"Does the court have any objection?" The man in red brushed his shoulders and his hair was faint. He asked a long and narrow phoenix eye, and his posture was very provocative.

There are no women. Who are you trying to seduce? The dark guard snickered at the cold day but tightened his face. "Back to the Lord, as you expected, Wang Shang reported to the emperor that he had made meritorious service in treating floods in his country by Fu Wang. Wang Renxiao’s firm words were not affected by several important ministers’ feelings. Qi Detong praised the holy dragon and Yan Dayue. Now the Lord of Yihe Palace has been promoted to Shu Fei."
"Very good. Wang Delin is a clever boy. Since he is willing to work so hard, I remember this feeling." He leaned back in his chair and was lazy like a sleepy cat.
"Is JiFei very forbearing Fu Wang has always been low-key even difficult to compete with the imperial concubine" cold day say what you worry.
"Ha ha" the man in red sneered in a low voice. "I didn’t expect Jifei to come from a humble background. Without family power and money to help Lin Fei, she was arrogant for more than ten years. She was used to being bullied and even used to it."
"That ye mean"
"Hey, hey, I’m just giving her a hard time to see if she still has the idea to play that girl." His tone was cool and annoyed me. He didn’t mind sacrificing several expensive girls to enter the palace
"Fu Wang is really a wise king who lives and eats with soldiers in Lingshui. Sometimes he is so busy that even the local officials are tired of a few pounds of meat. People say that there will be a disaster after the disaster because Fu Wang made arrangements early. The medical officials have curbed the plague from the source. Although the county town has suffered from this disaster, it is orderly and stable. On the day that Fu Wang left for Beijing, the people sent one journey after another." On a cold day, I really can’t see the Lord’s deputy. "Whoever dares to hit my woman’s abacus will make him look good."
"Well, if this person is heavy, it is better to be blessed." The man in red praised him.
"Is there any news from Leng Yue?" He sat up straight.
"Ah?" The cold day is a little out of rhythm. Isn’t it Fu Wang, Lord? Can’t you play by common sense? After a moment’s meditation, the rapid rotation of the brain straightened out the train of thought. He reported in detail that "there are four words in the letter that flurry hall just received from Leng Yue"
"Oh?" As soon as the mask knife-shaped eyebrows were lifted, he spat out "Are you lucky enough to live up to your life?"
"The ingenious plan of the master is really word for word".
Oh, kiss up. Can’t you be creative? I will repeat this sentence over and over again. You will be exhausted if you write one more word in Leng Yue’s death. My toes want to get it. It’s time for "everything is ready". Nai, a man in red, shook his head. It’s "being wise and close to the fox demon". The character is so simple in front of his face that it’s not as interesting as that girl.
More `new and fastest’
At the thought of Ye Nishang, there was a warm smile on his lips. Girl, don’t blame me. I’ll take you back one by one if I lose everything. It’s a good thing I met you, but it’s a good thing I came back.
Chapter 32 Flame Union
Ten years ago, a mysterious sect-Flame League rose in Jianghu.
The mystery is unknown; Two don’t know its potential and three don’t know its source.
The establishment of other sects is a step-by-step process in which the number of people increases gradually from less to more, but the flame alliance does not appear. It seems that "is like a spring gale, come up in the night has thousands of trees and pears" almost at the same time, all parts of the country have its rudder, and there are beggars’ gangs in rivers and lakes. Now there are beggars’ gangs in places and the flame alliance is staggering, but the exception of the big capital and small state capitals is "Flame Alliance so-and-so rudder". No one knows the address of the general rudder. All the rudder leaders directly obey the deputy leader Leng Yue.
New sects are often eager to make a name for themselves, and the Flame League has no one who dares to despise it. There are experts in the Kongtong Sect, Diancang Sect and Jinyu Palace who go to ask for advice, but in a moment they are all embarrassed and return. They are relatives and friends who ask these individuals and shake their heads with a wry smile and lament that "their skills are not as good as those of others". After years of building confidence, their famous stunts have collapsed in an instant, and even ten encounters can’t cope with it, and they are humiliated and left at grandma’s house!
Leng Yue, the deputy leader of the League, no one knows that he studied under his tutelage, but the two hands are very important. One is called "Saint Little Huatuo". Since the beginning of the month, his master is black and white, and he is unwilling to provoke mofei, the owner of heartbroken valley. This person is also doing things with good and evil feelings, and he is extremely obsessed with medicine, medicine and poison all his life. He is known as "the living dead and the bones". He saves people and hurts people. He can not sleep and take care of the mountain to ensure the curative effect of new drugs. He takes great risks to try drugs
They are among the best young talents in the Jianghu, and even the heads of various factions have to be courteous to them. Now they are willing to be the left and right messengers. Is this cold deputy leader sacred? There should also be a master in this deputy’s face. Who is he?
In the northwest of Ningguo, there is a towering Biluo Mountain, which stretches for dozens of miles. Because of the steep mountain, the narrow path of the mountain pass is covered by trees. It is cold and quiet. Even if the timid person walks during the day, his back feels cold sweat. The water gurgles and birds chirp for miles. The sun shines through the branches and leaves, and a dark shadow flashes and falls on the tall tree. After a while, the thick green leaves disappear. Squeak and ask a few monkeys to grab the soft branches and swing around freely. The little squirrel drags its big hairy tail to stare.
"Swish swish swish" A few men in white stood in the place where the rocks passed, and the leaves were falling. Suddenly, the little monkey stopped playing and huddled in his mother’s arms. The monkey king looked at the familiar figure and gave a whistle. The monkeys immediately disappeared into the mountains.
Hehe, tigers and monkeys dominate Wang Zunyue in the mountains. You animals are very comfortable. Men in white stand in the breeze and are handsome! This word is the best interpretation for him.
Dark hair, a ribbon tied behind the head, wheat-colored skin emitting healthy luster, knife-shaped eyebrows, tiger’s eyes and temples, strong nose, thin red lips, dazzling white teeth, and the whole face as angular as a statue.
A long whistle echoed in the valley for a long time. A bird entered the forest, and a hundred birds weighed down the huge mountain forest. If the insects stopped chirping, he was satisfied and looked around and came back.
The spirit of several men in black at Qingfeng Cliff vibrated and smiled at each other. Like Dapeng spreading his wings, he jumped on the white man’s position quickly.
√L| Yong V) said
"Visit deputy leader! Leader’s adult Jin An "moves uniformly and is well trained."
"Come on, let’s get up." It’s cool that the man in white is long and slim.
This handsome guy in white is the deputy leader of the Flame League, Leng Yue Biluoshan Qingfeng Cliff. The whole world can’t find the Flame League altar. No one knows that the Flame League branch is dazzling and ostentatious in the downtown area, but the altar is hidden in the mountains and forests, which is almost isolated.
"Can there be any changes when you are away?" Leng Yue jumped from the rocks and drew a beautiful arc in the middle, and landed firmly on the ground.
"Back to the deputy leader, the blue mountain is impregnable, and even birds can’t fly into the cool breeze cliff." Yu Feng knelt down. "The venerable man developed a new medicine to drive wolves, insects, tigers and leopards to patrol the mountains regularly, saving a lot of manpower. When we first saw wild animals walking together regardless of their categories, we were surprised for a long time and couldn’t get back our tongues. Several daring hunters shouted that" monsters "even rolled and crawled out for 100 times, and occasionally woodmen and hunters dared not come to the mountains."
Because the mountain is steep and dangerous, few woodcutters and hunters refuse to move on when they reach the front mountain. The brothers who are performing services in the mountain have never been found. Now, this mountain belongs to the Flame League completely.
"The moon and the mountains are not to be underestimated. If the ink doyen learns that his brother can control the beast with drugs, he will definitely come to watch it." There are a group of medicine people in heartbroken valley in mofei who are controlled by him and act as servants in the valley. shine on you is better than blue.
"Deputy leader, let’s Xiao Ye is only good. From here to Qingfeng Cliff, there are all kinds of news. If a stranger rushes into the mountain, he can immediately report to the duty brother, but now he has abolished all the machines." Yu Feng fuels again.
Two things that don’t worry Leng Yue heart dark scold not Zhou Yu and ZhuGeLiangDou what spirit! Do I have to make an innovation if you have to make an achievement in different fields? Fortunately, the two men are fighting with each other and will not plot against each other. Compared with their teachers, it is not a week or so.
"What did you master Xiao do?" That’s the point.
"Didn’t the deputy leader find anything more in the road?"
Oh? The only way to the Qingfeng Cliff is plum blossom-shaped and covered with towering trees.
"deputy leader if there is no Xiao ye advice can reach the altar, even pick the fairy.
Tall! It’s really high! Leng Yue is deeply impressed.
Chapter 33 Flower Pickers
There is a thick layer of rose petals floating on the water surface. Sitting in a wooden bucket, the whole body is hidden in the petals, with round shoulders and slender neck exposed. The water drops are white and delicate, and the rolling picture is very fragrant.
The ancients really enjoyed it! She is more and more nostalgic for bathing, which brings her a pleasant shower. It has been simple and convenient for a long time, but she feels tired and narrow, which leads to an accelerated breathing frequency. The bath bucket made of fragrant wood can make people sit and relax, and the warmth from the outside invades the limbs. The pace of modern life is too fast to stop. It is simply an extravagant hope to take a beautiful hot bath-it is not unconditional but there is no time. Now what she needs most is to close her eyes and smell the faint flowers.
The window closed at night, and the wind came suddenly with coolness. The chill made the dress "arouse the spirit" and she immediately opened her eyes.
Someone’s behind you! She quickly made a judgment and shrank back. It is the only thing she can do at present to minimize her sense of presence.
Oriental Chihiro surprised and picked his eyebrows. This woman is not generally calm. She wanted to think about it. He put his right hand ready to cover that small mouth-she should not bite it, should she?
"Please turn around and I want to change clothes." The dress took a few deep breaths, and the tone was calm as if it were an old friend I hadn’t seen for years.
"Chi" Oriental Chihiro smiled "The number of public readers. What’s so good about you, a girl with no hair and no material?"
"Uncle, since the number of readers should know that a hundred flowers blossom and each has its own attitude, is it true that uncle can see thousands of women of the same type? Uncle is old and naturally won’t have evil thoughts for my little girl. I’m just afraid that you will see my delicate body and lament that the years are getting sadder and sadder. "But I’m a girl. I don’t care if I die, you’re an" old deathless "elder sister. This figure is first-class and beautiful, with a slim waist and thin legs protruding forward and backward. If you see it, you’re afraid of a nosebleed.
Uncle! Old age! These six Chinese characters made Chihiro Oriental stumble and almost fall down. I’m weak. Do you call me uncle? There is also that thousand models of the same type, which is also a daughter of a boudoir! It’s enough for me. This girl’s tongue must have been refined in the juice of Hedysarum latiflorum and Herba Lysimachiae.
Silently turned to his mouth over and over again chanting "the world is changing day by day."
Nishang ignored him and took the clothes not far away. He quickly put them on his body and secretly prayed for death. Don’t look back at him. He’s not a flower thief, is he?
"Wear good have no? Small ye I want to turn around, "he didn’t good the spirit cried.
"It’s good to wait for a horse." Nishang hastily buckled the last button.
Yong GJ for a long time zL"C See Xiao Q "Say P"
Oriental Chihiro turned his body and "snapped" the fan in the beater.
Wow! Is Nishang amazed that this country is rich in handsome men? After crossing, she met the man, her brother Ye Lingfeng, the love rat, the arrogant little duke and the "uncle" in front of her (actually the eldest brother), which is more and more beautiful!
"Oh, my girl looks good." He praised her for her frivolous tut-tut. She had a pair of showering beauties and waterfall-like hair behind her head, and her exquisite figure was looming. Her white skin floated slightly because of hot water, like a peach blossom after the rain, and her eyes stared at him with fear.
I scolded myself for being a "nymphomaniac" and retaliated by saying, "My uncle and I have a good skin. With your romantic and chic appearance, what kind of woman has to do such a living if she wants to marry?"

