! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and sixty The first battle of the Olympic Games
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On the day when Gao Jun decided to join Inter Milan, the head coach of the Olympic team, Clauchen, also announced the 22-member Olympic team’s entry list. Compared with the Asian Top 2 in the preliminaries, there were still two overage players, Yang Hao and Du Wei, who were the main players and substitutes respectively, and the number of players who had stayed in the Oriental team was as high as 15. This has made the Chinese media constantly exclaim that the "Oriental" talent is at its peak, which made them feel jealous of the dominance of the national football team "Oriental", even if they hated some football association leaders in their hearts.
When the Olympic team is tied again, there is still more than a month before the football match of the Beijing Olympic Games, so it is natural to arrange some warm-up matches. However, although the Olympic team no longer pretends to be the national team, the number of appearances and goals of Gao Jun’s national team has not continued to increase, but Gao Jun himself does not care much about it. After all, it is meaningless to brush up the data. It is much more important to play well in major competitions.
The preparation day is hard and full. More than a month has passed, and Crouchen has finally determined three sets of basic tactics and corresponding matches to deal with opponents and various common emergencies. Now he is more confident than ever that his China Olympic team can reach the top of the mountain and wait for the long-awaited Olympic Games.
At 19: 45 on February 7th, China Olympic Team was expected to welcome its first and weakest opponent, New Zealand Team, in Shenyang Olympic Sports Center. A good game will give a good start to the official opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, and only by scoring three points in this game can China team have a bright prospect of qualifying. Therefore, the head coach of the Olympic Team, Crouchen, did not hesitate to discharge his strongest team.
"Today, the China team started with a 343 attack formation. Obviously, Crouchen is determined to win this game. The striker No.9 sued Lin Ding at the front, and behind him is now the main striker of Arsenal. The trident formed by the three of them, Xie Wenjun and the team leader No.19 Gao Jun, is also the biggest reliance for China to play well in the Beijing Olympic Games." He Wei, the host of CCTV, who is responsible for broadcasting the game, said with great pride.
Guest Xu Yang also echoed, "Yes, Gao Jun is now recognized as the best player in the world. Once Gao Lin and Xiao Xie can also play as the main force and excellent strikers in the top five leagues, it is not inferior to Argentina, which is recognized as the strongest team in the men’s soccer competition in the Olympic Games. It is really worth our expectation that if we can’t deliver enough shells to the striker, it will still be difficult to play Belgium and Brazil with stronger strength even if we can win New Zealand by relying on the overall strength today."
"It depends on the performance of No.16 teenager Deng Zhuoxiang. It is no stranger to him to watch the fans in the Super League. This young man is very delicate and aura. He can often send out a dazzling shot in the game, and his long-range left foot and Italian ball skills are very good. However, Xiao Deng’s physical confrontation is not good, and he is afraid of being close to his body. But now there is a powerful front trident in front of the Olympic team to help him draw away the defensive force of the other side, which should be very helpful for him to play." He Weixiao continued to comment on the starting lineup of the China team.
Xu Yang added, "Behind Deng Zhuoxiang is the midfielder who has made rapid progress this season. Although Yang Hao looks a little thin and single-backed, he can often get a chance to play in Dynamo Dresden, a Bundesliga powerhouse, and his defensive ability is absolutely worthy of our full trust, and Yang Hao is not a purely defensive midfielder. His offensive ability is equally good, which can share Deng’s organizational pressure to some extent."
"China team has always been full of wingers, and now this China Olympic team seems to be no exception. Not only are there two wingers in the front line, but also two wingers in the midfield are equally outstanding. Although No.4 Hao plays more full-backs, he has always been good at attacking, not to mention Hao Junmin. Both of them are the main players of Dynamo Dresden this season, and their strength is beyond doubt. I believe they have the ability to tear up the New Zealand defense line." He Wei said that China’s strength suddenly appeared full of confidence.
