It is also a headache to hear Victoria Christian say such things. My daughter is so sexual that she doesn’t know how to cherish herself. Even if the opposite Lin Ze is really dark, waiting for the dark king to paint the night, it shouldn’t be so defenseless, right?

"That we should support Lin Ze or just remain neutral? This is really a difficult choice. "
The dark clan patriarch finally asked Victoria this question. He is also a member of the neutral camp, and it is normal to consult the most determined neutrals.
However, Victoria’s response to lacquer ink is somewhat beyond the imagination of lacquer ink.
"It’s not what choice we have to make, but what choice you have to make. Our Christian clan has always been a neutral. No matter whether Lin Ze can become the king of the dark clan, our Christian clan has nothing to lose. The most important thing is you. You are the highest decision-maker of the Lacquer clan. Most of the Lacquer clan are looking for the king’s approval faction, and your daughter is so close to the king. Even if you are really a neutral old Hurlington, you won’t think so?"
After hearing Victoria’s words, Qi Mo fell silent and confirmed that he was a neutral. Most people in the dark clan did not believe that Qi Ling clan had always supported the king’s camp. If Lin Ze was not recognized by the dark clan, the status of Qi Ling clan in the dark clan would be greatly threatened, and it would probably be replaced by Dax clan. This is the highest decision-maker of Qi Ling clan. Qi Mo absolutely does not want to see it.
When I think of my daughter, lacquer ink, who has been bathed in the spirit pool and has become a king-level filmmaker, I feel a burst of nai. If it weren’t for lacquer night and Lin Ze, how could I be so passive? But lacquer ink is also angry with her most precious daughter in real law. Fortunately, I still have a daughter who doesn’t have the Lin Ze magic. Otherwise, lacquer ink will really feel that everything has been taken away by Lin Ze.
"In fact, everything depends on your thoughts. Do you want the dark-skinned people to remain the king of Arad, or do you want the dark-skinned people to come to the surface and return to the most glorious race … If you want to stay the same, then look at Lin Ze Old Hurlington like a showdown. If you want the dark-skinned people to go further, then you should know how to choose!"
Victoria Christian kept silent and stopped talking after saying these words, but Qimo was able to hear Victoria’s meaning. Victoria always knew that she was determined to let the dark race completely walk out of the dark mountain range and become Arad continent, and everyone could know the race. Now it is very obvious that she said this to herself.
Lacquer ink took a deep look at Victoria, but I didn’t expect this Christian clan patriarch, the most staunch neutral in the dark race, to show such a clear intention.
However, Victoria Christian’s words also helped Lacquer Ink make a decision. Lacquer Ink smiled and shook his head and left Victoria’s room.
After the paint and ink left, Victoria shook her head and said softly.
"Lacquer night girl, I can help you do it. I can see you in Lin Ze when I have these left. I hope he can live up to his expectations!"
Then a black butterfly slowly appeared on Victoria Christian’s shoulder, just like the scene when Victoria and Lin Ze met …
A black girl is closing her eyes and practicing penance. She is surrounded by shadows, and her soul strength is very strong, which has reached the level of shadow king. This girl looks only in her early twenties. Just as this girl is quietly practicing, a girl who is almost identical to her face appears in this silent training room.
"Sister, it’s time to eat! Even if you want to be stronger, you can’t always be so desperate, can you? And you are very strong now. At this age, you can become a five-star shadow king. There are not many people who can surpass you. You know, even after bathing in the spirit pool, my strength is still at the peak of shadow cases … "
The girl’s nifty voice woke up the girl who closed her eyes and saw the girl who was practicing. She took a reproachful look at the girl who entered the practice room with food and said lightly
"Now the strength of this world is the only thing we can rely on. If you want to dominate your own destiny in the future, you will become stronger and stronger, so that no one dares to force you to do something and you can do whatever you want."
The girl in this training room is Lin Ze, who has not seen Lacquer Night for a long time, and the girl who delivers food at Lacquer Night is Lacquer Night’s twin sister Lacquer Moon.