"It sounds very good." Longye is very interested in this title. Because of his identity, it is very difficult for Longye to get the title officially recognized by the league. Now, with this honorary title, he can claim to be the champion after going out.

Where did I go later, and then people introduced me that "this is Mr. Longye, the champion of Fengyuan Alliance". I think it’s enjoyable.
"In fact, if you want the real title, I’m going to give it to Mi Keli recently. You are much stronger than Mi Keli. I’m more at ease to give it to you." Dawu said his plan.
The title of champion bears too much responsibility. This time, the meteorite crisis almost overwhelmed me. Later, the high-level wrangling of the Twiwater Town Residents Transfer Alliance also made him haggard. This was the idea of handing over the title.
After this incident, Longye is also grateful for the title. An honorary champion who enjoys welfare benefits regardless of his affairs is very suitable for Longye.
"Remember to wear something formal when the official conferring ceremony is held in Twiwater Town in two days." Dawu hung up after explaining the most important thing.
Put it bluntly, Longye hugged Nazi around him and kissed him fiercely. He proudly said, "Your husband and I will soon be the honorary champion of Fengyuan Alliance. How is it handsome?"
"Virtue ~" Nazi left him a beautiful supercilious look. "Why didn’t you agree to Alder’s request when you wanted to be a champion so badly?"
"It’s not the same. Alder, the old man, is obviously looking for a successor. If I really become a champion of the United States, all kinds of things will have to be busy to death. I don’t want to be in the United States for several years." Longye grabbed Nazi in his arms. "The day after tomorrow, the awarding ceremony can take my family with me. Dear, you can go with me."
"Well," Nazi leaned against Long Ye and gently nodded his head.
After Nazi agreed, Longye immediately took her to choose what to wear the day after tomorrow. Now urgent customization is impossible. Fortunately, there are always some well-known brands that have not released the latest clothes. Nazi’s figure is very standard, and a slight change will make it fit.
Longye chose a black suit, while Nazi took a fancy to a red evening gift.
There is white in front of Longye, which is the most suitable for Nazi. I didn’t expect the enchanting red to match her so well that Longye could see her eyes straight.
On the night before the ceremony, Ryuno and Nazi arrived in Sunshui Town. At this time, Sunshui Town has returned to its quiet state before the appearance of meteorites, and it seems that it has not been affected by the meteorite incident.
This time, Ryuno and Nazi didn’t stay in the hotel or the elf center, so they spent the night in Super Archean 3.
Longye saw some remarks that made him very unhappy when he was online at night.
"Is a savior or a disaster maker? Thinking about giant elves. "
"I personally experienced the death of a huge carnivore to destroy the city."
"Thinking deeply about the destructive power of giant and small elves"
"What if one day the giant elves of human beings are hostile!"
No matter what is going to be famous, there will always be people who will jump out and smear it to gain attention. These people deliberately make such extreme assumptions to arouse people’s worries about giant and small elves and achieve their ulterior motives.
In fact, if you think about it calmly, you will find that things like that will not happen on the Internet. Wailord’s size is no different from that of giant and small elves. After hundreds of years, isn’t human beings as happy as they are?
The brain no longer looks at those deliberately smeared remarks. Longye lies in bed and soon falls asleep. But he wants to appear in public with the most mental outlook.
At ten o’clock the next afternoon, Longye and Nazi came to the venue where the awarding ceremony was held. At this time, the venue was full of spectators. Of course, they didn’t all come specially to see Longye win the honorary title.
In order to celebrate Sunshui Town’s safe passage through the meteorite crisis, there will be a grand and gorgeous contest here later. Longye seems to have seen Xiao Zhi and May, and they also appeared in Sunshui Town!
The host of the awarding ceremony was the current Fengyuan champion Dawu. He first told the story of Longye’s contribution in this meteorite crisis, and then said, "In view of the outstanding contribution made by Mr. Longye in Fengyuan area, I decided to award Mr. Longye the honorary title."
Dawu took out a glittering trophy, and a giant held a sharp sword in his hand. What do you think, Ryono, this is an Oscar trophy …
Chapter 59 Awards
Although it was an award ceremony, the atmosphere at the scene was not particularly serious, especially when Dawu and Longye were old friends Dawu, and it was even easier for him to preside over the ceremony.
Dawu picked up the honorary championship trophy in his right hand and joked with the audience, "I have known Longye for a long time, and we are all old friends. To be honest, I am jealous of him. Although he is not as handsome as me, he has a good career and love."
President of Shenyuan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This is definitely a model of career success. The physical trainer is also stronger than me. Presumably, he beat the Olympic champion Herona. Everyone has seen the video of the competition. Fortunately, he intends to compete for the title, otherwise I might have given way long ago. "
"In love, let’s invite Longye’s fiancee, Miss Nazi, to personally present the award to him. I think Longye definitely doesn’t want to see my handsome face anymore."
Dressed in red and graceful, she appeared from the side of the stage and walked to Dawu’s side. She smiled and accepted the honorary championship trophy from Dawu.
"Seeing Miss Nazi’s beauty, you should know why I’m so jealous of Longye. Now let’s invite the real protagonist Longye to come out and let me give the stage to them. I’m going to take refuge in single dog."
Dawu left the stage humorously, while Ryuno strutted off the stage in a suit.
Step by step to Nazi’s side, Longye took the honorary championship trophy with one hand.
"Thanks to Fengyuan Alliance for awarding me the honorary title, and I will continue to work hard to make more contributions to Fengyuan." Longye first said a scene, and then his left hand gently hugged Nazi’s waist. "In fact, I am most grateful to my fiancee Nazi, who has accompanied me to travel around the country since I was a newcomer trainer. I have been accompanied by her every step of my growth.
Thank you, dear. "
Nazi’s eyes were full of fog when she heard Longye tell about the things that they had been together for so many years.
The two men embraced each other deeply, and the great show of love also caused 10,000 points of damage to single dog who watched the conferring ceremony.
"A winner-shaped blow from life!"
"I don’t eat this dog food …"
This is the truest idea in the hearts of many viewers.
No matter what the audience thinks, Ryuno and Nazixin have left the stage, and the awarding ceremony is officially over. It will be a gorgeous competition.
Change their costumes into the original leisure Ryuno and Nazi, and watch the upcoming Sunshui Town Gorgeous Competition through video broadcast in the backstage of the theater.
Longye, in addition to the awarding ceremony, he also served as the awarding guest of this gorgeous competition.
The first round of elf show was going on quickly, and the things displayed by different elves were really different.
Among those performers, Ryuno really saw the figure of May. It seems that Xiao Zhi has completed the challenge of Liulidao Pavilion and received a badge. When calculating, it seems that the Fengyuan Alliance Conference will come soon.
This time, the gorgeous contest was sent by May, a cute pink elf with a round face, which made people feel an impulse to pinch.
In the first round of the gorgeous contest, May directly helped Xiangwei Miao. The effect of this help was to borrow a move from his peers at random by the strength of his peers.
It can be said that this is a skill with very serious uncertainty. There are so many skills that no one can accurately estimate the assistance skills. For a competition like the gorgeous competition, many contestants will try their best to assist steadily. This kind of uncertain move is almost ignored.
His unique skill is really a test of the contestants’ ability to improvise on the spot
According to Longye, this twilight convention should be the last gorgeous contest before the grand celebration of the Elf Gorgeous Competition. If May fails here, she will go to the grand celebration with five ribbon badges, and the importance of this convention to her can be imagined.
This time still dare to let the elf help this recruit it seems that May is very confident about his strength.
The trick to help the tail meow is to fly the blade fast knife, which is a better coordination move.
"Blizzard and then slap in the face" May decisively reached the order
Make a snowstorm to the tail meow and freeze the flying blade sharp knife into an ice sculpture, and then jump into it and gracefully display a serial slap. The fleshy and round tail is far from being as gentle and quick as it is. The serial slap will smash all the ice sculptures into crumbs.
Ice crystals are falling slowly all over the sky, and May and Xiangwei meow together just like the Snow Princess.
Shortly after May’s performance, the first round of audit ended, and the horse judges will announce the list of people who entered the second round.
Because the number of participants in the Twilight Convention is not large, there are four players who can enter the second round.
It was a cruel decision. Many trainers who received four ribbon badges hoped to win the Twilight Ribbon Badge for the final big celebration, but then four contestants were able to enter the second round with their dreams.