Xu Yang, on the other hand, expressed a certain degree of concern about China’s putting three players in the back line. "No.3 Zhao, No.21 Yu Hai and No.5 Feng Xiaoting are all very powerful players, but is it a bit too risky to make the three-guard formation in such an important game as the Olympic Games?" I hope it’s Crouchen’s goal to take New Zealand, the weakest opponent in the group, as soon as possible and adopt targeted tactics. "
The whistle has sounded in the two-person talk competition. The New Zealand team, as always, was rude and quickly made the China team upset, causing tens of thousands of China fans to yell at it in the stands. However, this game was not the Premier League but also the home of China, so the New Zealand team quickly got two yellow cards, which made them more cautious in physical confrontation. As a result, the China team quickly formed an overwhelming advantage in the scene.
However, it was not easy for New Zealand team’s director of the restricted area, such as Lin China, to get a good chance to score a goal. It was not until the seventh minute that the China Olympic team finally created a really threatening opportunity. Hao Junminli’s excellent personal skills broke into the restricted area from the right and then knocked the ball back into the middle of the road to outflank it. Deng Zhuoxiang met the ball near the arc top of the restricted area and angrily shot it. Unfortunately, the opposing goalkeeper incredibly flew the ball out of the crossbar, and then the corner kick was defended by a bunch of tall players of New Zealand team and failed to form an attack.
Xu Yang, a guest, couldn’t help frowning slightly when he looked at the situation that the Olympic offensive was too fierce and the New Zealand team formation was too flat, but it was better to take it back properly.
However, instead of recycling the formation, the boys of the Olympic team in the field oppressed the central defender even more severely. In fact, Yu Hai, a free man, frequently intervened in the attack, which created great pressure for the New Zealand team. This will give the opponent a chance to fight back. However, the China Olympic team did a good job of fighting back on the spot after the high position and losing the ball in this game. Even if the ball was broken, it would be difficult for the New Zealand team to immediately force the ball to the frontcourt, at most forcing the China team to foul and changing it to a meaningless one. The quick counterattack of the ball in the backcourt could not be played out.
Although English-style teams generally have poor ball control skills, and the players in the middle and backcourt are generally big and slow, it is easy to get results if they are well organized. However, China fans in the stands rarely see China’s advantage in the scene so great that they are all greatly encouraged. They are more active in cheering for the team, and they are almost hoarse.
The advantage of oppressive play is that it can dominate the game, but the goal is often dependent on the opponent’s mistakes because of the smaller attack. Even if the New Zealand players know this, some people can’t bear the great mental pressure and inevitably make fatal mistakes after being beaten by the China Olympic team for more than 3 minutes.
In the 32nd minute, facing the China team, as many as three people crowded around and couldn’t find the ball route. A New Zealand defender consciously returned the ball, but there were some problems in the ball route. Gao Jun suddenly cut the ball at a high speed like an arrow. This time, the ball became a single knife and then calmly crossed the New Zealand goalkeeper’s header and scored the first goal of China football in the Olympic Games. China finally knocked on the turtle shell of New Zealand, leading 1!
"This goal is such a big advantage as a key scene. If you can’t score for a long time, the Olympic team is likely to become more and more impatient. As soon as the goal is scored, the mentality will stabilize," said the host He Wei happily
The guest Xu Yang also smiled, "Yes, and after we are in the lead, the New Zealand team can’t continue to defend itself like this. As soon as they come out, our chances will be much more than before!"
The goal Gao Jun pointed to the sky with both hands and was quite happy. Although the gold content of this goal was not high, it gave China Olympic team a good start in the Beijing Olympic Games. Moreover, Gao Jun’s first goal in the Olympic Games, which scored in China today, once again set a new historical record, and tens of thousands of China fans in the stands were well aware of this. They shouted Gao Jun’s name to pay tribute to him. At the same time, many people were not satisfied with the one-goal lead, for example, shouting "China team 2-0!"
One goal behind New Zealand may be due to the fact that there are still many things in the game that are not in a hurry to get back the score, so there is no horse to press the counterattack, but New Zealanders did not expect that they moved the formation forward a little bit and let China find the opportunity.