Hear lacquer night and preach the truth lacquer month instantly feel a burst of big hurriedly put hands and shook his head and said
"It is good for my sister to be stronger. I know my sister will protect me, right? And don’t I still have a brother-in-law? Since my sister said that my brother-in-law is so strong, he certainly won’t let his aunt be treated unfairly, right? "
Lacquer on words is a paint night make a big blush see paint night red face to paint on jiao Chen way
"Who’s your brother-in-law? Don’t talk nonsense, okay? I’m stronger. It’s not to protect you. It’s unreliable to rely on others."
"That brother-in-law can’t be trusted? Since my sister thinks that her brother-in-law is unreliable, I will go to help me. I believe that my brother-in-law will never let me go, but I know that my brother-in-law has arrived at the foot of the dark mountain. Alas, I heard that among the three people who will pick up my brother-in-law, there is also my sister admirer ulysses Dax?"
Lacquer Moon’s eyes are full of smiles and deliberately tell Lacquer Night that Lin Ze has arrived.
"What Lin Ze has come?" Lacquer night got up from the ground and looked at her sister. She couldn’t believe it. Although she had learned from Victoria Christian that Lin Ze was no longer a big deal and would come to the dark territory to take her away in three months, Lacquer night still didn’t expect Lin Ze to come here in less than two months. This speed far exceeded Lin Ze’s imagination.
Chapter 6 Huglington
Looking at his sister’s surprise, Qi Yue is also very happy that there is also the name Lin Ze here, which can make her sister move like this | Jing | Dian | Xiao | Say | J | D |||| S |||| But the surprise of Qi Ye’s face didn’t last long, and she finally thought of ulysses Dax’s body in the surprise of Lin Ze’s arrival …
Lacquer night nervously grabbed Lacquer Moon’s shoulders and asked in a hurry, "Lacquer Moon, what did you just say? ulysses Dax went to pick up Lin Ze? What will he pick up Lin Ze? Now he has the strength of Star Shadow King. Will it be bad for Lin Ze if he picks up Lin Ze? "
Being in the dark territory, the news of painting night in the practice room has been very closed. She doesn’t know that Lin Ze’s strength has reached the peak stage of film king. Of course, she doesn’t know the real strength of Lin Ze through hearsay. She feels that her sister’s painting night speculation is likely to happen, but think about it. After going with ulysses Dax to meet Linzer, Qiyue is not as nervous as her sister.
Looking at the paint night, I look nervous and anxious to apply for the paint night, and I know that I can’t sell it anymore, otherwise my sister will be anxious.
"My good sister, don’t worry about Lin Zeshen. Since the dark king has the courage to come to our dark territory, he must have his own self-confidence. Worse, Qi Lan’s brother and Felton’s brother accompanied ulysses to pick up Lin Ze!"
It’s a sigh of relief to hear Qi Yue name Qi Lan and Felton. Qi Lan is their own brother, and the younger generation of Qi Ling clan is the strongest. Although Felton Christian doesn’t show his strength at ordinary times, there is no doubt that his strength is among the younger generation of Christian clan. Although Felton is a neutral Christian clan, he will never let ulysses Dax be reckless …
With Qilan’s brother and Felton Christian by the side, I believe that ulysses Dax can’t do anything out of line
At this time, Lacquer Night’s heart is full of expectation and worry. Her expectation is to see Lin Ze soon, but the worry is that in the dark race, she doesn’t recognize Lin Ze’s identity as the dark king. The power is too great, but her father, who is in favor of the faction leader, still remains neutral, which is even more difficult for Lin Ze to deal with.
Of course, Lacquer Night didn’t know that his father had made his own decision under the influence of Victoria Christian …
On the other side, in a dark room, a middle-aged man with a resolute face is turning his back on a group of dark brothers.
"Lord Huglington, how can we accept ghosts and gods as our king after so many years that we have got rid of ghosts and gods? Have the Qi Ling clan forgotten how ghosts and gods betrayed us? Didn’t half the people who were sacrificed die like this? "
A young man looked at the back of the middle-aged man, and his face was full of sadness and anger. Although the half of the ghost clan who was sacrificed by the devil may cry and the dark clan are no longer a generation now, the ghost clan deliberately left the memory of World War I to make all the dark clan forget it.
If those clansmen who guard the dark clan in the fishing village don’t know Lin Ze’s identity, then these dark clansmen who were born in Anyi Mountain know Lin Ze’s identity as the dark clan king very well. Lin Ze is a ghost and ghosts are their enemies. This is the simple idea in the hearts of these opponents.