What? Your sister’s name has turned gray …

I can’t believe that they are full of tears and soy sauce. They really didn’t see their sister line! But …
[Nearby] What are you still doing there nine days later? Do you have any friends who only have hooves?
This sentence is like causing a second crit injury. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t say a word. It’s just that my sister hasn’t fought with her friends.
Playing soy sauce is very reluctant to encourage yourself.
Mu huasheng …
Ah, hello … This is what your Lord asked …
With such a reluctant expression …
In the end, the soy sauce players are "willing" to prepare for a gang war after nine days of various threats.
[Nearby] Pasturing Hua Sheng that … nine days?
[Nearby] Nine days later?
[Nearby] Mu Huasheng, let me hang the infusion bag or bottle here first?
[Nearby] Nine days later, uh-huh, it’s just a hot spot for soy sauce!
Although he has been carrying out this idea for nine days, he has never firmly denied that it was his own idea. Once, soy sauce makers, like a group of hungry chickens, earnestly prayed for all kinds of good expectations in his ear, saying, "I was not passionate at all before the fight" and "the same routine is easy to talk about". At last, various examples and "la la" made Jiutian very happy to agree to the decision to make soy sauce.
According to the requirements of soy sauce, there are some mentally retarded activities, such as catching chickens and climbing high.
Although these activities make them stay away from each other for nine days, they can’t wait to put their names and titles on a piece of paper to cover them up, but I have to say that the soy sauce players had a good time and the atmosphere was quite warm, and I don’t know if they did well in the final battle for this reason.
So nine days ago, I took the initiative to be the ambassador of the thermal field.
What is this?
Playing soy sauce is like a curious baby. Just look around in front of Zuo Tangtang, but just sniff it.
Er … Zuo Tangtang just wanted to answer his identity. He looked at it nine days later and said very lightly.
[Nearby] Nine days later, this is your master to challenge.
Challenge? Master? !
When this was said, Zuo Tangtang wished he could close his eyes and see such words.
Is she just here to play with a chef? How can you say that! Don’t be crazy to play soy sauce? !
Sure enough, as Zuo Tangtang guessed, after nine days of talking, the soy sauce makers were surrounded by excitement.
This old beggar without a name looks very familiar. He is really a master.
Maybe … Is it an elder of the Beggars’ Sect?
Wang is so awesome! I cann’t believe this can be invited
Really a master?
Asked the soy sauce stars.
The nine-day answer was full of firmness, but this firmness caused pressure and left Zuo Tangtang alone to carry it.
Yes, yes, she is very good at liankan and can be regarded as a master … Zuo Tangtang is hypnotizing himself.
Wow! The soy sauce people strongly expressed their feelings and immediately ran to Zuo Tangtang as happily as possible. This is a living np! Although I don’t know what I did to help the pig, I got stuck with the bug and made it the same as people! But it doesn’t stop them from worshipping at all!
Zuo Tangtang, who was surrounded as a background wall, was even more depressed. She just saw Mu Hua Sheng turn around and gave her a look. She knew that she must be a "master". After all, she even read her mind but talked to her privately for nine days.
-wow! ! !
-awesome! I lost again!
-well, I lost, too. Come on, come on, come on.
-Star Eye/Just now the chef’s weapon was killed!
-that’s amazing!
-is a master! ! !
For the last time, I learned that I was playing with the old beggar in front of me, and I didn’t even care about watching soy sauce, but I was full of interest and went one-on-one hit.
In this respect, Zuo Tangtang, who has always been a hardworking little chef, has shown her great endurance insight and won every time!
So soy sauce makers are even more excited about this!