In the third minute, Hao received Gao Jun’s ball and set it in the bottom of the side to tell Lin Tou that the ball was in place again. Deng Zhuoxiang didn’t have a chance to volley the ball in the restricted area line this time and rewrote the score again! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Easy victory
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"World wave! This is definitely a world wave! Little Deng Jin made meritorious deeds with his left foot! This foot volley is very beautiful! " He Wei cried excitedly when he saw the goal.
The guest Xu Yang’s expression was completely relaxed. "After the goal was scored, there was no suspense in the game. Even if the New Zealand team was two goals behind, it had to press out and attack on a large scale."
There are indeed many New Zealand players who think so, but there are still a few left at halftime, and many New Zealand players want to stay until the end of halftime, so it is inevitable that the New Zealand team will be out of touch before and after. However, the China Olympic team will be discharged in this game with a 3-striker formation, and Deng Zhuoxiang’s position is also very high. Once the New Zealand team is out of touch before and after, the number of defense lines will suddenly be less than that of China’s front trident, which is far more powerful than its opponents. The four-man team from the East team skillfully cooperates with each other, and many New Zealand teams’ defense lines
In the 42nd minute, just over 3 minutes before a goal was scored, Deng Zhuoxiang sent a foot a few meters away from the arc top of the restricted area, which was as accurate as a scalpel. The teenager Xie Wenjun took his long legs and crossed the entire guard line of New Zealand in a few steps to form a single knife. Although the New Zealand goalkeeper attacked for a long time, Xie Wenjun blocked Xie Wenjun’s shooting angle, but Xie Wenjun did not follow the ball horizontally and calmly. Gao Jun easily pushed the ball into the goalkeeper field near the back post, and the score expanded again by 3!
"We trident outbursts the New Zealand team to resist! Xiao Deng was beautiful, and Xiao Xie handled the ball calmly with Gao Jun. After I saw his figure, I knew that there was no suspense in scoring. "He Wei praised the outstanding performance of the players on the China team with a big smile.
Xu Yang, a guest, couldn’t help feeling that the strength of these young people has grown rapidly. "I finally want to pose a 343 formation that seems to have great defects because he has high trust in the trident ability of the front line and hopes to guide their strongest firepower!"
Because he was three goals ahead at half-time, Crouchen decided to replace Xie Wenjun at halftime. Now his strength is very strong, but his endurance is not very good because of the high proportion of white muscles and his young age. The tight schedule of the Olympic Games still needs to reduce the physical waves
Crouchen wanted to change the martial arts king, to let him feel the atmosphere of the Olympic Games, and to consider his characteristics as a team with English style in New Zealand, but he soon gave up the idea that "the secret weapon should not be exposed too early, and his physique is likely to be injured if it is invaded by a tall and strong New Zealand player. Now that the game has been won, it is better not to take risks."
In the end, Crouchen sent him. He didn’t like the Oriental table very much. Although it was small, even now, it was still unique, but his speed, dribbling and shooting ability were good. He was quite good in quick counterattack, and he was in good physical fitness. He paid more attention to playing against the Belgian league for a long time and was not afraid of New Zealand’s rough play.
As a result, Dong Fang really made meritorious service after the game. In the 17th minute of the half-court, Hao left and nodded the ball behind Dong Fang’s table and broke the goal of New Zealand, which completely destroyed the consciousness of New Zealand winning a few minutes ago when someone was red-carded and played one less player. China stopped playing and slowed down the pace of the game, and finally kept the score of 4 to the end. The Olympic team made a good start. After the game, Gao Jun scored two goals in the field, and accepted an interview with CCTV.
"First of all, congratulations to the Olympic team for winning the first Olympic Games. Although the strength of the New Zealand team was recognized as the bottom of the group before the game, it was able to win by four goals. I think the fans in China should be very satisfied. In addition, congratulations to you for scoring twice in today’s game. Although it may be normal in your own opinion, haha, are you more confident about the success of this Olympic Games after this game is easily brought?" Responsible for the live broadcast of Zhang Bin’s congratulations to Gao Jundao with a smile on his face.