"hmm ~!" This is the case with the Andosi reaction.

Then Kabi simply took the lead and said, "I will go to Glasgow one day because our French national team will play a friendly match with the Dutch national team in the neutral position. Tell me, will you watch the live broadcast then?"
"No!" Andosi went on to give a very concise answer.
Kabi is well aware that Andosi is not only a Granada fan but also a loyal fan himself, but Andosi said that he would not watch the live broadcast of the game, which is because Kabi’s intuition is a little confused.
"What?" asked the agent. Maybe I’ll play the whole game. Are you sure you don’t want to see me? "
Soon, it was very rare for Andosi, who was usually taciturn, to say a few words: "Because the Dutch team didn’t have Van Kaket, I really wanted to watch you play against Van Kaket, but the Dutch team didn’t call Van Kaket. I just called to tell you that I won’t watch the live broadcast!"
After listening to it, Kabi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. But it is certain that it was because of these words of Andosi that he decided to do something with the hemp mouse. He wanted a special way to wake up the coach of the Dutch national team. There was a mistake in their way of selecting soldiers, which needs to be continued.
Zhang San Liu yi Qiang
[idiot! Be sure to remember to watch the live broadcast of France versus Holland. I will try my best to score goals and you will see what you want to see most! 】
This is a short message that Kabi sent to Marmot when he boarded the plane in the VIP room of the airport and went to Glasgow to meet the national team. In the words, he was selling what he was going to do after scoring the goal, but he refused to tell Marmot in detail.
It is estimated that the guy with the hemp rat is still in a semi-conscious state in the soft shop. He replied in the text message like this [idiot! Is it great to be able to enter the national team and participate in the competition? Can you wake someone up before nine o’clock in the morning? I wish you the whole game on the bench, asshole! 】
"Ha ~ ha ~!" After reading the text message, Kabi burst out laughing and almost didn’t spit out the juice he had just drunk in his mouth, but of course it was also a hemp rat. A few jokes were all because Kabi had a deep personal relationship with hemp rat, and naturally the other party gave meaning at this time.
Then Kabi thought that he had charged the hemp rat with the key points of the matter, and he was quite sure that the hemp rat guy would stay by the video camera or call’ offside’ to accompany him to watch the live broadcast of the game, so he simply dealt with a few words when replying to the text message.
In the international competition schedule, except for marginal figures like hemp, almost half of the players in Granada’s camp need to report to the national team these days. Kabi is naturally one of them, which is the difference between the national teams. At this time, Kabi certainly can’t meet his teammates at the airport.
For example, the two men, Bamsk, left for their national teams as early as last night, and I remember that Kabi woke up early and found a short message in his mobile phone mailbox.
It was a short message from captain Skull, which meant to cheer for the national team game of Kabi. From the structure of the short message, it was obviously a mass short message, and I believe it needs to be fulfilled. The teammates of the national team all received Skull’s encouragement.
Kabi has learned a profound lesson from this. He is the leader of the first team in peske. At this humble time, he actually cheered for his teammates. I have to admit that Tusk has a natural leadership ability. Observing Tusk from Kabi’s eyes is not a bit arrogant.
Kabi was fiddling with his mobile phone with his left hand, making it keep circling on the dining table in the VIP lounge. However, he picked up a large glass with juice in his other hand and swallowed it in his throat. Then he suddenly stopped pressing the mobile phone and circled on the dining table.
Kabi picked up the phone, slid the lock button and clicked the SMS software.
He doesn’t talk so much that he wants to send a text message to disturb the rest of the hemp. Maybe that will really attract the hemp to scold him, but he doesn’t reluctantly communicate with the captain Tusk and pay tribute to him when he receives an encouraging text message. He suspects that he wants to send a text message, but the matter is absolutely two things.
[hey! Friend! I heard that the training place of your national team is in Spain, and the position in the game is also in Spain. You should have arrived at the meeting place, right? Can you tell me? Where is your team in Spain? 】
Kabi entered these lines of short messages and just read them from the beginning for fear of unnecessary mistakes in the words. It was about ten seconds before he pressed the send button to send the short messages.