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"The Oriental team now has Ribery and Gao Jun, who have reached the top speed in the world, and the speed of reporting to the forest is also quite fast. Even in the world, the high-speed frontcourt trio is rare. If we have the opportunity to fight back, we will be able to successfully break through the Liverpool team with three or four people left behind, and we don’t have to worry about grasping the opportunity with Gao Jun present." Huang Jianxiang said excitedly that confidence has recovered a lot.
"But in the past, the Oriental team had to fight back, and now they can’t even cross the half-court. I think it’s still difficult!" Zhang Lu when’ tis once spoken, it suddenly seems that something is wrong. After staring at the broadcast picture for a while, I can’t help but exclaim in surprise, "Is it my illusion? I feel that the situation of the Eastern team is much better than at the time. "
"It’s not an illusion, otherwise we wouldn’t have had time to talk about so many games just now. Although it’s not very obvious, the boys of the Oriental Team did stabilize the situation bit by bit." Huang Jianxiang firmly shook his head and replied that his face was full of surprises.
"Is it because the withdrawal of Gao Lin has strengthened the hardness and ball control ability of the midfield?" Zhang Lu’s first thought was the most obvious change in this field.
Huang Jianxiang, on the other hand, observed more carefully. "There are factors in this respect, but I don’t think it is the most important one to guide you to see Gao Jun now."
"Is he directing the Eastern team’s midfield defense?" Zhang Lu finally noticed this detail and was very surprised at the moment, but he soon understood it. "Yes, now Gao Junding is at the front, and if he has his back to the goal, both sides will have a panoramic view of attack and defense! He is outstanding, and the golfer can naturally see where the defense is flawed and where the other side may pose a major threat. After his command and coordination, the Eastern team’s defense system immediately reached a higher level. "
"It’s just like the German freeman tactics in those days, but it’s just the other way around. The delayed central defender is in charge of commanding the coordination team’s attack, and Gao Jun is now doing it as a center with his back to the goal to command the coordination team’s defensive organization. It’s amazing. The creativity of Gao Jun is far more than his physical fitness and ball skills. This little football wisdom is definitely the best in the world!" Jian-xiang huang good vibes big praise way
Zhang Lu sighed with some complicated expressions. "In fact, this method of center can’t be said to be original by Gao Jun. Some defensive centers in Europe sometimes bear some offensive and defensive commanders, but I have never seen such an excellent performance as Gao Jun, and the most incredible thing is that Gao Jun is now commanding defense! A striker has such a deep understanding of the overall defense, which may be explained by talent. I doubt very much that he can become a world-class star if he plays as a defender. "
But Zhang Lu didn’t know that Gao Jun was a passer with more than ten years’ coaching experience, and his level of defensive tactics was much higher than his level of offensive tactics (Note 1). In fact, a large part of the smooth ground cooperation that Gao Jun played when he took the national team was due to Fu Bo, a teaching assistant, and he relied more on his golden partner when he was in the club team-Dutchman arie schans. When both of them were away, Gao Jun’s team could rely mainly on solid defense to eat and attack, and if the defense also appeared frequently, it was often said that Gao Jun had control over the team.
"Our team’s staffing is indeed a lot worse than Liverpool’s, but if the overall defense is done well, they can’t score the goal. When the body confronts, the defensive side has a natural advantage and they need to destroy it, but the offensive side is not; More importantly, we put more people into defense than Liverpool put in attack. These two points should be able to make up for the strength gap between the two sides to a great extent. In the final analysis, it was because everyone was very uncomfortable with the physical confrontation of the Premier League level, and therefore they were nervous. But now everyone is finally getting back to normal, so the game still has to be played. "Seeing the situation gradually stabilizing, Gao Jun felt a little relieved."
However, stabilizing the situation does not mean reversing the situation. Liverpool is still launching a flood of attacks on the Oriental team. Most of the attacks are trapped in the midfield struggle and can no longer directly threaten the goal of the Oriental team. However, after Gerrard’s direct Italian ball hit the wall, Liverpool got another shot in the penalty area in the 23rd minute, but Morientes missed the opportunity again.
"We have to thank each other for the opportunity. Otherwise, the score in the frontcourt may have been 2 or even 3 before we stabilize the situation." Gao Jun couldn’t help but feel glad after seeing each other’s opportunity again, but at the same time he was dissatisfied with Du Wei’s hesitation again. "What are you afraid of? Even if the robbery has been shaken for a long time, it can still exert a little interference and deterrence. It is the worst to be shaken off! "
However, Gao Jun can’t do anything about it. After all, the two are too far apart, and if Gao Jun’s age is directly present to reprimand Du Wei, it will affect the unity of the team. "Never mind this, it is much better to defend less now than one, but we can’t win the game by defense alone, and we must score goals. It will be dangerous if our physical strength is not as good as that of our opponents. We should try to solve the problem in 90 minutes!"
Note 1 Gao Jun has three bright spots in offensive tactics: first, the tactics in the middle are rich and changeable; second, the back-inserted shots are widely used; third, the country’s first set-piece attack, and those delicate frontcourt short cooperation Gao Jun can’t be done by himself. Without those two cooperation, Gao Jun’s team’s performance is generally not bad, but the scene is not much better, but good defense has achieved good results. Therefore, Gao Jun is still the best local coach in the country even without those two, and those two independent coaches’ performance is terrible.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five A sword seals the throat
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But if you want to score goals, talk about easy? You know, this Liverpool team may not be the top offensive team in the world, but its defensive ability is definitely among the top in the world. Their main goalkeeper Reina has not conceded a goal for 11 games before this game, which is really a terrible record.
However, Gao Jun did not lose heart because he always believed that "records are just waiting to be broken" and he was good at breaking all kinds of records, whether good or bad.
In the 29th minute, the Oriental team finally sent out the ball after being intercepted by Corgnet. The first foot in the game was of acceptable quality and kicked the ball to the back line of Liverpool. It had been waiting for a long time. Gao Jun grabbed the offside before Carragher forced him. After an acceleration, he got rid of the whole line of Liverpool’s defense. After chasing the ball at the top of the arc of Liverpool’s middle circle, he took the ball to the goal of Liverpool at a high speed.
"I knew he was fast, but I didn’t expect him to be so fast. It’s nothing like Michael!" Jamie Carragher, the vice captain of Liverpool team, was stunned to see that Leigh pulled a long distance when he turned around, but he chased after him desperately. Let’s hope that this tough guy with strong fighting spirit will never give up!
"What a tight chase! You are the fastest central defender in the Premier League." Gao Jun felt that Carragher was getting closer and closer behind him, and he couldn’t help frowning. He immediately slammed the ball forward and then chased it forward with his strength.
"This was the year when Xie Feng was best at stroking the ball! It seems that there is no technical content, but it is not easy for Gao Jun to be so skilled. Obviously, it took a lot of effort in this technology. "Guest Zhang Lu was the first to recognize this dribbling skill because Xie Feng was a famous star of the Beijing team and his unique skill was famous in the whole Asian football at that time. Of course, it was a unique skill. In fact, everyone would be able to play as well as him. At that time, there was only one in Asian football.
"The speed of striding the ball is the fastest among all kinds of dribbling methods, but there is also a big defect. Even in those days, it was difficult for Xie Feng to get too big. If Gao Jun didn’t control the goalkeeper, he could directly confiscate the ball." Huang Jianxiang said anxiously after listening.
Gao Jun naturally knows the disadvantages of striding to the ball, but Carragher, the fastest way to carry the ball, can eat ash behind his ass even if he runs, and seeing behind him will always make Gao Jun, who is cautious by nature, feel more afraid than the front threat method.
And as Gao Jun expected, although Liverpool goalkeeper Reina once took a step forward, he didn’t dare to rush out to grab the ball after all. The main reason for this is that although Reina is recognized as the best goalkeeper in the world today, he is the kind of goalkeeper who is excellent in goal-line technology, but his attack is poor. After that, he scored that amazing shot in the military field, so he was afraid that Reina hesitated a little before attacking, so he missed the hesitation opportunity. He could give up the attack and stay in the door and wait for Gao Jun to shoot.
Reina is tall, with long arms and excellent athletic ability, so he can cover a large area when fighting, which makes it much more difficult for Gao Jun to shoot. However, without the help of a defender and the shooter facing the goal situation, even at the peak of Yasin, the number one goalkeeper in the history of world football, it is impossible to achieve a dead angle, and the area will not be too small, but there is such a big dead angle. In fact, it is not much difference for Gao Jun who is guarding the goal in the shooting accuracy of Gao Jun.
"Gao Jun continue to advance with the ball Gao Jun push! It’s a goal! Yeah! Good job! Gao Jun pushed and easily broke the goal that Reina had not conceded for 11 games. The big-name players of Liverpool were dumbfounded. They never thought that they had been holding down the Oriental team for nearly 30 minutes and failed to score. The Oriental team scored the goal on the first shot. This is really a sword to seal the throat! " Warm emotions suddenly burst out Jian-Xiang Huang some ecstasy waving fists call way
"This ball is wonderful, although it doesn’t look like much ingenuity, but it allows us to enjoy the unique beauty brought by the extreme speed. Almost half the length of the stadium, the entire Liverpool team’s defense line is desperately chasing behind, but it just can’t catch up with this picture. It’s really shocking. Perhaps, as the evil spirit in Stephen Chow’s film Kung Fu said,’ Heaven’s martial arts are unbreakable, but only fast can’t be broken’. Today, Gao Jun made us realize this point. No matter how famous and strong the Liverpool team is, it will be enough for Gao Jun to sprint and he can defeat
"That goal just now must also be thanked for Corgnet’s high quality and over-length, but without Gao Jun’s amazing speed and excellent technology, the quality of the ball just now may not be able to create any threat. After all, the Liverpool team’s chasing speed is also very fast. This goal mainly depends on Gao Jun’s personal ability. Of course, Corgnet’s cross over Steven Gerrard’s counter-grab in front of the ball is really quite beautiful, and you should have noticed it, right? Gao Jun not only runs fast, but also moves the ball much faster than the average player, which is equally important in the counterattack. "Although Huang Jianxiang praised Corgnet, he still attributed most of the credit to Gao Jun, who is his own child after all!
Compared with the two commentators who suppressed the scene for nearly half an hour, the fans broke out with unprecedented passion and poured into the scene. More than 10,000 China fans were overjoyed. Although the local Japanese fans were somewhat unhappy with the five-star national flag in the stands, they were all recruited by Gao Jun’s wonderful goal just now. Tens of thousands of fans were shouting Gao Jun’s name, feeling that Yokohama International Stadium had become the home of the Oriental team. Even the podium FIFA President Blatter got up from his seat after seeing Gao Jun’s goal.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Half-time is over
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To say that Carragher is really fast, but there is still a gap between the former central defender and the fast horse in the frontcourt. It is faster, faster to start and sprint than the low army. B Carragher was completely blasted by Henry in the Premier League in the past, and now the high army has done the same. If the two did not have physical contact, Carragher could not stop the high army even if he broke his leg.
However, Carragher, a world-class centre-back, came up with a countermeasure immediately after suffering a loss. Since then, he will always follow Gao Jun wherever he goes, and he will not give him an accelerated sprint. In addition, in order to prevent Gao Junli from getting rid of Carragher with his excellent flexibility, he did not finish sticking it, but kept a distance of one to two meters in front of him. Anyway, because the attacking side needs to deal with the ball, it will take less than half a second to delay, which is enough for him to rush to defend himself in one step.
On the sidelines, Benitez nodded secretly, feeling a little relieved that he couldn’t get past what little hair he had left. "Good, so that little guy can’t play any tricks again. Although his speed may not be inferior to Henry’s, he doesn’t have the excellent physical confrontation ability like Henry’s. If Carragher can get close to him, he will be helpless!"
In Benitez’s view, it’s no longer such a big threat to seal off Gao Jun’s counterattack in the East, because the Oriental team has a stronger breakthrough ability. Ribery has already retreated to Lin after he almost sacrificed his whole flank attack ability. When the defensive counterattack is launched, it is often difficult to get rid of it. Plus, Mascherano, the midfielder, can make up Mascherano at any time. Although it is absolutely not fast, the first three steps are surprisingly fast. It is absolutely impossible to deal with Lin quickly. If these three people can’t play, the Oriental team can’t score again.
Although almost four Liverpool players can’t attack for this purpose, Liverpool is far more luxurious than Sao Paulo. Even if there are six players attacking Benitez, I believe my brother can make a turnaround in the remaining game.
But in this game, Liverpool’s luck was really bad. In the 32nd minute, Liverpool got a corner kick. Because of his unusually tall central defender Hyypia, he attracted the defensive center of the Eastern team. His height and strength were not good (1 meter, Weighing less than 66 kilograms, the ability of confrontation and restraint is worse than that of Gao Jun.) Liverpool striker No.11 luis garcia got a header in the penalty area. Benitez was already so excited that he raised his hand, only to see that Garcia actually headed the ball against the crossbar and was destroyed by Card barreiro for the first time. Benitez wanted to wave his right hand to celebrate, and suddenly stopped in the middle, just like being fascinated by petrochemical magic.
What makes Gao Jun even more happy is that I don’t know if he was inspired by his goal. Du Wei gradually returned to his normal state 30 minutes ago. Although his sense of position is as bad as ever, the advantage of super control ability is gradually reflected, which greatly reduces the pressure on the Oriental team to defend the set-pieces, and the little Garcia’s two header attacks in sports warfare are even more easily pushed out of the penalty area after being grabbed by Du Wei.
Playing better and better, Du Wei is more confident, his mentality is more stable, and his excellent foot skills are gradually reflected, which makes the Oriental team have another stable ball point in the middle and back court, and he no longer depends on Corgnet alone.
This doubt greatly reduced the pressure on Corgnet, and he naturally played better. In fact, many lines can see that 1. The lead was certainly due to Gao Jun’s wonderful long-distance attack, but in the first 30 minutes, the hero behind the scenes of the Oriental team was Corgnet, who not only sent out the key length, but also confronted Liverpool team leader Steven Gerrard almost by his own strength!
Even on the sidelines, Benitez paid attention to Corgnet and came up with the idea of buying him in the winter transfer period. "Although he is a little shorter than Steven Gerrard, on the whole, he is very similar in age, but he is seven years younger than him, so he can be cultivated by successors."
Although the Oriental team played very well, the strong overall strength of the Liverpool team still kept them firmly in control of the situation. However, due to the unity of the Oriental team and the poor luck of the Liverpool team today, the score was finally maintained until the end of the half.
Comparing the game data of the two teams in half a game, we can fully realize that it is a miracle that the score is finished. At half a game, including stoppage time, Liverpool’s possession rate exceeded 7%, and a total of 15 shots were completed, of which 5 shots were right and one shot was hit back, but no goal was scored. In contrast, the Oriental team scored a goal with a ball control rate of less than 3% at half-time, but this goal scored the current lead, not the absolute advantage of Liverpool, but the scene was almost completely smashed to slag. The Oriental team had to sigh that "football is round" is indeed a famous saying.
Even two CCTV commentators have to admit that the Oriental team was "very lucky" at half-time, and Huang Jianxiang said in no uncertain terms that "I hope this kind of good luck can continue at half-time". However, even so, the performance of the Oriental team was still highly praised by the two players, and there was no highlight at half-time except that goal, and Gao Jun was praised by them because they knew very well how difficult it was to get a half-time lead in the face of such a terrible opponent as Liverpool.
In the eyes of more professionals, Gao Jun’s contribution at half-time is more than just that goal. Like a "field coach", he adjusts his position from time to time and helps himself to observe the advantages of the field when he is facing the goal at the front. He has coordinated the team’s defensive organization and helped the team stabilize the situation, which has contributed more to the Oriental team than his personal performance.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven Substitution on defense
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Even on personal performance, Gao Jun didn’t just contribute a goal at half-time. Even after being stared at by Carragher, he still ran with his excellent ball and tried to find a fighter plane, and his positive attitude set an example for the team. Moreover, Gao Jun’s active running also caused one of the most unexpected effects for himself.
"Jamie, how are you? Is it uncomfortable? " Gerrard asked Carragher earnestly as he walked into the player’s channel.
"Nothing, just a little tired," Carragher replied with a forced smile, but he couldn’t stop breathing but fully said how tired he was now.
Carragher’s physical fitness among the central defenders is absolutely first-class. It really surprised Liverpool that he was so tired after playing half a game. However, Benitez, after all, was experienced and soon realized the crux of the problem after asking Carragher. "It seems that it is harder to keep an eye on that China than I used to!"
Originally, after being ordered to keep an eye on Gao Jun, Carragher had to keep an eye on Gao Jun, which means that he had to follow Gao Jun wherever he went. However, Gao Jun ran abnormally actively in this game, and the half-court running distance was more than 5 meters. Except that time, the offensive base that caused the score was aerobic exercise. Did Gao Jun run at a low speed? But in this way, Carragher had to follow Gao Jun at a low speed and rarely had a chance to rest halfway.
It is important to know that the central defender’s main responsibility is to stop leakage and rescue danger, so the ability of physical confrontation, jumping for the top and short-distance sprint is very high. These all belong to the oxygen sports institute. The central defender’s muscle types are all white muscles with good explosive power but poor endurance (except East Asia, where the white muscle type is scarce). More importantly, there are few cases in which the central defender runs 10,000 meters in a game in peacetime training and competition, so their aerobic endurance cannot be fully exercised. Therefore, even though Gao Jun’s physical fitness is not particularly excellent, his muscle type is pink muscle with good endurance, and the position
"It’s true that I neglected Cheng to keep up with a player. It’s not very common for a central defender to let the midfielder do it." Benitez had an idea when he was about to call the midfielder Mascherano. "I believe you can keep him physically exhausted so that they can’t play any more tricks."

Lin Ze gently waved his hand, and the purple flame beads around the frost dragon scassa accelerated again on Friday, and the vitality of the frost dragon scassa was absorbed by these five flame beads faster and faster! Although the pain is abnormal, scassa, the frost dragon, dare not delay it for the slightest bit, but he can bear to lose his vitality but can’t bear to die like this.

Scassa, the frost dragon, was dizzy with several blue lights. This chill made Lin Ze’s face slightly surprised. He didn’t expect scassa, the frost dragon, to come to this point and even think about rebelling against Lin Ze. His brow wrinkled slightly. It seems that the rotation speed of these five flame beads is not fast enough. Lin Zeshen’s supernatural power once again wants to speed up this purple flame bead … But scassa, the frost dragon, immediately roared when he saw Lin Ze raise his hand again.
"Wei Li isn’t dead yet. You’re stopping me from saving her now."
Scassa, the frost dragon, doesn’t want to continue to be hurt by five purple flame beads, and he doesn’t want those blue forces on his body to be scattered by these purple flame beads.
"What?" Lin Ze’s body was raised and his hand was still in the middle …
"What? What did scassa, the Frost Dragon, just say? Wei Li is not dead yet? "
Linze looked at the frost dragon scassa in disbelief and then at the only place where he landed … Some people were shocked.
Scassa, the frost dragon, saw this opportunity and quickly released those life forces on his body surface, which belonged to the detachment force. He accurately found one of the detachment number blue light balls and shot it straight into the snow where detachment was located … The instantaneous blue light that was dyed by scassa’s blood in Lan Xue was big.
A strong breath of life emanated from this snow, and a strong heartbeat echoed in this snow valley.
"I finally caught up!" Scassa, the frost dragon, took a long breath. A proud creature like him didn’t expect his life to be in such a humble human body one day.
The strong heartbeat slowly emerged from the snow with the familiar smell of Lin Ze.
A white delicate hand slowly raked the blue snow stained by scassa’s blood, leaving the beautiful and pale face once again in front of Lin Ze’s eyes. Everything seemed like a dream, and the people of Obersch Green Shuang Yi had been completely stunned by this scene.
Only from actually resurrected!
"Only from my sister!" Green double consciousness blunt come over green double that kind of excitement surprised Lin Ze! But after such a short time together, Qing Shuang has developed a sense of dependence on solitude …
But don’t say green double Linze own mood is also more exciting! The original self has gone far away from himself, only to appear in front of his face again. Lin Zezhen feels that this piece of Allard will be a gift to himself.
But Lin Ze’s alarm didn’t last for a few seconds. He had discovered the anomaly of detachment.
This lonely girl who crawled out of the snow didn’t seem to see the green double in front of her. The whole person was very strange. Although she was full of vitality, she no longer had a heartbeat like an ice sculpture as before, but Lin Ze was able to see that there was no look in her beautiful eyes. It seemed that this body was left alone, but she lost her original independent consciousness …
"What’s wrong with you?"
Lin Ze took a cold hand and asked nervously.
But she didn’t respond at all, just staring at the front as if something was waiting for her! This result makes Lin Zegen unacceptable …
This scene seems to make Lin Ze return to the palace of ice and snow. At that time, Li Li was also like this. I don’t know who I am. I completely obeyed the orders of the frost dragon scassa. Is it like that now?
Lin Ze suddenly turned his head and glared at the frost dragon scassa. He needed an answer.
But the frost dragon scassa, bound by five purple flame beads, has a deep voice all over the snow valley.
"You untie me and let me tell you what will happen to her. You just said that you would leave me alone! I am willing to be your mount and make you a dragon knight. Please don’t let this strange flame torture me again. "
Scassa’s voice changed from low to hoarse. Although the five purple flame beads that bound it did not rotate at this time, the strange flame of the flame beads kept burning it.
Lin Ze’s eyes are full of vigilance. Now he is actually in a state of extreme exhaustion and bloodthirsty. The deputy generals have supported the power of the immobile king array, which is also a huge load on Lin Ze’s body. It is because of his hatred for scassa and his sadness about being detached. How can a skill consumption be so strong that Lin Ze can not release the immobile king array once now?
Chapter 642 itself
If Lin Ze can’t untie Wang array’s bondage to frost dragon scassa, Lin Ze can’t restrain frost dragon scassa any more. If scassa rebelled, it means that Lin Ze has no other ability to make this frost dragon scassa again. Although frost dragon scassa said that it would become its own mount, can you really believe this life of frost dragon? Is it really willing to be what it calls a humble human mount?
But for Lin Ze, Wei Li has indeed been resurrected at this time, and he has indeed said that if Wei Li is resurrected, scassa will be spared …
At this time, Linze was caught in a dilemma. On the one hand, Lin Ze wanted the frost dragon scassa to tell himself what would become like this. On the other hand, Lin Ze was worried that if Wang could not solve the bondage of the frost dragon scassa, the frost dragon scassa would lose his restrictions and attack them again.
And just as Lin Ze was entangled in it, the general sound rang in Lin Ze’s mind.
"Service spirit contract since frost dragon scassa said to be your mount, you can make service spirit contract for it! For this powerful monster, the service spirit contract can play very well. It is not a tooth, and you don’t feel guilty about the frost dragon scassa. "
Lin Ze’s eyes lit up with the words of eroding ghosts and gods. He did have a service spirit contract for ghosts and gods. He had to sign a service spirit contract. Even if the frost dragon scassa is stronger, it can’t resist his will! However, the service spirit contract has a disadvantage that the biological strength of the service spirit can not exceed that of the contract owner, that is to say, if a weak person and a powerful shadow beast conclude the service spirit contract, then the strength of the powerful shadow beast will be reduced to the level of the contract owner’s strength, and the service spirit biological strength will be gradually released as the contract owner’s strength gradually rises, but in any case, the service spirit biological strength can not exceed that of the contract owner.
That is to say, once scassa, the frost dragon, signs a service spirit contract with Lin Ze, its strength will be reduced to a shadow king’s strength and a shadow king’s frost dragon scassa will probably be left as a mount. If its strength is weakened, scassa may not be able to help himself, but as its strength grows, scassa will become stronger and stronger, which means that scassa, the frost dragon, will become a help to himself without being too abnormal.
The stronger something is, the more it needs to be bound. The spirit contract is a good symbol.
Lin Ze coldly looking at frost dragon scassa looked at Scarsana ruby eyes excited face emerge a sneer at.
"scassa, are you really willing to serve me as my mount if you want to live?"
Lin Zeyin was very cold and low, but it clearly entered scassa’s ear …
Scassa, the frost dragon, responded with a conscious quiver when he heard Lin Ze’s cold sound.
"Is I am willing to minister to you don’t kill me! I am willing to be your mount! "
Scassa, the frost dragon, is getting more and more excited. He knows that he really survived this time, and maybe he can escape from here! Lin Ze’s weakness has been seen in scassa’s eyes, and it also knows that it is absolutely impossible for Lin Ze to release such a powerful and motionless king array again.
Feel the excitement of scassa Lin Ze corners of the mouth slightly raised.
"Since you are obedient to me, don’t be resistant to my actions, or these five purple flame beads won’t give you another chance!"
Scassa, the frost dragon, nodded, and it returned to Lin Ze, ready to untie it, so that it wouldn’t contradict it. However, it didn’t expect that his strength was greatly weakened when he printed his body with his hands in Lin Ze, and he actually fell to six levels of shadow beast strength in just a few seconds.
This strange change made the frost dragon scassa unprepared and unacceptable.
"What’s going on!" Scassa, the frost dragon, has a panic in his eyes. Where has his strength gone? What? Five purple flame beads have not been solved yet …
Scassa concluded a good service spirit contract, and Lin Ze slowly let go and walked back to the original place.
See Lin Ze didn’t solve his immobile king array chains scassa felt cheated! Although his strength is getting weaker now, scassa feels that his strength seems to be hidden, which is caused by temporary methods. At this time, he is more worried about his own shackles.
"You broke your promise and didn’t die. You should release me!"
Scassa, the frost dragon, growled and roared that these five purple flame beads pose a great threat to scassa, and it wants to get away from them as soon as possible.
This is caused by Lin Ze’s anger mixed with two kinds of ghosts and gods’ flames to form strange purple inflammation, which makes the body frost attribute strange monster frost dragon scassa more painful.
In order to escape from this immobile array of hades, scassa, the five flaming beads and frost dragons, had no time to explore what caused his strength to plummet …
In the mind of scassa, the frost dragon, it thinks that it is the immobile Pluto array that extracts its own vitality, which brings it the vice of being able to get rid of the immobile Pluto array with five purple flame beads. It believes that its strength will definitely be restored.
At present, the most important thing is to get rid of this fixed Pluto array.
Lin Ze felt the frost dragon scassa’s desire to leave the immobile Pluto array, and a cold smile appeared on his face. He looked at the frost dragon scassa and said softly.
"Let you go, but don’t try to escape from me and tell me what will become like this!"
Lin Zeyin sounds powerful, but even Herrick and Obers can hear the weakness. If the frost dragon scassa is really released, it will definitely be a great disaster …
Just when Herrick and Obers wanted to warn Lin Ze to be careful, they suddenly saw Lin Ze’s obscure eyes. They knew that Lin Ze didn’t need them to warn him, and Lin Ze must have thought of their ideas.
Since Lin Ze has done this, it should have its own plans. If they rush ahead like this, Red may disrupt the planning of Lin Ze.
"scassa, since you want to leave this fixed Pluto array so much, I can agree to your request, but don’t touch it after you leave the fixed Pluto array. Since I can control you once, I can naturally control you again."
Lin Ze took a deep look at the frost dragon scassa and seemed to want to see what kind of choice the frost dragon scassa would make.
And Lin Ze’s deep glance gave scassa, the frost dragon, a sense of arrogance. When he heard Lin Ze say that he would untie himself, scassa, the frost dragon, was filled with joy and wanted to break away from the shackles of the fixed Pluto array and fight back.
Lin Ze, who is already so weak, wants to control himself again? It’s a dream that human beings are human beings after all. How can they be too weak to compete with such a dragon?
Scassa, the frost dragon, is already imagining that he has won the battle. His heart is full of contempt for Lin Ze. Lin Ze is really strong and has a lot of cards. A film king can make himself so embarrassed.
But this Lin Ze has a very obvious weakness, that is, his own name is Walkman.
I’m just the one who got freedom only by leaving a little vitality. Lin Ze is too easy to trust people. How can he trust the enemy so easily?
In the frost dragon scassa secretly pleased, Lin Ze’s physical and mental powers gradually weakened. At the same time, the king array around the frost dragon scassa was also slowly loosened. scassa felt that his vitality was finally no longer lost, and the five strange purple flame beads were no longer hurting himself. scassa’s heart was full of joy.
Scassa, the frost dragon, is ready. He is ready to get out of trouble and restore his strength. He will destroy all the ants in front of his eyes in an instant! Lord scassa, not everyone can bear anger …
Lin Ze’s eyes were cold, and scassa’s eyes were cruel.
It’s a pity that scassa, the frost dragon, has considered if its strength has not recovered after Lin Ze lifted the immobile king array? Don’t recognize the king array after contact their strength will be restored. This is the wishful thinking of the frost dragon scassa …

"Did you read today’s report?"