"Ding ~ Ding ~!" The sound of the mobile phone indicates that it has received a short message.
By this time, the cup of freshly squeezed juice had been drunk, and Kabi was chewing crispy bread. The reply time of the other party’s text message was slightly more than ten minutes, and the other party would refuse to respond. Kabi was actually a little excited at this time.
Baked bread is somewhat stained with crumbs and cooking oil, but he is bent on clicking the SMS box quickly. Kabi forgot to wipe his hands first, but slipped the lock button first and then clicked the SMS box.
[Where do I participate in the national team training? Does this have something to do with you? It’s not like we’re playing against France this time, and how do you know my contact number? 】
After reading the short message, Kabi’s expression is very strange, just like a student who gets 100 points in the exam himself but only knows that he is unqualified after receiving the test paper. That is a precaution. From time to time, Kabi also interprets this expression to the extreme.
After waking up, a lot of Kabi gradually realized that he was shocked by the other party’s response. It was really something he never thought of. If he chose to escape and didn’t respond, he would have a sneaky feeling. After thinking for a while, Kabi decided not to make himself look like a shady thief.
So Kabi chose to continue the conversation generously, and his reply was: "There are more than 20 players in our team who want to know your contact number naturally, but don’t get me wrong. I sent a text message just to communicate with you simply."
It’s still the same. Kabi seems to be obsessed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, because after seeing him enter a good text message, he checked it again, and this time he read it more and more carefully in his mouth
After the event, when Kabi remembered that he had been too cautious, he always felt that what he had done was so disgusting. It was simply disgusting.
However, at that time, Kabi didn’t realize that his emotions were getting more and more nervous as things went on. He was communicating with his teammates by SMS, but it just made him send a text message as if he were sending a courtship message to his favorite girl. The whole thing was so ridiculous.
So Kabi’s subconscious is constantly nervous when she sends a text message to Bam? What if he knows that Bam is a lone animal and doesn’t like to get in touch with the outside world, and he is very active in associating with Bam?
Kabi doesn’t know the real reason for this, or Bam’s super strength makes Kabi feel that they are all the same kind of people and talented superstars.
Kabi held the spirit of appreciating each other’s talents. Even though Bam responded disdainfully and coldly, he finally broke through his seemingly difficult breakthrough-he actually communicated with a lone animal.
Ten minutes later, Bam sent a short message back to Kabi’s mailbox and saw a sentence [You are not the captain, why should I talk to you in detail? 】 To be continued
Chapter three hundred and seventy Damn it, miss it.
"Mr. Kirby! Your flight to Glasgow will board in fifteen minutes. Please get ready! " A ground crew member in the VIP lounge is a beautiful-looking girl. She walks up to Kabi and wakes him up when boarding the plane.
Kabi checked the social network page and found that the number of fans who followed him had increased a lot. After hearing the ground crew say this, he quickly put down his mobile phone, raised his head and said, "OK! Thank you! "
There is still half a cup of freshly squeezed juice left in the cup, and Kabi said that if this cup of freshly squeezed juice is replaced by Colombian alpine coffee, it would be best. After that, there will be no juice cup on the table, and the whole person will stand up. When traveling, he will take a big black backpack and walk out of the VIP lounge more than ten steps.
Kabi is already the star player of Granada team. Naturally, he doesn’t want to stay in this sensitive area of Granada International Airport. Seeing that he walked out of the VIP lounge, he pulled out a very ordinary cap from his big black backpack and put it on his head. People wandered around the boarding gate and deliberately kept a low profile.
People come and go near the public boarding gate. Naturally, the private density can’t be compared with the private apron. This cabby has no complaints. This is a situation that must often occur in our own lives. It will take a long time to get used to it.
Tohmeena Block, which is 30 meters away from the boarding gate, is just at the gate of tea supply. Kabi chose to stand on a row of railings outside the gate, thinking that this is already the lowest-key place in the whole boarding gate. Besides, he is wearing a cap and his body is very simple. He is an ordinary passenger.
Kabi turned his back to the boarding gate and crouched in the row of railings. In front of the railings was a huge glass wall, which was a large apron. At this time, Kabi was going to take that flight. The plane had already parked at the boarding bridge, and the ground crew was also supplying the plane.