"What’s wrong with reading Wen?"
"It’s interesting to have a step or not," Mr. Haas said with a smile.
"Who cares? As long as I can play football."
"Young man, you underestimate the media pens. Their pens can produce a bundle of money."
"oh? Really? "Kabi asked foolishly.
Chapter 13 Crazy nightmare
Ended a fierce battle, a so-called "shake hands and make peace"
Coach Coboni has always carried out high-density drills for players, but there is no training class today. Because of the hard physical strength, he needs to rest slowly. Every time he finishes playing and prepares to disband, Coach Coboni will give a serious order to attend the training class on time, otherwise he will not be able to play in the game.
The parking lot of the training base is not full of famous cars as usual. The office of the base is particularly quiet and quiet. You can hear the workers tapping the keyboard. Coach Coboni and his assistant coach are walking in the office corridor. The soft carpet also nods hello to colleagues who are working from time to time. At this time, a colleague suddenly gave a sentence.
"Hey, coach, I watched last night’s game. We played very well, but in the end, the referee couldn’t get three points without a penalty."
Coach Coboni hung an old face and said with a smile, "There are several kinds of fun in football, and one of them is [regret]."
Colleagues asked, "Is it a pleasure to have regrets in a football match?"
Coach Coboni stopped and walked up to his colleagues and said, "Let’s explain it this way. If the goal in the game is widened by three meters, then the super goalkeeper can resist the ball flying."
"What?" Colleagues quickly interjected.
Coach Coboni said, "Do you think that if the goal is so wide, the goalkeeper’s defensive leakage will increase? Players will hit the ball into the net with a volley, but is that interesting?"
My colleague said with a straight face, "It’s boring to play that game. It’s not fun at all."
Coach Coboni went on to say, "How would you react suddenly to the current goal width and you were watching our game when a player of our team shot but the ball was out of bounds against the goalpost?"
"I will yell, Oh, it’s a pity that I almost did," my colleague replied.
Coach Coboni quietly looked at the colleague and waited for him to continue talking.
Colleagues had an epiphany and laughed. "Oh! I don’t understand the coach, I don’t understand what you mean by "sorry fun". "After that, I laughed.
Coach Coboni still didn’t say anything about nodding his head, so he walked with the assistant coach for a dozen paces and heard the colleague shout, "Coach! I forgot to tell you that our team is crazy to wear size 15 ~ ~ "
No.15 kabi
When coach Coboni heard this, he couldn’t help laughing with the assistant coach beside him and walked into the conference room while laughing.
As soon as coach Coboni sat down, he played the video camera in the conference room and transferred to Sports One. He stared at the assistant coach beside the screen seriously and said, "It’s just right to draw lots."
On-the-spot draw ceremony for the top 32 of the Spanish King’s Cup.
When the ceremony was over, coach Coboni said sadly, "It’s not good. It’s a hard battle for us to compete with Atletico Madrid for promotion."
The assistant coach said, "The coach actually has a hard time every season, no matter whether we win or lose, as long as we work hard."
Coach Coboni said, "But as soon as I encounter a strong enemy, I am afraid that my players will not be able to withstand this pressure."
The assistant coach seemed thoughtful and asked, "How much do you expect from’ crazy’, coach?"
Coach Coboni didn’t react "crazy"? Who is crazy? "
The assistant coach cocked his mouth and said, "It’s just that my colleagues called crazy Kabi."
Coach Coboni will realize, "Oh, he can’t deny that Kabi is really a talented person, but from yesterday’s game, I believe he hasn’t even improved his state by 60%. He just recovered from injury and I think he should be given more time."
"What if Kabi is in full form?" The assistant coach became more and more serious.
Coach Coboni suddenly perked up and said, "If he is in full form, then I really want to see Kabi’s performance against Real Madrid and Barcelona. That’s what I expect from him."
The assistant coach nodded completely white.
Coach Coboni dropped his glasses and picked up a paper with a list of Atletico Madrid players. He read it intently and suddenly hissed ~ ~ ~ and always said to the assistant coach
"I almost forgot that Shadugir went to Atletico Madrid."
"Yes, he joined the past this summer and Atletico Madrid spent a lot of money."
"Shadugir was once our key object of investigation, you should remember."
"Of course I remember coach."
"I didn’t expect him to come to La Liga, but he didn’t join our Granada team."
"Coach, do you know how those sports media shape Shadugir?"
"You say it, I’m listening."
"[the prey of the giants]"
"oh? Is it? No wonder Shadugir didn’t come to our Granada team. "Coach Coboni laughed at himself.
"But I believe Shadugir is looking forward to playing against our Granada team," added the assistant coach.
"I know this because there is a [crazy] in our team."
"Yes, a [crazy] one makes Shadugir respectable and awesome [crazy]."
Coach Coboni said [crazy] that Kabi was having lunch in a Spanish restaurant, and Mr. Haas, the agent, also put a bottle of champagne and Spanish risotto on the table. The plates of spicy sausage, spicy pepper and leg of lamb were all fragrant, but Kabi didn’t move, and Mr. Haas didn’t move.
Kabi said, "I’m looking forward to playing Atletico Madrid, Mr. Real Haas."
Mr. Haas said, "I’m sure the little one is looking forward to it." As soon as the words were finished, champagne entered.
Kabi said, "Yes, he must be looking forward to it, but his expectation may be to humiliate me again."
Mr. Haas asked, "Oh? Then are you willing to be humiliated by him? "
Kabi looked at Mr. Haas strangely and asked, "We lost at his feet in the final one year ago, remember?"
Mr. Haas smoked a cigarette and said, "Remember I was there."
I don’t know where Kabi jumped out of confidence and said, "That situation won’t happen again."
Mr. Haas spit out a smoke ring and said, "Damn it, seeing you so confident, I’m looking forward to your fight."
Mr. Haas just finished talking. Kabi’s cell phone rang, and it was still that sweet love song. The caller was a good friend of Wederson’s former training in Eindhoven Youth Team, a friend who would call Kabi an asshole.
"Hello, Widderson?"
"It’s me, asshole"
"What’s up? Don’t you train today? "

At the end of the game, the Knicks scored 97-1.

Knicks fans cheered heartily. After the game, the total score of Knicks was 3. 1 Leading the Pacers Not surprisingly, the Knicks will eliminate the Pacers. After losing to the "big dream" Olajuwon in the finals, he will enter the finals again after many years.
Kevin Totti scored 13 points, 15 assists, 7 rebounds and quasi-triple-double figures again. Today, the Knicks hero is Alan Houston, who made 14 of 1, 3 of 5 and scored 31 points, while Sprewell also scored 25 points when he came off the bench.
Reggie Miller, the Pacers, scored a maximum of 35 points, but it can’t hide the fact that the team lost.
The trend of the times is that the death of the walkers is imminent
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Chapter 24 March into the finals
Chapter 24 March into the finals
The fourth game of the Eastern Conference Finals ended the next day, and the fourth game of the Western Conference Finals also came to an end. The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Portland Trailblazers 9 times, leaving no chance for the Trailblazers to sweep the Trailblazers Spurs into the Western Conference Championship in 1999, taking the lead in reaching the finals.
This season, the Spurs have built a strong line combination with two top-ranked "Navy Admiral" David Robinson and "Stone Buddha" Tim Duncan. In addition to losing to Gatt and leading the Timberwolves, they swept all the way to the finals, and even the strong Los Angeles Lakers "OK" combination was also 4; Cut off the horse
When I learned that the Spurs had taken the lead in the finals, the pressure fell on the Knicks. If I want to get a rest as soon as possible, I must kill the Pacers in the fifth game. If I get a rest equal to the Spurs, I will lose first in momentum.
Time; June 1st.
Location; Atlanta
Against; New york Knicks VS Indiana Pacers Game 5
As soon as the game started, the walkers showed a strong counterattack, and Reggie Miller hit three points and six points in a row at the baseline. Rick Smith, who led the Knicks’ back line, made several strong hits. Fortunately, Kevin and Alan broke through the stable situation. At the end of the first quarter, the Pacers led the Knicks by 251.
In fact, from the overall strength, the Pacers with star players such as Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson, Chris Mullin and Rick Smith did not lose to the new york Knicks, but they played extremely hard in several games. The root cause is the configuration.
Pacers don’t have a really strong center Rick Smith, which can be regarded as a better line. Even super lines like A Lang Zomonen and Mutombo have to avoid their sharp edges in the era when the four centers are rampant. It is conceivable that Ewing, the gorilla, suppressed Rick Smith. In addition, the Knicks linear array also includes star power forward Larry Johnson, defensive center Marcus Camby and "Crazy Eye" Kurt Thomas, who are also hoarding excellent players such as Sprewell, Lewis and Alan Houston in the front guard Knicks.
The weakest point guard of the Knicks in history is perfect in the base area after Kevin joined. Kevin’s talent in assists is outrageous. At present, Kevin has the first scoring ability per game, strong breakthrough ability and long-range shooting skills. The stability of jump shots and CIC is poor, and there are few mistakes. The disadvantage is that the defensive experience is insufficient and he is often cheated out of position by false moves.
In the backup guard Ward can win, plus other powerful benches, the bandit Knicks are amazing, and many experts think that this Knicks array is the strongest in two years.
Although the Pacers played an imposing role, just when people thought that the Knicks were doomed today, "Gorilla" came out and even scored to stabilize the situation.
Then it dawned on the Knicks. Today, the Knicks played a simple attack, especially because Alan Houston broke through the pick and roll.
Van Gundy gave Alan a limit during the timeout, and it was up to him to decide whether to shoot or shoot. Kevin didn’t care, but was at leisure.
After Alan broke through Miller’s score in a row, Birdman sent Antonio Davis and Mullin to double-guard, but if other teams were frozen after the main scorer, they might be flustered for a while, but the Knicks would never send Sprewell to grab the points as soon as Alan was frozen.
Sprewell received Kevin’s assists in a row, hit three points and broke through Mullin’s defense. The Knicks and the Pacers were constantly pulled by the dunk.
The Pacers called for two consecutive timeouts to arrange Byrd’s death, but he was really unwilling.
The game continued, but Ewing, the gorilla, continued to explode and showed his super scoring ability. He scored one point in four minutes to prove to everyone that he was not old enough to be a "big four center". He had his own dignity and played low singles several times in a row, which not only ruined the Pacers’ plan, but also knocked Rick Smith out.
Rick Smith Field became the last straw to overwhelm the Pacers. The Pacers were imposing except Miller.
At the end of the half game, Knicks 5545 led the Pacers by one point.
As soon as "Good Boys" entered the locker room, they saw Lewis boys cheering there. It is no wonder that in the first year of their career, they can reach the finals. Not everyone has such an opportunity and luck. After the Knicks were happy for a while, Van Gundy arranged the tactics.
"Boys, we have won the game, but I hope you won’t be careless. If the game is not over, it means that the outcome is not tied. I hope you can take this game slowly and surely, and most importantly, I don’t care if the horse dodgers are caught after winning." A little joke was made.
"got it"
"All right, let’s send them to the west."
In the half game, although the Knicks were ready for the Pacers to counterattack, they were still shocked by the ferocity of the Pacers. Chris Mullin, a veteran, struggled several times and fell to the ground. Rick Smith also jumped out to save a ball that was about to go out. With the fierce fighting and defense of the Pacers, the score was even for a while.
Not good.
Kevin frowned, and now the Pacers’ ability value is doubled like taking banned drugs, so even if they win the game, they may lose or scrap someone in the fight.
After thinking for a while, Kevin called a pause.
"What do you mean by time-out? Didn’t you see the game enter a stalemate?" Sitting on the bench, Van Gundy asked angrily when he saw Kevin coming.
"The coach is not only in a stalemate, but also the pacers are in a dying stage. Now they are in last stand. I’m afraid that even if we win, it will be a disastrous victory." Kevin is too ignorant to command Van Gundy, holding back his unhappiness. Kevin said his views coldly.
"This ….." Van Gundy also felt very reasonable.
"Coach Kevin was right. Those people in the Pacers did have some hard work. Just now, even Rick’s bitch dared to fight with me." Ewing also felt that it was wrong to listen to Kevin and immediately come over for nothing.
Van Gundy knows Kevin makes sense after a little thinking, but it is the first time he has seen this situation and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.
"Coach, I suggest that delaying the game can slowly kill the morale of the pedestrians. It is best to speed up the rotation. If the injury is delayed for a while, I believe that the momentum of the pedestrians will drop." Kevin saw Van Gundy’s dilemma and could make his own suggestions
"But according to Kevin’s method, Ewing, Larry Camby and Thomas should be careful to reduce unnecessary damage." Van Gundy made a decision.
At the end of the timeout, everyone watched carefully. As Kevin said, the pacers really seemed to be dying. Mark Jackson snapped several times. Kevin held the ball outside the three-point line and stopped, while the other four kept moving.
As the minutes passed, Kevin seemed to be in no hurry until the last five seconds of the attack. Kurt Thomas and Alan Houston made a cover and Kevin stuffed the ball.
Regardless of the rush, Reggie Miller, Alan catches the ball and throws it.
Alan is lucky. Basketball is in the net.
The Pacers just wanted to fight back, only to find that everyone in the Knicks had returned to their defense positions.
When not giving the Pacers a fast break and delaying their own attack, they went back and forth several times in a row. Although the score was not much different, the Pacers showed a drop in momentum.
One puff of gas, then decline, and three exhaustion
In the second half of the third quarter, the pacers were pulled again, and Miller came out at this time.

Moreover, Lu Zhan also made the grade difference through the experience of two people.

"This player really needs attention!" Rao is Bjergsen’s young fame, and he can’t help but take a look at Lu Zhan.
"Then I will continue to catch it!" Meeos is still upset that he was replaced.
Later, when Lu Zhan returned to the line, he soon found that the widow was still squatting in the middle.
Leona made two big moves when needed, but the enchantress made a big move much faster than him.
Moreover, the widow has reached six, and the percentage damage effect of the widow’s big move is still very outstanding.
"Why hasn’t the tower been removed yet?" Lu Zhan can’t help wondering that he delayed two people in the game, but his teammates didn’t make any achievements.
"This order … is too stable" Burning Night complained.
Normal two-to-one-line six minutes is enough to take the other team home once or twice without dismantling the tower, but this time it’s different.
Just like Priestess of Death said before the game that the opponent’s singles were so steady that people couldn’t find a chance.
When he went out, he was dressed in a suit of armor and five reds. He carried it to level 5 and his blood volume was still two-thirds. It was difficult to kill him in the tower.
There was a time when two people tried to control the line at night, and he didn’t have much experience, but he took off both stone men.
"Minute by minute definitely pushed him!" Mo Li feels that he can’t go.
Like the road, the other side of the road didn’t push the tower. They were suppressing Xiao Shengqiang’s experience and had no intention of dismantling the tower.
Lu Zhan didn’t have time to keep his eyes off for too long. His middle road is much more difficult than other roads.
Because the other side won’t let buff fight in the wild, even when buff takes a breath alone, there is no enchantress to make up the knife and the blood volume is still pressing him. If he hadn’t been experienced and always able to see each other’s desires, he would have died several times.
In 9 minutes, the other road combination disappeared in the road, and the single demon Ji stayed for a while and left.
"Go get the little dragon!" Lu Zhan made his first move. Xiaolong had no vision. He walked cautiously step by step to the side wall of Xiaolong. He put an eye in the partition wall to see that Xiaolong was gone.
"It should be pulled out!" The opponent’s level of dragon fighting is not so fast.
Xiao Chengqiang put his eyes in the river and observed that the other side was really still fighting dragons, but the blood volume of dragons was running out.
"Fight wild to grab our horse" realized that it was wrong to burn the night and Mo Li were both moving forward, and they had reached the middle road.
Don’t leave your words and let Tianlan grab buff.
"Don’t!" Lu Zhan had let his spider hang before he finished the sky blue.
He can stay in the middle for a while because he has a vision to observe and just find the other person to fall alone.
But before he fell, a messy red awn lit up in the grass around the other four people.
A single crocodile has arrived!
"Give up Xiaolong!" Lu Zhan’s conditioned reflex shouted
Xiao Shengqiang, Dragon Girl and Sky Blue Spider in their formation are in Xiaolong Canyon, and ad and auxiliary haven’t come yet. He is on the side wall of Xiaolong Canyon and the other five are huddled together. This group battle must not be played!
Hanging sky blue is obviously aware of this, but he has a way out
Spider flies to the sky and either chooses the enemy or falls in place. These two roads are not available now, because the demon Ji and the other ad mouse and the auxiliary Leona are all waiting in his landing range.
"I want to grab it!" Sky blue makes such a judgment in an instant, and it is worthwhile to pull a little dragon if you can grab a head for a little dragon.
"Brush" a spider fell on the widow and became a spider. He jumped at Xiaolong.
Chapter 6 Grab the Dragon
In fact, at the moment when the spider hung up, the other five people had stopped. It was pulling Xiaolong’s hatred and didn’t move a step until the spider landed. Xiaolong still had a lot of blood.
Spider is now level 7. According to his punishment blood volume, he will never kill Xiaolong Institute. He needs to fight one himself.
Tianlan has been playing wild for many years, and he is very experienced in mastering big and small dragons. He chose to land on a melee widow, which means that his landing position is very close to Xiaolong
However, as soon as he landed, his skills were greeted.
Leona released a big trick to him, and the solar flare circle surrounded him, and the widow turned back and slammed him.
Tianlan knew the opportunity. Once, he calculated the blood volume of Xiaolong, bit Xiaolong first and then waited for the opportunity.


At the time of suspension, when all the players from both sides come on stage and the game enters the most exciting time, it depends on the tactical arrangement of the coaches and the players’ performance on the spot.
Chapter 31 lore? Anti-lore
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There are many tactics and bodies in nba games, and they play an important role in the game, but when the game really enters the countdown stage, he becomes a master star, and the performance time is better than that of the Spurs.
The Nuggets’ man-to-man defense was fierce, because the referee’s penalty scale was loosened at the key moment of the game, which was a common thing in the nba, and the players were allowed to decide the game at the key moment.
After several ball guides, the Spurs failed to find a shot to control the ball. Parker gave the ball to Duncan.
With one second left in the Spurs’ attack,
Defending Duncan is the player who has been running for almost the whole half-court. At this time, he is also exhausted, but he still relies on willpower to persist at the key moment.
After Duncan took the ball, the horse chose to be familiar with the back play and was very tough to squeeze in.
One step at a time, two steps at a time, strong, so it’s not easy for Duncan to hit back.
Duncan soon arrived near the familiar three-second zone, shaking around looking for the change of center of gravity.
At this time, the Spurs have less than 3 seconds left to attack and less than 1 second left to the end of the game.
Duncan finally felt that the center of gravity was cheap after shaking for a few days in a row. He turned around and took advantage of it, and instantly he felt that the ball was there.
Other Spurs players are also relieved to see this ball. A player of Duncan’s level must be 90% sure of this position.
The ball spins and flies towards the backboard. If you want to hit that red circle, you must hit the board to score. If you want to score, the Spurs will lead by four points. The Nuggets can’t help it.
Flint suddenly a blue figure swooped in from the perimeter, and he was very fast. In Duncan’s hand, he also jumped up.
A crisp ball was shot out by him, and the powerful force hit the ball directly to the Spurs bench.
Field crow
"Interference ball! Disturb the ball! "
Turkoglu shouted near the free throw line.
Spurs players seem to have an epiphany and then shout at the referee to interfere with the ball.
The baseline referee waved his hand to show that Anthony blocked the ball successfully, but at this time the sideline referee made a signal that Anthony blocked the ball just now.
At the tense moment, the two referees disagreed.
In 23 years, nba playback technology has been put into the game, which makes playback seem to be the only thing that can determine the judgment result when the referees have different opinions.
Players from both sides were asked to return to the technical bench of the bench and leave the referee and staff to confirm the video playback.
Anthony, like other Nuggets players, stared at the court and put it on the screen over and over again, playing back the camera from the baseline camera to the basket camera, and watching the camera angle from the sidelines camera.
It’s not long for the referee to confirm the result, but it’s a long time for both players and fans on the spot, like a century has passed.
About five or six minutes later, a worker called the head coaches of the two teams to the technical desk and told them the confirmed result.
Anthony has been staring at the technical desk, and when he saw Vicky return to the Spurs bench with a wave of his hand and anger, he knew that Buzdrick’s return must be good news.
"Let’s get the ball over here and set up tactics."
Buzdrick took a bite as Anthony expected.
At the last minute, the team bet on three-pointers. Buzdrick Camby changed the outside line to Miller, Leonard, Anthony and White. The goal was to get three-pointers. The Spurs struggled for a whole substitute gap, which made the Nuggets unable to play overtime.
There are nine seconds left in the game
The Spurs also lined up all the small teams except Duncan, and their goal was also very clear. Defending 3 points was their main goal.
The referee blew his whistle, and the tense moment has come.
The audience gasped and stared at the stadium. Brown and Johnson were also staring blankly for fear of missing something.
The Nuggets serve Miller, Anthony and White, who first ran out of the crowd, feinted and shot into the line to take the defender away, and then Leonard was killed from the crowd.
"Stop him!"
* * Vicky shouted on the sidelines that he had seen that Anthony and White were the cover, and Leonard was the real killer.
Leonard came out and Miller decisively threw the ball out.
Leonard catches the ball. Two defenders of the Spurs have already jumped.
"This way!"
Anthony then shouted from the left to defend him. Bowen’s online has been blocked by Camby’s pick and roll. He is now in an absolute position. It is very likely that Leonard’s ball will pass through.

"Come on, Streak!" Xiao Zhi shouted.

The fierce finches rushed to Xiao Zhi in the rain. At this time, Pikachu quickly got up and greeted the fierce finches in the sky with Xiao Zhi’s body.
A small lightning stroke hit Pikachu, and then Pikachu used his unique skill.
"Pikachu ~ ~ ~ ~"
The strong light flashed, the birds were repelled, and Xiao Xia’s bicycle became a bitten fish bone. The most surprising thing was that the dark clouds quickly dispersed and the sun fell to the ground. Pikachu and Xiao Zhi looked at each other and a deep friendship was established at this moment.
Ps The first thing in the whole pet elf animation is that I like one place best. This chapter is described in detail according to the animation scene, but this chapter is written to commemorate my original touch, and that is, I won’t follow the animation like this again after the story is drawn.
Chapter 25 can help you get here
"Boy, the strike power is not small." Ryuno rubbed his paralyzed body and said that Ryono was also accidentally injured by Pikachu’s strike because of the rain.
Longye followed Xiao Zhi first to see if Xiao Xia could join the team according to the normal plot, and another purpose was to write the plot of Phoenix King in all kinds of fans, but Longye was not just like the leading role of those fans. Longye was very curious about this mysterious elf.
At this time, a gorgeous figure flew over the sky, and both Xiao Zhi and Pikachu saw this mysterious figure.
"Ha-ha, Phoenix King, you finally appeared." Longye ordered the phoenix king to recover quickly.
With the violent force flying, Longye is getting closer and closer to the figure of Phoenix King, and he can clearly see the feathers of Phoenix King.
"Hey, hey, I’ve already chased you. At least look at me." Longye shouted at the nearby Phoenix King.
Phoenix king turned to look at Longye, and then it suddenly accelerated and blinked and flew far away. With the rapid development, the distance with Phoenix king could be shortened again.
"Stop it," said Longye, patting himself on the edge.
"Boss, what elf was that just now?" Meow meow surprised and asked
"That’s the Phoenix King." Longye glanced at the Phoenix King who was far away in the rainbow. "We will meet again one day."
Longye glanced at the treasure-hunting instrument in his hand, and the face of the treasure-hunting instrument had marked the head of Phoenix King, just as Longye had been looking for Shui Jun. He would never let Phoenix King leave easily like this.
Phoenix King is mysterious because its whereabouts are erratic, and most people may not see it for a generation. However, with the tracking function of treasure hunting instrument, Longye can find Phoenix King at any time, and he has a lot of time to learn the secrets of Phoenix King.
Let the Phoenix King go temporarily. Longye let the salamander return to Pikachu and Xiao Zhi. Because the bicycle was hit by Pikachu, it broke down. The little intelligence held Pikachu and walked step by step to Changpan City.
"Brother Longye, why are you here?" Xiao Zhi asked in surprise.
"Aunt Hua is worried that you will get lost, so let me see you." Longye casually pulled a reason. "Are you and Pikachu injured? Hurry to the back of the cockroach and I will take you to the hospital. "
In fact, Longye can quickly cure Pikachu’s injury after exchanging all kinds of injury drugs from the system. But if Pikachu is cured like this, where can the little girl from Xiao Xia find Xiao Zhi to pay for her bike?
Xiao Zhi was sent to the Elf Center in Changpan City, and Miss Joey quickly stabilized Pikachu’s injury. Although Pikachu and Xiao Zhi looked very embarrassed, the fierce bird attack caused some skin injuries. There is no need to worry about the specific situation.
Longye waited in the hospital for a while, and Xiao Xia came looking for the door with the charred bicycle wreckage.
"Whoosh, you really are in this place," Xiao Xia said breathlessly.
"What’s wrong with that bike?" Xiao Zhi asked, pointing to something dark on Xiao Xia’s shoulder.
"Is this a bike? Do you think he is like a bicycle? The root is like a fish bone left over by others and still burns like coke. If it is a fish, it will definitely take revenge on you. "Xiao Xia became more and more excited and accidentally fell down.
Xiao Zhi hurried to ask, "Are you all right?"
Xiao Xia slapped Xiao Zhi’s hand. "Don’t touch me. My bike won’t stop like this."
According to the plot, Xiao Zhi was worried about Pikachu and asked to wait until Pikachu got better before discussing the compensation, but the arrival of Longye made Xiao Zhi first choose to ask this close brother for help.
"Xiao Zhi, you come here, I want to have a good talk with you." Longye pulled Qian Xiaozhi, who was ready to ask himself, into the corner.
"Xiao, do you know what a good opportunity this is? Little beauty became attached to you because of a bicycle. You are so silly that you want to pay the money to others immediately. Can you be as savvy as Gary Oak? People are so small that they have more than a dozen girlfriends. You can’t always worry Aunt Hua. "
Longye really hates iron for Xiao Zhi. He travels in so many places. Every time, girls team up with him, but he doesn’t even have any other ideas. If the other party is ugly, it’s just that, but from May, Xiao Xia to Xiaoguang Alice, all of them can afford the word beautiful. If Longye didn’t cross the road correctly, he would want to hand over those heroines.
"Brother Longye, what are you talking about?" Xiao Zhi blushed rarely. "Pikachu is like this. I have no mind to think about other things at all."
"Idiot, idiot!" Longye knocked on Xiao Zhi’s head and then felt Japanese and knocked several times in succession.
Seeing Xiao Zhi holding his head pitifully, Longye felt that this elder should let Xiao Zhi know. With Nazi, Longye himself had no other ideas, but he hoped that Xiao Zhi could make a breakthrough in his feelings. It was best to make a big harem to relieve Longye of his regret when watching animation in his previous life. Otherwise, it was really blind to Xiao Zhi, the real protagonist.
Seeing that Xiao Zhi still didn’t act, Longye decided to use his killer.
"Xiao Zhi, if you do as I say, I promise I can cure Pikachu immediately."
"When did I tell a lie?" Then Longye muttered a few words beside Xiao Zhi.
Xiao Zhi looked hard to return to Xiao Xia. He said, "I will be the loser whether you repair your bike or lose money, but it is not the time yet."
Xiao Xia immediately broke out when he heard this. "My bike was destroyed by you. Now is not the time to wait?"
"I Pikachu, I Pikachu, it …" Xiao Zhi worried and looked at the emergency room and closed the door.
"Is it so serious?" Xiao Xia also calmed down. She was also very worried when she saw the miserable appearance of Pikachu.
"Maybe. I don’t know what to do now."
"Well," Xiao Xia was also silent.
Because Kojiro and Musashi didn’t make trouble with them, this time Xiao Zhi had more time to communicate with Xiao Xia and thought of making an appointment with Longye. Xiao Zhi took the initiative to tell Xiao Xia about himself and Pikachu.
Xiao Zhi’s performance made Longye nod his head secretly. The sad thing can arouse girls’ sympathy most. In this case, tell me about the deep bondage between himself and the elf. When Xiao Zhi tried to save Pikachu, Xiao Xia had a good impression on Xiao Zhi.
"Ah, it’s all my fault that I was so charming when I met Nazi. That little girl liked me as soon as she started. There were so many ways to chase girls in my mind that I didn’t." Longye was narcissistic and ignored the truth. In addition, in his previous life, an otaku named himself a treasure trove. Those ways to chase girls were all learned from novels and various online stickers, and they were not verified by practice. I don’t know whether they had any effect or not
"Xiao Zhi, I can help you get here." Longye said silently. If he sometimes, he would be very willing to travel with Xiao Zhi and others, and then help Xiao Zhi to recruit some beautiful women. Unfortunately, his horse will go to find the Sea Temple.
Miss Joy pushed Pikachu out of the hospital bed while Longye was thinking.
"Pikachu, how are you?" Xiao Zhi ran to Pikachu.
"It’s out of danger. Just go to the hospital and wait for it to recover," said Miss Joy. "You should stay with it."
"Yes," Xiao Zhi nodded quickly. He turned to Xiao Xia and said, "I’m sorry, that’s the case. Let’s talk about bicycles later."
"What are you talking about? You’re still nagging at this time to take care of it quickly. If I tell you to hurry, you can go quickly," Xiao Xia scolded jiao.
Pikachu was sent to the ward to cultivate Longye, and it was time to complete the agreement with Xiao Zhi. He took out a bottle of good medicine from his pocket and gave Pikachu a drink. Pikachu’s physical injury disappeared very quickly.
Pikachu, who was very weak, jumped up. Xiao Zhi was immediately better when he saw Pikachu. He hugged Pikachu excitedly. This time, Pikachu rarely failed to strike, but when he saw Longye, he immediately remembered the bad guy who had "tortured" himself.
"skin ~"
As soon as Pikachu arrived at Xiao Zhi’s shoulder, he hugged Xiao Zhi’s head and showed his teeth to the bad guys.
Longye didn’t care about Pikachu’s move. He told Xiao Zhi to leave directly after a few words.
Fly back to Zhenxin Town in a big way and give a message to Kojiro and Musashi.
Xiao Zhi didn’t have much to pay attention to when traveling in the metropolitan area, but there were a few things that made Longye very happy. It was for this reason that Longye needed Kojiro and Musashi to follow Xiao Zhi.
There are two things that Longye cares about. One is that it is a fate that Xiao Zhi fire-breathing dragon Laopen met Xiao Zhi, but if it doesn’t meet Xiao Zhi, it will be in danger. Kojiro, they just make sure Xiao Zhi meets Laopen.
The second thing is that Zhenghui lighthouse is huge and fast, and Ryuno himself is going to look for the Sea Temple. I don’t know how long it will take, but he is likely to miss the meeting of the giant Ryono again. Ryono specially exchanged a new treasure-hunting instrument from Tongli and gave it to Kojiro. If Ryono doesn’t arrive, please ask Musashi and Kojiro to mark the giant Ryono.
"The boss promises to finish!" Kojiro and Musashi hung up.
Chapter 259 Experiences in the sea